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Chemical Name: Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG)
Drug Class: Injury Repair Agent

Adequan is a water based injectable which has been available for a long time for the purposes of joint repair, but never really caught on in the bodybuilding world. In the world of athletics, it was rumored that a very good international rugby team (with a low injury rate) were using loads of Adequan. This seemed to make sense, because while it was not approved at that time for human use, the country that team was from had a very big market for horse racing…and that’s what Adequan was originally used for- repairing joint injuries for injured racehorses. Aflutop, another joint remedy, is more widely available and has recently replaced Adequan on the underground market, for the most part- but that doesn’t mean that Adequan isn’t worth looking into.

Although Adequan works well to improve traumatic joint injuries, it seems much better at improving degenerative or long term, joint problems. It works well enough for either, though. When we look at treating joint problems, a lot of times we immediately look to NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory stuff like aspirin, etc...) to be used in conjunction with physical therapy, but that’s not the optimal treatment according to current research. Although the aspirin (or other NSAID) will help with pain, it could delay the recovery time. Adequan doesn’t and actually helps to improve range of motion and flexion as well as being able to increase synovial fluid. In all treated subjects in test-studies, Adequan improved their joint injuries.

When recovering from an injury, in one study, a side effect of Adequan was that IM administration of 500mgs E4D for 12 weeks produced a 13.5% increase in bodyweight! Whether that was a “true” anabolic effect, or just increased weight gained by recovering from an injury- is unclear.

A reasonable protocol for joint recovery using Adequan is 125mgs, via intramuscular injection near the affected joint, every 4 days should suffice. This protocol should be followed for at least 28 days or longer.

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