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Tuesday 27, Feb 2007

Creatine and Muscular Dystrophies , so steroid stuff is useful?

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Turns out creatine is now a possible treatment for people with Muscular Dystrophies , but wouldn’t it be safe to say that steroids the real muscle building drugs, would help more? If steroids can save a life, why not stop making them so evil?
I think the recent media attention towards steroids forgot the MANY positive benefits of steroid use.

Creatine Supplement May Help People With Muscular Dystrophies
Creatine, a popular nutritional supplement used by weightlifters and sprinters to improve athletic performance, could lend muscle strength to people with muscular dystrophies. Muscle strength increased by an average of 8.5 percent among patients taking creatine, compared to those who did not use the supplement, according to a recent review of studies. Creatine users also gained an average of 1.4

Monday 26, Feb 2007

Barry Bonds not going to jail for steroids

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Well it looks like Barry Bons might be out of the woods on his steroid investigation, check it out.  It is my understanding that he is a lot more standoffish towards these athlete for drug free america hearings.  He might be out of the woodworks on the legal side about his steroid use but never in the public eye I am guessing.

CONCERN over a possible perjury indictment will keep Barry Bonds from co-operating with Major League Baseball’s steroids investigation, the star’s lawyer told the San Francisco Chronicle today (AEDT).

The newspaper reports that George Mitchell, the former US Senator leading a probe into steroids in baseball, has sent letters urging players linked to the BALCO steroid scandal to co-operate.

Bonds, Detroit’s Gary Sheffield and others who co-operated with a BALCO grand jury, were asked to answer questions from Mitchell’s inquiry and to submit their medical records to the panel looking into performance-enhancing drug use.

But Michael Rains, Bonds’ lawyer, told the Chronicle that the San Francisco Giants outfielder cannot co-operate as long as he faces possible indictment. A grand jury is looking into perjury and tax charges against Bonds.


It does seem like Bons will keep denying he KNEW he took any steroids.

Bonds, 43 in July, has denied knowingly taking any steroids but his trainer, Greg Anderson, was among five men convicted in the BALCO scandal. Anderson has been imprisoned for more than three months for not co-operating.

I guess the reality is somewhere in the middle, we all know he KNEW he took steroids, just too much BS for my tastebuds!

Sunday 25, Feb 2007

Illegal prescriptions of steroids and HGH

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Well the story continues, these guys not only didn’t have a medical license to prescribed steroids, they were prescribing steroids to bodybuilders.

Two New York doctors and the owner of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Providence for allegedly running a scheme to illegally prescribe anabolic steroids and human-growth hormones for bodybuilders and others in Rhode Island.

So this raises the question, is it legal to run a steroid prescription service online? HRT clinic to prescribe testosterone and human growth hormone? I don’t think it’s legal!!!! come on just read all this.

The company sold the drugs, the two doctors wrote prescriptions without ever seeing the customers, and all three shared in the ill-gotten profits, according to federal court documents. About 30 percent of their customers came from Rhode Island and used pharmacies in this state, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, according to a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente.

These drugs are not federally approved for use in bodybuilding, weight loss, or anti-aging techniques, although that’s how Daniel McGlone, 54, of North Brunswick, used his American Pharmaceutical Group for customers who saw his ads in bodybuilding magazines and on Web sites, according to the federal indictment.


Saturday 24, Feb 2007

Low testosterone in men may be diabetes risk factor – is it true?

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Low testosterone in men may be diabetes risk factor  – is it true?

 So , there are use for steroids after all! I mean take a look:
 Men with testosterone levels in the low-normal range are much more likely to have diabetes than those with higher levels, whether or not they are obese, researchers report in the journal Diabetes Care.


It turns out that low testosterone levels might cause diabets, meaning? well if you USE steroids then you are in luck! you have a LOT less of a chance to get diabetes!

“Low testosterone levels are common among men with diabetes and there is growing evidence that low testosterone may be a risk factor for developing diabetes,” Dr. Elizabeth Selvin from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore commented to Reuters Health.

She and her colleagues analyzed data from 1,413 men 20 years or older who participated in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Diabetes had been diagnosed in 101 men.
After the influence of age, race and obesity was factored in, men with the lowest levels of testosterone were four times more likely to have diabetes than men with the highest levels. Similar results were found when only the bioavailable testosterone was measured.

The association persisted even after men with low total or free testosterone levels were excluded, suggesting, the researchers say, that the association is not entirely driven by failure to produce enough testosterone.

“Obesity affects testosterone levels; testosterone levels drop in men who are overweight or obese,” Selvin pointed out. Yet, “even after accounting for the effect of obesity, low testosterone levels still appear to be an important risk factor for diabetes,” she said.

These data, the researchers write, support the hypothesis that male hormones directly influence sugar metabolism and the development of insulin resistance, which is seen just before diabetes occurs, independent of the effects of obesity.

Selvin added that doctors should keep in mind that “low testosterone is a common finding among men with diabetes and may lead to other clinical problems.”

Thursday 22, Feb 2007

Teens and steroids

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There was a recent post on the iSteroids forum with a teen trying to ask about steroid use


he is obviously fresh out of highschool, so why does he need to use steroids? well, I see it as a stigma of a kind.  Because society doesn’t want him to use steroids, he will.

THe answer to this question lies in steroid education rather than steroid punishment and segregation.  I believe educating teens at an early age about steroid use, possible bad side effects and good effects of steroids can decrease the use rate and increase public awareness of the positives of steroid use in many medical situations.

Wednesday 21, Feb 2007

Sylvester Stallone is using steroids?

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I’m really sick and tired of reading about Sylvester Stallone and steroids / HGH

ok why would you not think he uses steroids ? and the man looks great for being 60  years old

Just DROP IT! the guy uses steroids, we all know it – give it a damn rest!!!


this is the original news article about Sylvester Stallone using steroids

 Sly’s Steroids Scandal?

It’s been a rocky visit to the land Down Under for        Sylvester Stallone.
Since arriving in Sydney to promote the Australian opening of Rocky Balboa, the actor has been tussling with local authorities over what is reported to be banned bodybuilding substances.

On Monday, officials searched his hotel room and private jet for illegal substances, just three days after seizing banned substances from him and his entourage, according to Australian media reports.

The trouble began Friday night, when Stallone and his traveling companions were stopped by customs officials after a routine X-ray detected something amiss. The group was detained for several hours, causing them to miss the premiere, for packing what was believed to be a type of human growth hormone.

Richard Janeczko, the national investigations manager for the Australian Customs Service, told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph that some contraband items were taken, though he wouldn’t reveal any details.

Stallone initially told the newspaper the incident was a “misunderstanding” and that reports of his transporting steroids were “totally hot air.” Instead, he joked about sneaking in a “giant cheetah” and made cracks about officials finding his wife in his luggage.

“I do know [why I was stopped], but I can’t tell you,” he quoted in the Sunday edition of the Telegraph. “To [customs officials] it’s major, but it’s really minor stuff. I just made a mistake…I misunderstood a few things, and we are going through the process.”

But Stallone has clammed up in the wake of Monday’s raid. There was no comment from his U.S.-based reps.

As officials stopped by the Park Hyatt hotel to issue the actor a summons to answer charges on the prohibited substances, Stallone and his cohorts were allegedly seen tossing something out the windows of their hotel room. A search of the room allegedly resulted in additional evidence, per the Telegraph.

A full sweep of his private plane ensued, though the actor was cleared to leave the country later in the day as the investigation proceeds.

“There is a range of options we can pursue in these circumstances,” a spokesperson for the Customs Service told the Telegraph. “The investigation is ongoing, and we are aware of Mr. Stallone’s travel movements. The material has to be identified, and we have to look at all the options and the evidence before deciding what action to take.”

It remains to be seen what will happen to the 60-year-old tough guy. The Aussies have a no-tolerance policy for illegal drugs, including steroids and performance-enhancing substances. It’s also illegal to import such substances for sporting use. Penalties for possession of such items can range from fines up to $110,000 or up to five years in jail.

Rocky Balboa, in which the aged yet still chiseled palooka puts on the gloves once again, represents a solid comeback for actor after a several lean years. The film has grossed nearly $130 million worldwide so far. He’s set to begin shooting another sequel, Rambo IV: Pearl of the Cobra, next year.


Monday 19, Feb 2007

SYLVESTER Stallone On steroids!!!

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LOL, Stallone uses steroids , now way!!!

they tried to find HGH etc….

Customs ambush Sly Stallone

February 20, 2007 12:00

THE luxury hotel room of Hollywood action hero Sylvester Stallone was raided by Customs officials today as members of his entourage were seen throwing items out of the window.

The private jet of the 60-year-old film star was then searched on the tarmac. Stallone did not leave the country until three hours later.

The actor had originally been stopped by Customs officers on Friday night after “prohibited” substances – believed to be a type of human growth hormone – were found in luggage at Sydney airport.

The investigation was stepped up last night after the visit to his Sydney hotel room at 3pm yielded further evidence relating to the investigation over the importation of illegal substances.

Yesterday, a senior Customs source told The Daily Telegraph the investigation was fast-tracked after occupants of Stallone’s room at the five-star Park Hyatt Hotel were seen throwing items out of the window.

Customs officials had visited the Hollywood megastar to issue him with a summons to answer charges on the prohibited substances, which would have required a court appearance by him or his legal representative at a later date.

Customs confirmed that Stallone would be allowed to leave the country as scheduled at 6pm.

“There is a range of options we can pursue in these circumstances,” a spokesperson said.

“The investigation is ongoing and we are aware of Mr Stallone’s travel movements.

“The material has to be identified and we have to look at all the options and the evidence before deciding what action to take.”

Investigations first began into the 60-year-old actor after Customs found several prohibited items in his luggage upon his arrival on Saturday night.

Items were first detected during a routine X-ray of luggage when the actor arrived in Sydney on Friday.

He had been due to attend the Sydney premiere of the latest Rocky movie but was delayed after two hours of questioning.

Stallone told The Daily Telegraph on Sunday that claims he had imported steroids were “totally hot air”.

“I do know (why I was stopped) but I can’t tell you,” he said. “To (Customs) it’s major, but it’s really minor stuff.

“I just made a mistake … I misunderstood a few things and we are going through the process.”

When asked if he was having further discussions with Customs, he replied: “Oh, I’m sure.”

He had previously joked that he was detained after Customs seized “a giant cheetah” and joked they had found his wife in his luggage.

It was rumoured Stallone may have been carrying bodybuilding drugs, banned in Australia.

Customs has not revealed what was seized in the initial search of the luggage, however tests are still continuing to determine the content of the substance found.

Sunday 18, Feb 2007

SuperHumanRadio interviews Craig Titus

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Talking to anthony roberts I found out (on his blog too) that Craig Titus is going to be frontlining superhuman radio out of JAIL!!! that’s right this guys is speaking to superhumanradio from jail.

from anthony’s blog:


I don’t know the details, but this weekend on SuperHumanRadio, there’s going to be a show about Craig Titus and some taped phone conversations from prison with him!


Bodybuilding isn’t my cup of tea, but even I’m going to have to listen to this!

I’m going to listen to heck out of this one ;)

Friday 16, Feb 2007

Finally – banning steroid tests in high schools

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at last, someone speaking up about these idiotic steroid tests in high schools!

 Proposed Bill Would Ban Steroids In High School

DURHAM, N.C. — State lawmakers are taking a stand against steroid use in high schools.
A bill proposal has been presented by three lawmakers that would require testing of high school athletes.
It would ban high school athletes from using steroids and also includes random testing of athletes.
A student athlete would be banned from competition if they test positive or even if they refuse to be tested.
One of the sponsors of the bill is a state senator who also happens to be a family practitioner.
And he’s obviously worried about the use of performance enhancing drugs like steroids by high school athletes.
NBC17 spent some time at a high school basketball game in Durham Thursday night sampling reaction from parents and coaches.
There are some who wonder why it might be necessary to test for steroids at the high school level. But, some parents of student athletes say it starts earlier than high school.
“I’ve seen middle school kids take steroids,” said Kevin Holmes Sr., a parent of a teen. “I know one kid who was taking steroids. He looks like an old man now.”
A trio of state senators is proposing a bill that’ll require random drug testing for performance enhancing drugs for all high school athletes involved in interscholastic activities.
“I think it’s a good idea to test them,” Holmes said. “They shouldn’t be taking steroids anyhow at this age. They can harm you.”
Bernard Bacon’s been coaching basketball at Durham High School for years. As he watched Thursday night’s game between Person and Hillside highs, he wondered about the wisdom of that testing.
“I don’t think they should do it because to be honest with you I don’t see it as a problem,” Bacon said. “Kids are just working out, getting protein drinks and stuff. They don’t need steroids to get big.”
Many high school athletes aspire to play at the college level. And because performance enhancers like steroids are so prevalent there, some parents believe there’s more pressure on high school kids to bulk up. One parent told NBC17 that he can see arguments for and against the testing.
“In theory it sets a good precedent especially for those starting early for college basketball,” Carlos Sanford said. “I’m kind of undecided because it violates their youth. But, it does help prevent a future occurrence that might take place.”
The bill has just been proposed so there hasn’t been any debate on it at this point. We’ll have to see whether it makes it out of committee or dies there.

Thursday 15, Feb 2007

BALCO lawyer admits leaking steroids testimony to reporters – no more client lawyer confiridentiality for steroid users

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What happened to client / lawyer confidentiality ?   this is a good example of broken laws

BALCO lawyer admits leaking steroids testimony to reporters

Two San Francisco Chronicle reporters will escape jail time after a defense lawyer for BALCO founder Victor Conte admitted [DOJ press release, PDF] Wednesday in court filings that he allowed reporters Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada [SF Chronicle profiles] to see transcripts of the grand jury testimony of several baseball stars, including Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Gary Sheffield, regarding the steroids investigation into the now-defunct Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) [SF Chronicle coverage]. Attorney Troy Ellerman made the admission as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors, pending judicial approval, where prosecutors will drop the case against Williams and Fainaru-Wada in exchange for two years of prison and a $250,000 fine from Ellerman. The plea hearing is yet unscheduled. The San Francisco Chronicle has more. AP has additional coverage.

In September 2006, a federal judge threatened Williams and Fainaru-Wada with jail time [JURIST report] for refusing to reveal the source of the leaked grand jury transcripts. The reporters were set free pending the resolution of their appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In an August 2006 order [PDF text; JURIST report] denying Williams and Fainaru-Wada’s motion to quash the subpoenas, the judge cited Supreme Court precedent for the proposition that no one may refuse to testify before a federal grand jury. The reporters had previously argued that the First Amendment protects the rights of journalists to protect their sources. Similar arguments made by New York Times reporter Judith Miller were struck down [JURIST report] last year by a federal judge who ruled that “the First Amendment does not protect news reporters or news organizations from producing documents when the news reporters are themselves critical to both the indictment and prosecution of criminal activity.”

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