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  Steroid University Course - 7
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Course 7 - How to do an injection

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When people are researching doing their first cycle of anabolic steroids, they often overlook exactly how they are supposed to administer a proper, sterile injection.


How to do an injectionYou must always be sanitary when preparing to do an injection, the last thing you want is a nasty infection. No matter what anyone tells you, you must use a clean, sealed syringe and needle with every shot. Do not reuse needles. Let me reiterate: DO NOT reuse needles. Ever! Never use a needle that has been used by another person. You must choose a clean, dry spot for injection. You should wipe the top of your bottle as well as the site you will be injecting with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.


First unwrap your new syringe. When you draw the liquid, the needle becomes dulled; therefore you are going to draw the liquid up with a separate needle that you are going to use to inject.

Remove the plastic covering from the needle and draw 2 cc of air into the syringe. Insert the syringe into the bottle and push the air into the liquid.

Turn the bottle upside down. Slowly and steadily begin to pull back on the plunger until you draw the amount that you want to inject into the syringe plus a little extra.

Flick the side of the syringe (exactly how you see a doctor do it) with your fingers until all of the air bubbles are at the top.

Push back the extra amount into the bottle so that you now will only have the amount you want to use in the syringe.

Carefully pull the syringe out of the bottle and pull back another 1/4 cc of air.

Remove the "drawing needle" and replace it with the pin you are going to use to perform the injection (on the same syringe that you drew the liquid into).


When you are ready to begin your injection, you can take the plastic covering off of your needle.

Avoid touching anything with the needle and do not place it down at any point, which would obviously unsterilize your needle.

Slowly begin to push on the stopper to remove the air that you pulled into it.

Wipe the injection site with rubbing alcohol. There is no need to dry the alcohol, the slight wetness will help the needle glide through the skin more easily


How to do an injection aspirationHold the syringe perpendicular (90 degree angle) to your skin, between your two fingers as you would a dart.

With a steady force, insert the needle all the way into your muscle.

When the needle is all the way in the muscle, pull back slightly on the plunger. This is known as "aspirating."

If blood enters the needle, that means that you are in a blood vessel and you must pull the needle out and start again. Repeat until you do not pull blood into the syringe.


Press the stopper in slowly and steadily until all of the liquid is out of the syringe. If you inject the liquid too quickly, it is very common to get very sore.

Remove the needle swiftly.

Properly discard the needle in a "sharps" container.


It is recommended to not inject the same site more than twice a week.

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