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  Masteron Enanthate
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Masteron Enanthate

Chemical Name: Drostanolone Enanthate
Drug Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid




Masteron Enanthate is a drug that I’m proud to say I actually was able to use before it was ever sold on the black market. I was made aware of its existence by the first underground lab who produced it, and they gave me a batch (dosed at 200mg/ml) before it went to market. I think this is a really interesting version of the drug, because the concentration and ester length allow one to get blood levels of the compound to a much higher level than we would see with traditional Masteron (which has the propionate ester attached). Studies by Minto et al strongly suggest the efficacy of more highly concentrated steroids, with regards to peak plasma levels.

Masteron is derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but with an added 2a-methyl group. It is therefore structurally incapable of conversion to either estrogen or progesterone. Judging from the literature I’ve seen, the 2a-methyl group would also seem to make it less of a substrate for 3a-HSD (3alpha-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase), and maybe the beta version of that enzyme as well. This is good because those enzymes serve to, in some ways, inactivate DHT. They are responsible for the inactivation of DHT into a less-anabolic hormone. They are also the reason why injectable DHT is not produced as an anabolic on its own.

Masteron has been used to treat certain forms of breast cancer [1][2], and for this, it’s reasonably effective. It was, however, been largely replaced by first through third generation Aromatase Inhibitors such as from Nolvadex to Letrozole. However, in at least one study, Masteron & Tamoxifen produced better results than Chemotherapy with regards to producing immediate objective responses from patients [3]. Another rarely spoken about property of Masteron is that it is actually a weak (though useful) anti-estrogen, and that’s where a lot of its “hardening” properties probably come from, and why it’s so useful in precontest cycles. Masteron may actually interact with the aromatase enzyme to inhibit aromatization (conversion/metabolism) of other steroids into estrogen. Additionally, Masteron seems to be able to interact with estrogen at the receptor site. [1][2] I think this explains it’s “hardening” properties, because with less estrogen in your body, you’ll be holding less water and therefore appear harder. This is also why people say it “only works” at a low bodyfat percentage. When you take the water retention off of a fat person, you still have a (dryer) fat person. And if you aren’t using a lot of different aromatizable drugs (and are using them in low doses), or drugs that potentiate estrogen’s effects (and I’m thinking about the 19-nor family here) then Masteron is likely to be the only anti-estrogen you need. Masteron Enanthate is especially effective for this purpose because it has a very long active life and relatively constant blood plasma levels.

Masteron Enanthate typically stacks well with (*the newly popular) long estered cutting cycles, which typically include testosterone, and Trenbolone Enanthate. and typically I like to stack it with something with a similar ester length.

The minimum dose with Masteron Enanthate is typically 400mgs/week, although I’ve heard of it being used EOD (Every Other Day).

If Masteron Enanthate canbe said to have a weakness, it would only be the price, as it can be relatively expensive.


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