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  Steroids in sports and how it affects young people
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Steroids in sports and how it affects young people

There’s no doubt that sports superstars are being looked up by young people nowadays. It is not surprising to see young people emulating sports icons in many ways and they want to achieve what these sports stars achieve. And so, parents cannot help but worry when they hear big names in sports being busted for steroid use. They believe news about steroids in sports negatively affect young people.

Why do parents believe steroids in sports have such effect on young people?

To parents, they fear that steroid use in sports might send the idea that these banned compounds are means to achieve greatness in sports. Young people might tend to use them despite the fact that steroids can pose health risks to users. This is also the belief of state legislators and officials in some states in the United States who have enacted mandatory testing of high school athletes for steroids and other banned drugs. There are currently four states that require such tests to deter young people engaged in sports from using steroids.  In 2005, 72,000 students admitted using steroids. Many consider this a troubling sign that steroids in sports might be a factor that instigates young people to use steroids.  Don't forget, in 2005, over 2,000,000 students used recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine! And, over 5,000,000 were drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes  while under aged.