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Steroid Profile: DNP

DNP, 2,4-Dinitrophenol, was first introduced to the bodybuilding world in the late 1990's by Dan Duchaine. Before that, though, DNP has had in interesting history: It has been used as a dye, fungicide, herbicide and an insecticide. It has even been used as an explosive; it was an alternative to TNT. In the 1930's it was also used as a dieting aid. Knowing all that, it's logical to assume that DNP can be very dangerous if used carelessly.

About DNP

DNP depletes the levels of ATP in the muscles. ATP is the part of the cell that carries energy and is required for the survival of the cells. Because of the depletion, the body must work harder to produce more ATP. In simple terms, DNP raises the body's temperature and metabolic rate – the body will use more energy in whatever it does.

Side Effects of DNP

As mentioned before, DNP is a dangerous substance. It can cause blindness and other vision problems and extreme temperatures (even as much as 104 degrees or higher which can cause brain damage). It has even been the reported cause of a few deaths – an overdose of only four times the recommended amount is lethal.

Daily intake of DNP can increase metabolism by as much as 50% which can burn about one pound of fat each day. Because of this increased metabolism, DNP can promote weight loss. First, the body will use stored fat to help make up for the extra energy needed. Losing fat is a good thing, but the side effects of this loss need to carefully examined and disclosed before use.

There are other things that happed due to this needed energy, however. Your body is working harder to create this needed energy, so you'll feel tired quicker. Your endurance will also decrease. Other dangerous effects on the body include an increase in breathing rate, thickening and slowing of the blood and increasing oxygen consumption by the lungs. Add these three effects together and your heart and cardiac systems will have to work harder to get the needed blood to the muscles. For athletes, this is not good news. Performance will probably suffer which makes DNP a poor choice for performing athletes.

Using DNP

Using DNP, even under strict regimens to help reduce the negative side effects is not just as easy as "using" the steroid. There are other considerations as well. First of all, it's important to keep carbohydrate intake up. Since people who have used DNP report craving carbs, this shouldn't be too difficult. The body on DNP burns carbs quickly, so eating them after workouts is a good idea. Additionally, water intake should be up to around two gallons per day. That, along with a multivitamin and energy supplements will help lower the risk of side effects.


DNP is relatively inexpensive and easy to find from underground labs. The average price is about one dollar for a 200 mg pill.

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