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  Major League Baseball and steroids
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Major League Baseball and steroids

There have been divergent views if steroids indeed enhance the performance of Major League Baseball players. There has been one controversial study conducted by the Tufts University physicist Roger Tobin that steroids could be great help to Major League Baseball players since they boost home run production by 50 percent or more. Tobin further explained that muscle mass, the force exerted by that muscle mass, and the kinetic energy of the bat could each be increased around 10 percent if a Major League Baseball player is using steroids.

Tobin stated that the upsurge of home runs in the Major League Baseball during the middle of the 1990s was no coincidence since that period was considered as the dawn of the ‘steroid era’ in Americans’ favorite sport – baseball. And then the home run production noticeably slowed down in 2003, the time when the BALCO steroid scandal was exposed. A damning proof that Major League Baseball and steroids had an alliance.

During the series of investigation on the BALCO’s steroid distribution activity, popular athletes from different sports got implicated. Among the athletes in the customers’ list seized from BALCO were Major League Baseball players Jason Giambi, Armando Rios, Benito Santiago, and Barry Bonds. Because of this scandal and the strong public opinion against the whole affair, the Major League Baseball community has adopted a more stringent policy regarding to the use of steroids.