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  What are steroids
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What are steroids

Steroids are a group of compounds derived from testosterone or produced synthetically to stimulate tissue repair and body growth. Steroids are commercially available in several forms including tablets, injectables, and powder forms. Steroids are prescription drugs for the treatment of diverse diseases including anemia, breast cancer, and muscle wasting conditions occurring with diseases like cancer and AIDS or due to surgery.

Steroids, however, are more popular nowadays among non-medical users. Steroids are used to enhance appearance and strength by virtually all segments of society – athletes and non-athletes, young and adults, males and females.

Steroids are used by young people to hasten the onset of maturation. This sector uses steroids to quickly attain well-developed bodies. Steroid use is now a cultural trend observed in many Western countries.

In sports, steroids are considered illegal compounds and if an athlete is tested positive for steroids he can be banned for life from his sport discipline. Yet despite the sanctions, some athletes still use steroids to improve their athletic performance. Steroids are used by athletes because these drugs make one bigger, faster, and stronger. Thus, steroids are popular among athletes who are into swimming, weightlifting, bodybuilding, track and field, and cycling – these are sports that require speed, power and endurance.