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  Steroid use among athletes
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Steroid use among athletes

Anecdotal evidence shows that steroid use among athletes is more prevalent than what several studies project. And the reason why steroid use among athletes is on the rise is because steroid use works. This is why despite sports organizations’ rules and health warnings there is always the popularity of steroid use among athletes.  

Steroids are known to cause side effects like acne, feminization symptoms in men (gynecomastia - gyno, testicular atrophy) and virilization in females (hair growth) yet athletes insist on using steroids. Steroid use among athletes has become prevalent because steroids not only improve strength but also speed up recovery time. Steroid use among athletes is observed at different levels of competition – professional, Olympic, collegiate and high school athletes.

To curb steroid use among athletes, schools and sports organizations implement anti-doping programs, such as information drive, mandatory testing, and or imposition of heavier penalties.

In professional organizations like the Major League Baseball, where is steroid use is reportedly around to 25 to 40 per cent, steroid use among athletes is discouraged by toughening up the penalties. Under MLB’s old steroid policy, a first time offense would only result to the treatment of the player. Now, a first time offender could be suspended for 50 games.  

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