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  Anabolic Steroids & MMA
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Anabolic Steroids and MMA

May Newsletter
Mixed Martial Arts and Anabolic Steroids

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is another name for ultimate fighting. MMA first emerged in the early 1990’s as a sort of free-for-all attempt to determine what fighting styles worked the best in non-regulated situations. It’s not a brand new sport, however. MMA has roots in ancient martial arts and this mixed form of the practice of combative martial arts may have been present in the early twentieth century.

The premise of MMA is that competitors use different fighting styles against one another. MMA, like other martial arts forms use full body techniques such as striking moves and grappling moves. The competition is fierce and even seen as brutal, so the competitors feel the need to be in top conditioning to make sure they are able to fully participate in the competition. Because of this, MMA athletes have evolved through the years from people specialized in one or two forms of martial arts to those specialized in and trained for MMA specifically. This means that the most successful MMA competitors are well rounded in both striking and grappling techniques. MMA athletes now go through very specific training including practice, nutrition and even some use performance enhancing drugs to reach the levels they need to be competitive.

Originally, the modern MMA had very few rules, but as the sport as evolved some rules have been implemented in an attempt to help the safety of the competitors. There isn’t one governing body for MMA, however, so there isn’t an all-around set of rules for MMA participants. The laws and rules of the sport vary based on the each individual organization and where it’s located. One of the common rules, however, is against the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. For example, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), one of the most popular MMA organizations, tests its competitors for steroids and other illegal performance enhancers before competitions. As with other sports, however, it’s still out there and it is still being used regardless of the rules.

Most people who help athletes (including MMA competitors) are anonymous to the general public and aren’t willing to let their identities be known to the general public for fear of legal repercussions. Chris Shugart from T-Nation was able to break that silence, however. He was able to interview one of these trainers and found out some interesting information about the use of steroids in MMA.

Fist of all, this trainer commented on what many MMA athletes are doing wrong. He said that many focus on their strengths but recommends when they have a lot of time before their next fight they should focus on their weaknesses – both muscular and techniques. He also explained that many athletes come to him with questions about what drugs to use but they don’t do the first step which is making sure that their nutrition is up there – compensating poor nutrition with drugs isn’t the answer. Basically, his main point is that there isn’t one nutrition, drug and supplement plan that will work for everyone, so it’s best to get reliable advice from someone who knows what he or she is doing before jumping into a program that has worked successfully for someone else.

Additionally, it’s important for people to be careful and not jump into any sort of new training scheme before a fight because they won’t know how it will affect them in the ring. Steroids and other performance enhancers can cause weight gain in the form of muscle and fat and that can greatly affect performance. Other MMA athletes look for steroids that will help them increase their aggression before a fight, but again, steroids affect each person differently so they should be used with caution until the athlete knows how it will affect him so that he doesn’t have too much aggression at the wrong times.

Because MMA attracts such a wide variety of athletes – from martial artists who want to move up to the next step and who rely mostly one technique to bodybuilders and weight lifters who want to try something different and who rely mostly on strength and bulk – there are many different types of training regimens that can be successful. These regimens include strength training, nutrition, supplements even drugs, but they need to highly specialized to each individual’s needs to be successful.

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