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  Steroid University Course - 9
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Course 9 - How to design an anabolic steroid cycle

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How to design an anabolic steroid cycleOnce one has decided to do their first cycle of anabolics they then have to decide how to design their cycle. The first thing that must be considered is how your body will respond to each compound that you use. Then you have to determine your goals. Once you have decided what you want out of your cycle, then you can determine which compounds to use to get yourself there.

The first compound for an optimal cycle that should be considered is testosterone. As discussed in earlier courses, the addition of synthetic hormones, including testosterone inhibit your natural testosterone production by inhibiting your HPTA. Therefore, by using testosterone as the base of your cycle, you will prevent side effects such as sexual dysfunction, depression and low energy, which are all associated with low testosterone. In a beginner cycle, it is recommended to try testosterone alone first to assess how you are affected by its use.

After you have some experience under your belt, intermediate and advanced users can move on to figuring out the next compound they want to add to their stack. Again, what are your goals? Are you cutting or bulking? You need to determine this because different drugs are used for each.

The science behind this is pretty basic. The more steroids you take, the more strength and weight you will gain and fat you will lose. Scientifically, this is known as a linear response curve. Therefore, designing a bulking cycle pretty much boils down to some common sense mixed with some basic rules of thumb. It is recommended to use 2 compounds at moderate to high dosages. An example would be combining testosterone and deca. Certain compounds will give you an overall weight gain (water retention included), while others will give you more gains in muscle (known as “quality gains”), but all will be beneficial. A bulking cycle can be run until you reach your goals, as long as they are with in reasonable limits. Around 12 weeks is a recommended bulking cycle.

When you’re planning a cutting cycle, you have to take into account that a restricted calorie diet is going to play a role in your fat loss and the drugs are going to aid in retaining your muscle. As stated before, any cycle should have testosterone as a base. Shorter esters are typically used when cutting this is due to the limited bloated in comparison to the longer acting esters. As an example EQ (Equipoise) is often seen in cutting cycles.

19-nor-testosterone based compounds often make their way into successful cutting cycles. The 19-nor family is well known for being very anabolic and not incredibly androgenic. DHT based compounds are also very successful when added to a cutting cycle. Typically Winstrol and Masteron are among favorites. Combining DHT-based and 19-nor-based steroids will make use of strong Androgen Receptor Binding and weak binding.

design an anabolic steroid cycleAs you can see, designing your own cycle is not as difficult as it seems. By following basic rules of thumb, such as combining the 3 families of steroids with different receptor binding capabilities in a cutting cycle and using high to moderate doses for a bulking cycle; along with some common sense and you’ll be well on your way to designing the perfect cycles to reach your goals. Good Luck!

Course 10- Sample Cycles