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  Controlled Deliveries
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Controlled Deliveries - Anabolic Steroids

By: B. Lozenko


Controlled Deliveries

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as legal advise. Always consults your local laws before buying any substance.

One of the biggest fears of steroid buyers is accepting a package of anabolic steroids[4] and performance enhancing drugs and getting caught by federal agents or drug inspectors for possessing it.

It is important for you to note that the federal agents or other law enforcement officials cannot execute a search warrant for your home unless you accept the package and sign for it. In short, making a signature to accept a package of anabolic steroids or controlled substances is the last thing that you should do to avoid legal complications.

Therefore, it is best for you to place an order for anabolics using a different name and hesitate to sign. The reason is simple--accepting the package may lead you into legal troubles. If you confirm that you were expecting the parcel, you give an acknowledgement that you purchased steroids and ready to face the consequences.

There have many instances when the fed agents have tried their level best to get the parcel delivered to the designated recipient and some agents have even went on to the extent of saying “Can we open this for you?", or "We suspect drugs in these parcels." The solution to this is a simple answer from you--“Do what you want, it’s not my package.”

For those of you new to the world of controlled deliveries, a `Controlled delivery' [1] means the technique to allow illicit or suspect consignments of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, anabolic steroids, or substances substituted for them, to pass out of, through or into the territory of one or more countries, with the knowledge and under the supervision of their competent authorities` with a view to identify persons involved in the commission of offenses. This is done to identify, arrest, and convict law violators, dismantle smuggling/trafficking organizations, broaden the scope of investigations, identifying additional and higher level violators, and find out and establish knowledge on transporters, receivers and managers, and to identify assets for seizure/forfeiture.

Controlled deliveries are recommended by Article 11 of the 1988 UN Convention against illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances[1] that states in its paragraph 1[2] that “ If permitted by the basic principles of their respective domestic legal systems, the Parties shall take the necessary measures, within their possibilities, to allow for the appropriate use of controlled delivery at the international level, on the basis of agreements or arrangements mutually consented to, with a view to identifying persons involved in offences established in accordance with article 3, paragraph 1, and to taking legal action against them”.

U.N. Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs

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