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Glycyrrhetinic acid is the primary ingredient in Targex. It is actually found in licorice, and when applied to the skin, can reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat. In this case, the mechanism of action is mediated by the catabolic hormone known as cortisol. This hormone is involved in both the distribution as well as the deposition of fat.Cortisol, in turn is regulated by the activity of an enzyme which Glycyrrhetinic acid (the active ingredient in Targex) blocks. This reduces the ability of cortisol to regulate fat cells, resulting in an overall loss of bodyfat to the area the cream is applied to.

In a clinical study, the effect of topical Glycyrrhetinic cream was evaluated. In this study, measurements of thigh fat, before and after 1 month of treatment with the cream were taken. In both areas (circumference and the fat layer thickness) the thighs receiving the cream had significantly lower levels of fat.

Hence, this type of cream would appear to be a potent lipolytic (fat burning) agent. Also, it is important to note that this compound is very safe, as the full study mentioned previously states that that there was absolutely no change in plasma cortisol, blood pressure, or aldosterone.

The primary ingredient in that study (Glycyrrhetinic acid) is also the primary ingredient found in Targex this is actually the brand name of the original version of these types of products. Typically it is applied to specific sites, to produce localized fat-loss wherever it is applied. The typical Targex user has experienced significant reductions in body fat when it was applied to site-specific areas, and was used in combination with a proper diet, training, and cardio.