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  Steroid use in baseball
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Steroid use in baseball

Steroid use in baseball has come into the national spotlight during the 1990s. It was during this time that home run records were broken at incredible pace. It was also during this period when several famous baseball players began spilling the beans, so to speak, about steroid use in baseball. The most controversial expose about steroid use in baseball is perhaps that of Ken Caminiti in 2002. Caminiti, who died in October 2004, had admitted publicly that he was using steroids when he won the National League’s Most Valuable Player in 1996 and in the several seasons following that. This revelation has highlighted the issue of steroid use in baseball.

From then on, the professional baseball league is under constant scrutiny from public as well as from the federal agencies. Many had criticized Major League Baseball as slow in its efforts to address the issue of steroids use in pro baseball. When the BALCO incident exploded in late 2003 and implicated big names in baseball, the public and the Congress demanded answers from baseball key players. It was then that steroid use in baseball had sparked media frenzy and legislative inquiries. It was also then that it was finally acknowledged that steroid use was prevalent in baseball.