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  Steroid University Course - 8
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Course 8 – Where to administer an injection

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Anabolic steroids that are water and oil based should be administered intramuscularly which means in the muscle. The shot must pass through the skin and layer of fat under the skin known as the subcutaneous layer, and into the muscle. This type of administration offers one of the quickest rates of absorption of the steroid. The easiest and most common sites for steroids to be injected into are: the buttocks, outer thigh and deltoid (shoulder).

Gluteal injections

The best site for anabolic steroid injection is the gluteus medius muscle. Muscles in the gluteal region are very thick and cover a large surface area which has very few nerves and blood vessels running through it; therefore creating the ideal situation for the best absorption. If each buttock is separated into quarters, the gluteus medius muscle is located in the upper, outer quadrant. The highest point of your pelvis bone, on the back side of your body will serve as the main point for you to locate the proper spot for injection. Feel around for the highest area of bone above the butt. The site is located about 2-3 inches below that bony spot which is known anatomically as the iliac crest.

Where to administer an injection

Outer Thigh injections

The vastus lateralis (outer thigh) muscle is the next appropriate spot for intramuscular injection. The vastus lateralis is located between the area where the femur (thigh bone) meets the pelvis and the knee. You can locate the proper spot for injection by measuring one hand-length above the knee and one hand length below pelvis/femur spot as your landmark. Do not inject into the front or inside of your thigh. There are too many nerves and blood vessels in those areas.

steroid injection

Deltoid Injection

The deltoid muscle is separated into three separate heads anterior (front), medial (middle) and posterior (rear). All three heads can be used for injection although the rear and medial seem to be the most common due to the vein that runs through the anterior deltoid.

steroid injection delts

There are other sites such as the triceps, biceps, pectorals and calves that can be used as injection sites. No matter what site is used, the same procedure for injection must be followed.

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