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  Cheque Drops
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Steroid Profile: Cheque Drops

Cheque Drops are composed of the steroid Mibolerone. They are quite potent and need to be used with caution to get the most benefits with the least side effects.

History of Cheque Drops

This drug was first used in veterinary medicine to regulate the heat cycles of female dogs for breeding purposes. Cheque drops have evolved into a short term steroid when they are available. Dan Duchaine reportedly discovered their use and benefits for body building and rumor has it that Mike Tyson was on Cheque Drops during his famous ear biting incident. They rose in popularity because of ultimate fighting circles as well. The reason they are so popular in these instances is because of the boost of aggression they can give athletes before events. So while steroids are often more widely associated with body builders, Cheque Drops have been popular with athletes that participated in physical, full-contact sports such as football, boxing and martial arts. Cheque Drops's ability to increase aggression has been successful for these sports.

About Cheque Drops

Cheque Drops are more several times more potent than testosterone. Because of this, the general usage is about thirty minutes before an event. It is possible to follow a regimen for body building, however, as long as they are not used for more than two weeks at a time. When used cautiously, they can increase adrenaline enough to boost training, and therefore, strength.

If used at high dosages or for more then two weeks, Cheque Drops can seriously affect natural testosterone production in the body and is also known to cause liver damage. If they are not overused, testosterone production should return to normal after use, but it's wise to only use Cheque Drops along with other anabolic steroids to reduce the risk of lowered testosterone levels.

If not used following the correct dosage and administration schedule it can also cause gynocomastia. Other side effects include insomnia and hypertension. Because of it's original use in regulating the ovulation cycle in female dogs, Cheque Drops should not be used by women. Women would likely experience severe acne, deepening voice, lessoned or ceased menstruation and clitoral enlargement.

Additionally, some experts say that to use it at high enough doses to make real strides in gaining benefits the risk of liver damage and other negative side effects is so high that it's not a practical drug to use.

Because of the drug's impact on the body and adrenaline, it is a banned substance. It will leave the body fairly quickly, but does leave behind metabolites that can be detected by drug tests.

Buy Cheque Drops

Upjohn manufactures Cheque Drops and sells them in 55cc bottles. Underground labs do produce Cheque Drops as well. All in all, however, Cheque Drops are difficult to find and expensive when they are available.

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