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  Melanotan II
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Melanotan II

Melanotan II is an analog, or a peptide hormone known as alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH) that tends to induce skin tanning. Melanotan II has the added effect of increasing libido, and doesn’t just tan the skin.

Administering this hormone to the body directly is probably an effective method to cause “sunless tanning” or chemically induced tanning. There are no obvious toxic effects of Melanotan II and, in fact, because skin cancer is a major health concern, it may actually be able to combat it to a degree. This is because Melanotan II stimulates the body's natural tanning mechanism (Melanin) to create a tan without needing the stimulus of direct sunlight. This can reduce the for skin damage as a result of exposure to the Sun’s rays, that can eventually lead to skin cancer. Not only has Melanotan II would therefore seem to be a safe way to effectively tan without being exposed to the Sun.

In addition, Melanotan II also has demonstrated aphrodisiac properties. It would seem that this compound, when administered, is transformed into a metabolite which has potent aphrodisiac and anti- erectile dysfunction properties.

Melanotan is popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts who wish to have the look of a tanned body, but would rather not expose themselves to the potentially harmful rays of the Sun.

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