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Anabolic Steroid Profiles: Accutane

Trade Name: Accutane
Chemical Name: Isotretinoin
Type: Anti-Acne Medication

Accutane is the brand name for the drug isotretinoin which is an oral drug often used to treat severe acne. It’s an extremely potent drug that is often a last resort for people who have been unable to find success with other treatments such as antibiotics.

Here’s how it works: Vitamin A is a very important vitamin when it comes to skin care. It helps the skin release oil from the oil glands and it also aids in skin renewal. Accutane is a form of vitamin A, which is why it works for treating acne. Treatment for four to five months often clears up even severe acne. In fact, Accutane actually cures acne in about half of the people who use it so that they don’t need to use other acne treatments in the future.

The good news about Accutane is that it has been used by millions of people so medical professionals have been able to study the drug and determine how to use it safely and successfully. The bad news is that if it isn’t used correctly there can be serious side effects.

Accutane can cause severe birth defects. If a pregnant women takes even one dose she risks causing major birth defects on the baby’s eyes, ears, face, skull, heart or brain. This means that any women who potentially could become pregnancy must take careful precautions to the point of agreeing to use two specific forms of birth control at all times. Any woman who has not had a total hysterectomy or who has not been in menopause for at least a year is considered to potentially be able to become pregnant and needs to take special precautions.

Other side effects of Accutane include sensitivity to sunlight and a tendency to burn, epression, sleep problems, aggression, weakness, changes in vision or hearing, digestive changes such as loss of appetite, dark urine or jaundice and flu-like symptoms.

Accutane is not legal with out a prescription. It needs to be specifically prescribed through the iPLEDGE program to be considered legit. This program requires written consent to use birth control and also requires women to have negative pregnancy tests 30 days before starting the drug and before getting each prescription filled. They are also required by the program to take pregnancy tests for a length of time after finishing the final dose of the drug as well.

Note, Accutane is NOT anabolic steroids, and should not be considered in the same drug category.  It's an anti-acne medication.


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