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  Steroid effects
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Steroid effects

Steroid effects on muscle building are what make these drugs popular among athletes and ordinary people alike.  One of the ideal effects of steroids in the body is anabolism. This is one of the steroid effects that is sought after by those engaged in sports like bodybuilding. Anabolism occurs when simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue. Steroid effects can be heightened through stacking. Stacking is taking multiple drugs to maximize steroid effects on the body. This positive consequence of stacking is called the synergistic effect of steroids.

Simply put, the synergistic effect of steroids means that each drug in a stack boosts the effectiveness of the others. Stacking is also particularly useful to athletes who undergo screening. Different steroids have different clearance times – orals are known to clear out of the system faster than injectables. Athletes generally use higher dosages of injectables early in the cycle and then switch to orals towards the end of the cycle. This way, athletes can benefit from the positive steroid effects without being detected.

Steroid effects on the body vary depending on the kind of steroids used. Some steroid effects are ideal for bulking promoting rapid mass gains as seen with the use of Dianabol. Other steroid effects are good for cutting up effectively burning up fat such as in the case of Primobolan use.