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  Sports and steroids
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Sports and steroids

You can trace back the relationship of sports and steroids during the 1954 World Weightlifting Championship wherein the Soviet contingent displayed their dominance of the sports. The world took notice of the power of the Soviet athletes and so did John Ziegler, team doctor for the team USA then. The curious Dr. Ziegler got the information he wanted to learn that the Soviet team’s secret weapon were testosterone injections. Dr. Ziegler knew he had to come up with something in order for the team USA to be at par with their Soviet counterparts. It was then that Dr. Ziegler came up with the anabolic steroid Dianabol.

From then on, sports and steroids started a tumultuous relationship. Despite the fact that steroids are banned by all of major sports associations, you know that steroids use is prevalent in sports. Now and then, you hear of famous sports figure getting implicated in steroid use. Many sports observers believe that athletes in diverse sports will continue to use steroids in order to have competitive edge, moreso now when stakes are bigger. Monetary rewards and international recognition awaits you if you emerge as the ultimate victor in your sport. These are incentives for many to use steroids to gain competitive advantage in their sport.