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Saturday 28, Jul 2007

Three held over steroids smuggling

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this has to do with my post below from anthony robert’s blog, I think it’s the same people! 

Three held over steroids smuggling
Three Pakistani nationals have been arrested at Dublin Airport for smuggling steroids into the country.
A total of 34,000 ampoules of testosterone worth 400,000 euro was found concealed in their baggage by Customs officers.

Imran Younus Durrani (37), Mohammad Zahid Shaihif (30) and Mohammad Altaf (37) had arrived on a flight from Karachi, Pakistan via Abu Dhabi. They were arrested and charged with VAT evasion and the importation of a restricted medicine.

Saturday 28, Jul 2007

Steroid Bust – GEN*** (guess who! haha)

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from Anthony Roberts blog


I’ve been telling you to avoid this guy’s operation for a long time. I’ve been probably the only person out there telling people not to get involved with this dude’s company and his UG…anyway, I’m not going to tell you which UG it is, but what I will say is that a lot of people are fucked.

Jail term for man who sold steroids illegally worldwide

By Jason O’Brien
Saturday July 21 2007

A MAN who illegally sold bodybuilding steroids world-wide from an Irish address has been sentenced to two years in jail with all but four months suspended.

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) welcomed the ruling last night, stating the illegal sale of anabolic steroids was a serious health concern.

Brian Wainstein (42) – a South African national with an address at Bank Lodge, Knockraheen, Roundwood in Co Wicklow – received the orders for the banned drugs by e-mail from customers all over the world, including the USA.

He used the name ‘Barry Benjamin’ on his email messages.

He pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to nine charges arising out of the unlawful possession sale and distribution of the illicit substances at Croswaithe Park South, Dun Laoghaire in 2003.

Judge Martin Nolan said he had been “leaning towards” jailing Wainstein for 12 months because of the seriousness of his supply of steroids on a world-wide scale.

But the submission by defence counsel Mr Bernard Condon BL helped change his mind.

Judge Nolan noted Mr Condon’s submission that Wainstein had pleaded guilty and so avoided what might have been a long, complicated trial and other matters put forward on his behalf, but added that Wainstein “cannot avoid custody generally”.

“I have decided to impose a two-year sentence but to suspend all but four months of it which he must serve so that he will have a taste of prison,” Judge Nolan said.

Detective Sergeant John McGing of the Garda drugs unit had told the court that illicit substances valued at €15,000 were recovered at the Dun Laoghaire premises on September 16, 2003. He said the authorities were alerted to the offence as a result of problems with the delivery through international distributors. The substances recovered were analysed by Dr Hugo Bonnar and found to be illegal steroids.

The IMB said last night that its compliance department had been involved in the case.

Mr Pat O’Mahony, chief executive of the IMB, said that the illegal sale and supply of such products was a threat to public health as anabolic steroids taken without medical care can cause serious damage to health and used on a continued basis shorten life expectancy.

Judge Nolan agreed with a request by Mr Condon to defer the start of the sentence to July 30.

- Jason O’Brien

Saturday 28, Jul 2007

Steroids in Wrestling

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As this article talks about it, steroids are coming under scruitny in many sports, after the Chris Benoit murder and Barry Bonds /baseball BS



Professional wrestling it’s called, is an oxymoron laughable enough to rival any of the tough guy slapstick routines that go on in these staged matches. If professional is supposed to mean masterful or legitimate, well someone has the wrong sport. That would be, ironically enough, the altogether serious and gimmick-free pursuit of amateur wrestling, a noble sport in the Greco-Roman tradition.
Professional wrestling — really, where’s the prefix “un” when you need it — used to be a harmless enough mix of faux sport and more genuine freak show. The competitors, er, performers make for a beefed up, buffed up carnival act more than anything else. Entertainment with a touch of athleticism made for a very popular and lucrative business, all right.

Only now there’s this problem in a world where regulation is little more than a rumor. Steroids are present in wrestling, too, just like in other sports with real rules and some means of enforcing them.

Abuse of anabolic steroids are at the center of the investigation of the self-destructive rampage that wrestler Chris Benoit went on last month, killing his wife and 7-year-old son and then hanging himself. Mr. Benoit had almost 10 times the normal level of testosterone in his system. Testosterone is, of course, a synthetic version of the primary male sex hormone. It is regarded as an anabolic steroid.

No, that doesn’t automatically mean that steroids are what drove someone to kill his family. But it does require taking another, deeper look at the dangers posed by such substances.

“I can see no valid reason why anybody would be taking that much testosterone. He abused controlled substances,” says Dr. John Xerogeanes, who teaches sports medicine at Emory University in Atlanta and is the team orthopedic doctor at Georgia Tech. “And then you put that with the probable mental issues he had.”

Not so compatible with the family fun niche that the outfit known as World Wrestling Entertainment covets. Its statement, in the wake of new information about the deaths of Mr. Benoit and his family — that he didn’t test positively for steroids when he was screened in April — is of very limited significance.

“All it means is that scientifically, it’s now known that sometime between April 10 and when he died, he had treatment with testosterone,” says Jerry McDevitt, a lawyer for World Wrestling Entertainment. “That’s all it establishes.”

But that’s quite enough. Professional wrestling now has this in common with sports where such a designation comes entirely more naturally. Outside authorities need to look ever closer at abuse of substances that can tarnish the integrity of games and, worse, ruin the lives of those who play them.


Friday 27, Jul 2007

Roid rage: Golfers on steroids won’t necessarily be bulked up, you morons – GOLF and Steroids

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well you’d never imagine that PGA stars are juicing up lol, but it’s true, according to this latest anti-steroid rant, do golfers use anabolic steroids ?

I doubt it, unless it’s the old men on HRT or TRT

but then again, who knows, soon GOLF will be on the front page of the sports page for Tiger Woods juicing with Tren ;) haha



If you people don’t stop equating steroid use – which should be outlawed in professional golf – with steroid abuse (which is dumb as hell, illegal – and should be outlawed in pro golf), I’m going to rip off someone’s head off and chuck it in the Barry Burn!

Taking steroids is seen by the governing bodies of most sports as an unfair advantage. Keep in mind that “taking steroids” does NOT have to mean gaining huge amounts of unsightly muscle. ‘Roids were developed for legit medical purposes, people! In summer months, I shoot a steroid spray into my nose to combat grass pollen allergies. My grandma took steroids when she tore up her knee in a fall! Obviously, that isn’t what we’re talking about here. (Grandma could barely bench 175.)

But the point is, it takes an intentionally high dose of steroids to bulk up ala Barry Bonds’ melon. But lower doses would still help golfers combat fatigue, especially as the years rack up and it gets late in the season. Lower doses wouldn’t have to result in an amount of muscle that would help a little guy rip the ball 330 yards off the tee, but they would still be an unfair advantage (even if you think Gary Player is full of it).

So if I read one more blogger or pundit riffing about how huge muscles wouldn’t help a golfer, or about how – because they’re not seeing any muscle-bound Chris Benoit-look-alikes on tour, steroids aren’t a problem – I’m going to bash in my screen with a nine-iron, tear the computer out of the wall and smash your face with it.

And one other thing ……. ‘roid rage is a total myth, you pencil neck.

Thursday 26, Jul 2007

The Rise and Fall of Ttokkyo! – Mexican Anabolic Steroids Dealers

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READ the whole The Rise and Fall of Ttokkyo! – Mexican Anabolic Steroids Dealers Interview 

Anthony Roberts: Ok…without telling us too much about you, can you let us know what your experience with steroids is?

Anon: Well, “without telling us to me about you” needs to be addressed first. I have already been convicted of several things and been through a couple prison systems. I need to state, right from the start, that some of the things I am going to talk about I did indeed experience myself. In some cases, a friend of mine did some of the stuff I will talk about. I can’t remember. Basically, if you are from the government and reading this, I assume you know who I am. If I didn’t already cop to something that you are reading, you should assume that my friend did it. Back then I was pretty doped up most of the time, so things get a little blurry every now and again. I suspect that other, non-G-men will recognize who I am as well. I’ll say something to you later on, if I feel like it. Although it should be obvious that I have the freedom to say whatever I want and artistic license to say it however I want to, if you are reading this and from the government, know that it is a bunch of flat-out lies. I don’t ever know what a steroid is. Cool?

Anyhow, I have a little bit of experience with steroids. To put it bluntly, I had the unfortunate distinction of being a fairly important part of what I consider to be the premier anabolics distribution and manufacturing operations of all time: Laboratorios Ttokkyo. Obviously, a white kid from the ‘burbs doesn’t just fly to Mexico City and apply for the job I had. It was a long and very unique road that we paved and led us to fortune, albeit brief and fleeting.

Anthony Roberts: Can you give us some back story here?

Anon: A little back story might be helpful in understanding the whole of things. I always remark to myself that really, anyone could have done what I did as long as they paid attention to the landscape of the time and wanted what I wanted as badly as I did. It’s kind of like starting a UG lab now; anyone who really wants to can find a way to import powder, a way to get vials and equipment, and start producing some garbage that people will happily buy. Most people are content to just buy it and spend the money, but there are those of us who are first compelled to buy 3, sell 2, and get a freebie and then wind up getting rich because other people are lazy (or smart).

A long time ago, when I first saw actual banner ads for powder suppliers, I got flashbacks of the beginning of my end. You guys are a bunch of retards, with your boards and pseudo-security. People from other countries sponsor your board and it’s not illegal in their country to sell steroids. You think that makes you safe. You’re just advertising for someone who is doing something perfectly legal, right? You really think it is that simple? You are providing a vehicle to enable illegal transactions. It’s like having banner ads for fertilizer on a militia website. I won’t harp on this yet, but I probably will. You are retards, just waiting for the Fed to take interest. Now, I was a retard once, too – so I can say that. You are a bunch of retards and you are going to fall. I’ll get into why later, if there is time.

Anthony Roberts: How did you start out in this particular line of work?

Anon: I started off like anyone else really; I just wanted to be bigger than the next guy. That mindset wound up transferring to my business approach as well and both got me into a boatload of shit eventually. I started off reading the boards, researching, learning, and pretty quickly I was a regular on ‘Bolex and Varix and a few other discussion boards. Its important to remember when you hear me talking about those days that the ‘net was much smaller back then and there were maybe half a dozen steroid-related websites. They didn’t have central repositories for profiles, cycles, and everything else that each board has today. Shit was kind of scattered, and Brian Raupp was ahead of his time, centralizing information and bringing clientele to himself. I don’t know Brian personally. From what I understand, he just got out of Federal Prison himself, after fucking up on supervised release. To me, that means he had a chance to not go away at all but blew it by being a dipshit and continuing to sell while on probation. I was supposed to sell him a bunch of shit one time but somewhere along the way the product was taken by the feds and the deal wasn’t lucrative enough to make me want to do it again. I’ll sell you 1000 bottles if I’m making $5 a piece and it’s easy for me to get the bottles in my hand, but that’s one of the logistical problems behind being a large importer and distributor: shipping volumes of product. It makes much more sense for me to get 1000 bottles and sell to two or three dudes who don’t want anyone to know who I am for fear of losing their client base. That way, I can mark things up $35 a unit and still get rid of it inside of a day. It’s the same number of boxes, but I’m making $35k instead of $5k and I don’t have to deal with people in the federal spotlight. If I set it up right, I’d never even see the boxes and I’d never even know what my customers looked like. I didn’t quite do it that way, but I never wanted to be in the spotlight. I guess that’s lesson one that Ttokkyo should have learned; keep thy ass out of the spotlight.

Anyhow, the boards were like the Wild West back then. Anyone remember HumanSaurus Rex? A good dude. How about Simian? Another good dude. How about Damian Borleone and Leroy? Chances are, if you knew them, you got locked up like me.

Oh, but wait. Another lesson: the Feds get everyone to roll. Some do it much more quickly and easily than others. Right now there is a fellow named GAC (Red Star of China) or Brock or Bruce sitting in the can. The Feds visited him but didn’t arrest or charge him. Wow. Watch what happens in China now. Tell me if it is a coincidence.
(Note from Anthony Roberts: This interview was conducted well before the recent Chinese powder busts…scary, huh?)

Anthony Roberts: What do you think of the state of internet steroid discussion boards?
READ the whole The Rise and Fall of Ttokkyo! – Mexican Anabolic Steroids Dealers Interview

Thursday 26, Jul 2007

3 cops busted for steroid use

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so the same heros that go after steroids are now caught using steroids? LOL

ironic, that they had a medical prescription to use anabolic steroids, this wasn’t just some online purchase, nor was the steroid abuse problem discussed; with a 540lbs. benchpress sounds like the dude was abuse his body and joints

but, that’s just IMO

I believe the cops should be able to use steroids, after all they put their life on the line evertime they get into that police car, same goes for DEA/FBI guys, the bigger/stronger/faster = the less likely you are to die.

WHy should the government agents, who LEGALLY obtained steroids be punished? since when has LEGAL ownership of something become illegal? aren’t we turning the tables on the ‘ drug ‘ war and making it into a foolish war to go after anyone we can.

 full STORY:

3 Chandler cops tied to steroid investigation

The Chandler Police Department confirmed Wednesday that three of its officers are now under investigation, part of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation into doctors improperly writing prescriptions for anabolic steroids.

“From the information that was provided to us by the Drug Enforcement Administration, we have identified three city of Chandler police employees and we are conducting an investigation on our own at this time,” said Sgt. Richard Griner, a Chandler police spokesman

Griner said the employees are sworn officers, and that the department would not have any additional details on the investigation at this time.
Phoenix and Mesa police departments and Phoenix Fire have also been named in the investigation.

Phoenix police told The Arizona Republic that more than a dozen of their officers were linked to the investigation. The Mesa police department confirmed that one of its officers is under investigation.

A DEA spokeswoman said the agency is conducting an investigation regarding steroids and that the primary targets are not police, but doctors that improperly write prescriptions.

The Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board oversees certification of all police officers in the state, though they do not conduct investigations.

“This (abuse of steroids among police officers) is all relatively new for us,” said Bob Forry, the standards compliance unit manager of AZPOST.

They have had a total of six steroid cases since 2004. One case is still pending and the other five ended with officers losing their certification.

To combat the use of steroids among police officers, Forry said the board plans to partner with local departments to train investigators and will consider revising the administrative rules that do not explicitly state steroid usage and possession are grounds for dismissal. The document does not cover abuse of prescribed anabolic steroids.

Valley public safety agencies have had several instances of involvement with steroids.

In 2005, police found $1,200 worth of steroids in the home of Mesa firefighter Scott Bluemel. He later pleaded guilty to a felony charge and resigned.

Mesa firefighter Jeff Hinrichs was caught smuggling steroids across the border. He resigned months after his sentencing, when supervisors discovered his felony conviction. At 34, Hinrichs set a world record for his age division by bench-pressing 562 pounds at the North American Bench and Dead Lift competition and won a gold medal at the Arizona Police/Fire Games for bench-pressing 540 pounds in 2005.

Last year, two Phoenix police officers were ordered to be tested for steroids. One of them, Officer Bob Dietrich, was terminated.

Wednesday 25, Jul 2007

Who’s stupider, IP or this author? by anthony roberts

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took this from anthony roberts blog, priceless lol

I was recently sent an excerpt from an interview with IP, conducted by another steroid author. The following excerpt is from that interview:

One time we received shipment of a
5,000 bottle Deca run. Our inventory was short, and trusting
the consistency ofour producing lab,we released the product to
consumers before our own tests came back. When our testing
was done, it showed that there was no steroid in the vial. This
was a complete shock! But soon, people using the product
started reporting excellent results. They were noticing great
strength gains, but with little mass increases. The product was
not acting like Deca,but was definitely acting like some type of
steroid. We sent these vials to labs all over the world, even to
Beirut, Lebanon. No steroid, no steroid, no steroid, they kept
coming back.After a while, we found out that the raw material
supplied was an accidental variant of nandrolone, made by a
manufacturing fault, and structurally unique. This particular
product soon sold out because it was highly valued among
European competitive athletes as an undetectable designer
steroid. It helped many drug-tested competitors use steroids
even on the day of testing,with no failures ever.Once the 5,000
bottles were gone,however,we could not reproduce the product
again.People were very upset when it disappeared.

Are you fucking kidding me? Several years ago, when IP made a batch of Deca with nothing in it, the lab tests were all over the internet. Now, several years after the fact, they are claiming it was really a super-secret unknown steroid that was totally untestable and couldn’t be figured out. Oh…and they couldn’t re-order it from their supplier, and never found out what was in it, but it was this supersteroid that was giving great gains (forget the fact that at the time, people were complaining openly about getting no gains from IP deca, and posting lab tests showing there was nothing in it).

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s absurd that this author would interview IP and let shit like this slide without calling them on it. He wants to say he does “edgy” interviews, but he’s about as edgy as a fucking bowling ball.

The only follow up question I would have asked IP is:

“Who do you think is stupider, you for trying to pass that bullshit off as the truth, or me for
publishing it without calling you on it?”

Leave edgy to me kid…when you try to do it, you just lose all credibility.

Saturday 21, Jul 2007

Sean Sherk tests positive for steroids – UFC / MMA fighter

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I’d like to point out that Sean Sherks Nandrolone levels were only 12ng/ml , top athlete can have 10+ ng/ml , so this is BS , he’s not on roids.  Gracie had 50ng/ml when tested, that’s 1110% steroid use.


Sean Sherk, the reigning UFC World Lightweight Champion, who last competed on July 7, 2007 in Sacramento, has tested positive for Nandrolone Metabolite. He has been fined $2,500. His suspension period runs from the conclusion of his bout on July 7, 2007 through the remainder of his licensing year which is June 26, 2008. Furthermore, he has been assessed an additional 10 days in order to fulfill the terms of his suspension (365 total days). The additional days will be added at the beginning of his next licensing year when he reapplies.

Normal levels of Nandrolone range from 2 ng/mL (average person) to 6 ng/mL (athlete engaged in rigorous activity). Mr. Sherk’s reported level certified by the Director of Science and Technology from the laboratory that conducted the tests was 12 ng/mL. Both the “A” sample and “B” sample were tested and confirmed as positive.


The working group, which consisted of Professor Ron Maughan, Professor Eric Newsholme, Professor Clyde Williams and Professor Ed Hillhouse, undertook an experiment which, it said, demonstrated “an urgent need for a full investigation of the factors that can give rise to positive nandrolone tests in athletes.”

The test involved three athletes who had been reported as positive for the drug and three healthy volunteers. Over a seven-day period, the athletes trained but did not take supplements and submitted urine samples for analysis, which all proved negative or “at the low end of the normal range.” However, when two of the athletes started to take the supplements they had taken prior to their positive tests, one of them returned levels of nandrolone consistently above 10ng/ml, which represents a level five times the legal limit for males.

When the three healthy volunteers were given the same supplements, as were used by the athlete who returned a positive result in the experiment, only the subject who was training was found to be positive. This volunteer’s urine recorded a level in excess of 10ng/ml on the second day.

In a statement, the working party declared: “From these preliminary results, we conclude that a combination of exercise and dietary supplements, none of which appears to contain a prohibited substance, can result in a positive nandrolone finding.”



You can CLEARLY have natural levels of 10ng/ml, what if he’s genetically gifted? he could easily have 12ng/ml of this steroid metabolite in his system, why the heck not!!



Friday 06, Jul 2007

steroid abuse a tragedy

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steroids are only a growing threat because of ignorance, not because of reality – tell me one direct death linked to REGULAR steroid use; NOT steroid abuse

You can’t find one, because it doesn’t exist!


Back in my elementary school days, every Monday night was unconditionally dedicated to professional wrestling. At 8 p.m. WCW Nitro would come on, then at 9 p.m. WWF Raw would come on. All the other boys at school were addicted to pro wrestling, too.

Those men on the television were real-life superheros: chiseled mounds of muscle lifting enormous men over their heads almost effortlessly.

At 8, 9 or 10 years old, you don’t know how they got those swollen pectorals and bulging biceps; you just know they look cool, they look invincible.

Kids want to be like their heroes. They want to defeat the bad guy. They want to win the championship belt and be applauded by 20,000 fans in a packed arena. To be like their heroes, they also need to look like their heroes.

Therein lies the danger of putting these scientifically-created dinosaurs on television. When impressionable youth begin pondering how to emulate those performers they admire, they inevitably head down the same paths that got their idols where they are. Sometimes those paths can lead to a dark existence.

That dark existence has to be where pro wrestler Chris Benoit was upon committing his heinous crimes almost two weeks ago. Just this week, it was revealed that his physician had been prescribing him copious amounts of anabolic steroids.

Steroids, in addition to destroying the user’s body over time, cause mental instability and occasional violent outbursts, often referred to in the media as “roid rage”.

As I write this, officials have not stated that Benoit’s crimes were incited by a fit of “roid rage,” but it is feasible that steroids played some sort of factor in his sudden psychological breakdown.

Benoit was one of the top men in his profession for years. I remember cheering him on back in my younger days, when he was a member of Ric Flair’s “Four Horsemen” team. As recently as the weekend of his demise, he was a main-eventer for World Wrestling Entertainment, the largest pro wrestling company in the world, which reaches an international audience and has millions of loyal fans.

It seemed like the guy had all he could ask for in his business. But the way he got there was a dark, dark path. Sure, steroids can make you bigger or stronger, but is that worth destroying your mind, and eventually even that chiseled body you worked for? Hardly.

That’s why, in light of the Benoit tragedy, every professional athlete with connections to steroid-use should be put to the wolves for the precedent he sets.

Many kids idolized Mark McGuire and Rafael Palmeiro (who are both retired) as well as Shawn Merriman (who is still in the NFL).

We can only hope those kids will not follow in their performance-enhanced footsteps.

Thursday 05, Jul 2007

Baroni Positive for Two Types of Steroids – Equipoise and Winstrol

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 Once again, my point about steroids in MMA (mixed martial arts) proves true.  MOst if not ALL people who use steroids and compete in MMA lose.  Like 9/1 (w/l).  I believe steroid use in MMA actually HINDERS your progress and ability to win.  Steroids have no place in MMA – mark my words.

Phil Baroni probably took the EQ for recovery and winstrol for stamina, which is stupid in itself considering what winstrol does to the joints.

you can discuss this here:

Middleweight Phil Baroni tested positive for Boldenone and Stanozolol Metabolites, the California State Athletic Commission announced Tuesday afternoon. The 31-year-old from Long Island, New York has been fined $2,500 and suspended 365 days from the conclusion of his loss against Frank Shamrock (Pictures) on June 22 in San Jose. The final 51 days of that suspension will be fulfilled at the start of Baroni’s next licensing year, should he decide to reapply.

“While we respect the process and intent of the test we are disappointed with the results as they are completely unexpected,” said Baroni’s manager, Ken Pavia. “Phil did not knowingly ingest these drugs, which we are told are veterinary in nature. 

“We intend to exercise all rights that are afforded by the state commission and (CSAC Executive Officer) Armando Garcia.”

Baroni joins Carter Williams, who was suspended six months and fined $1,000 following a positive test for cocaine, as the second fighter to test for banned substances following the Strikeforce/EliteXC co-promoted card.

“Phil Baroni feels that worse than any fine or suspension is the disgrace associated with the positive test to himself, his family and fans,” Pavia said. “As such he asks that judgement be withheld until all facts are in evidence.”

All other fighters on the card have been cleared by the CSAC.

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