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  Steroid Abuse
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Steroid Abuse

Chemical Name: Anabolic Steroids
Drug Class: Hormones



Steroids, like any other medical product, can be abused. Lately, the internet has expanded the reach of the previously ignorant steroid user. Thus, increasing his/her chances of obtaining steroids, and, by that coin, possibly abusing steroids. Steroid abuse doesn't come in one form. Steroids can be abused in different ways, from taking too much at one time to taking too much for longer periods of time.

steroid abuseSteroids are used in positive ways all the time in the treatment of AIDS and cancer yet they are still widely seen as a negative factor of athletic training regimens. You can compare the use of steroids to the ingestion of any substance that can be potentially harmful from junk food to painkillers to alcohol. [1]Moderate, controlled used is okay while uncontrolled, obsessive use can be considered abuse.

Steroid use is fairly abundant, but most of the time the athletes that use steroids use it in a controlled and educated manner. Those who don’t now about the effects and side effects of anabolic steroid use often don’t know how to balance their use so that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Those that abuse steroids are often the high school athletes or others who do not have access to resources to help them determine the best regimen to give them the best benefits.[2] Additionally, athletes who are not physically and emotionally mature are more likely to greatly suffer from the negative side effects of steroid use.

Anabolic steroid use, versus steroid abuse, requires access to various steroids (to use the one that best fits the athlete in question), and regular blood work and monitoring from a physician. Because of these factors, steroid abuse can cause very damaging effects. Liver toxicity is a common problem. Suppression of natural hormone production in the body can be seriously effected by misuse of steroid regimens – this includes stunted growth in users and abusers who are not fully grown. Other problems include cardiovascular issues, cholesterol problems and increased aggressiveness.

Female athletes who use anabolic steroids without the proper supervision or regimens for their bodies have even more to worry about. Females can experience irregular periods, virilization and cardiovascular problems.

While simple use of steroids might show these similar side effects, they most likely won’t be as damaging (and in some cases are reversible) when the steroid use is closely monitored.


  Steroid Abuse Causes Psychological Disorders
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