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Anabolic Steroids Profile: Insulin

Insulin is a naturally occurring substance in your body and can be used for various medicinal purposes. It is also, however, can have very powerful anabolic effects when used correctly.

What is Insulin

Insulin, a protein, is secreted by the pancreas. Its main purpose it to help regulate how carbohydrates are metabolized by the body. It does this by moving sugars from the digestive tract into the blood stream and from the bloodstream into the cells to be used as by the body as energy.

When the body does not produce enough insulin, the body is unable to use the sugars in the bloodstream. This is what causes high blood sugar levels. An effect of this is that the body is not getting the energy it needs to function, and so it thinks its starving. This can lead to muscle weakness. When this happens, the body needs supplements of insulin either through regular injections or through the use of an insulin pump.

When the insulin is functioning properly in the body, it is what brings proteins and amino acids to the muscles, and thus increases lean muscle mass. Using Insulin along with IGF, GH is one way to get really great results.

Dangers of Insulin

You can have too much of a good thing. Insulin can be very dangerous and even deadly if not used cautiously. Too much insulin (even slightly too much over a long period of time, not just in one shot) can cause hypoglycemia which can lead to coma and even death.

There are there other effects of insulin as well. It can increase fat storage, so it's often recommended to be used with a fat burner or an anabolic steroid. Using insulin when your body doesn't need it can mess up how your body both produces and uses insulin which can cause diabetes.

Finally, since insulin can help your body more efficiently use larger amounts of protein, you should increase your protein intake for maximum benefits.

Types of Insulin

There are several different types of insulin and they vary based on how quickly they go into effect as well as how long they last once in the body. The most popular insulin is the Humalog variety which is very fast acting (within about fifteen minutes) and lasts about four or five hours. The problem with Humalog is that it is only available by prescription unless you get it from an underground lab. If you do that, you do not have a guarantee how well it's been stored which can affect its quality.

Other types of insulin, such as Humulin R, are short acting and take a little long to take effect. Humulin R begins working in thirty to sixty minutes and lasts for about six hours.

Intermediate-acting insulin varieties begin working within two to four hours and last up to twenty hours. These include Humulin L and Humulin N.

It's also important to use syringes specially designed for insulin use. Insulin is injected under the skin and above the muscle, so this takes a smaller needle than most steroids require.

Buy Insulin

Some forms of insulin can be bought over the counter in some states, like Humulin R, but this will vary from state to state, knows your laws before buying insulin.

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