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Friday 31, Aug 2007

Names of 10 WWE wrestlers suspended for steroid use

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Top wrestlers Randy Orton, Charles Haas, Jr., Adam “Edge” Copeland, Robert “Booker T” Huffman, Shane Helms, Mike Bucci, Anthony Carelli, John “Johnny Nitro” Hennigan, Darren “William Regal” Matthews, Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson and Chavo Guerrero were all identified as clients of Signature Pharmacy in Orlando, the site raided by Albany County and Florida law enforcement agencies in February for distributing steroids and other prescription drugs to clients who had not been examined by doctors. The investigation is part of a probe into illegal Internet drug distribution by Albany D.A. David Soares.

Thursday 30, Aug 2007

10 wrestlers test positive for steroid use

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So finally WWE is going after wrestlers on steroids, but why? I mean they have 160 wrestlers and only 10 caught, while it’s obvious at least 60% are using steroids.  Reality is that it’s not an issue, let people worry about their own use not government.  Go talk about crack and meth, not steroids.
World Wrestling Entertainment has suspended 10 of its wrestlers for violations of a policy that tests for steroids and other drugs, the company said Thursday.
Stamford-based WWE says it issued suspension notices based on independent information from the prosecutor’s office in Albany County, N.Y., which has been investigating illegal steroid sales.

Neither the WWE nor the Albany County district attorney’s office would comment on the suspended wrestlers’ identities Thursday. No criminal charges were filed, they said.

Under a WWE wellness policy instituted last year that requires tests for steroids and other drugs, a wrestler faces a 30-day suspension without pay for a first violation, a 60-day suspension for a second violation and firing for a third violation. Performers are tested at least four times per year.

“We are very actively working to eradicate the use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs in the WWE,” WWE spokesman Gary Davis said. “Today’s action is part of that effort.”

WWE officials met this month with New York prosecutors investigating illegal steroid sales. Albany County prosecutor P. David Soares’ office has said that pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his family before hanging himself in June, and other WWE wrestlers had been clients of Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Fla. Investigators say Benoit had a steroid and other drugs in his system at the time.

When Soares’ office began investigating the illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances, he said, his office sought the help of WWE after a number of its wrestlers appeared on customer lists of clinics connected with Signature Pharmacy.

Nine people, including three current or former physicians, have pleaded guilty, most affiliated with Internet and phone-order companies that filled orders for anabolic steroids and growth hormones through Signature and sent drugs to customers around the country, including Albany County.

Signature’s owners have pleaded not guilty.

The Benoit case prompted the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to ask WWE to turn over any information it has on steroid and drug abuse in pro wrestling. The committee has not yet scheduled a hearing on the case.

WWE said the company’s practice has been to not release the names of suspended wrestlers, but the company has notified performers that starting Nov. 1 the names of those suspended for violating the policy will be made public.

WWE has about 160 wrestlers. WWE shares closed Thursday at $14.80, down 21 cents

Wednesday 29, Aug 2007

ResearchLabSupply – Was a probable UG operation also

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Taken From anthony robert’s blog: 

It seems that ResearchLabSupply was also involved directly with an underground lab. I’m not 100% sure which one right now…but they were supplying this UG with actual finished product, not just supplies to make gear (which is what they sell legally on their site).

This was a 2 man operation (at least) with one person operating the legitimate business, and the other running the UG Lab. It would seem that a couple of years ago, when this UG opened up, they were buying so much bulk oil and vials, that they went into the semi-legitimate business of selling bulk oil, BA/BB, etc…but never got out of the UG business.

The recent Ft.Worth bust that was all over the boards may have been the start of this investigation into ResearchLabSupply…or it may actually have involved the UG that RSL was likely running.

Right now, I can’t be 100% SURE on any of this, but it would seem that there’s a 99% probability that RLS was operating a UG as well as their LabSupply business.

I’ll update you further if I hear anything else.


Saturday 25, Aug 2007

UFC and steroids

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UFC and steroids, good info – saying that Dan White is trying to RID MMA fo steroids LOL! 


Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White should be commended for his efforts toward trying to rid steroid use in mixed martial arts competition.
But White should wait until all the glass is removed from his own house before starting to throw stones.
Asked by FOXSports.com about his promotion’s steroid issues during a news conference to promote Saturday night’s “UFC 74: Respect” pay-per-view show, an animated White launched into a tirade about the long-standing problems experienced by other professional sports leagues.

White exaggerated muscles when describing a Bash Brothers poster from the late 1980s featuring then-Oakland A’s players Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire — “If anybody in this room doesn’t know that (they) were taking steroids … are you serious?” — before turning his verbal assault toward the NFL.

“What would happen every Sunday every time an NFL player put his cleats on and headed out to the field they were tested by the government for steroids?” White queried Thursday from a podium inside the Mandalay Bay Events Center. “You want me to tell you? There would be no football, OK? Football would be over.

“Every player would be on suspension. Maybe the quarterback and the kicker would be out there on Sunday.”

White was alluding to the fact that a number of state athletic commissions, including the one in Las Vegas supervising Saturday’s card, administer steroid tests to MMA performers on the night of their fights. A failed test in California results in a mandatory one-year suspension that essentially prevents a fighter from competing anywhere else until completing the sentence. Other states like Nevada (nine months) and New Jersey (three) have different timeframes for punishment for failed tests under their jurisdiction.

The NFL, which declined comment about White’s diatribe, doesn’t test its players on game days. Plus, the punishment for a first failed test is a more modest four-game suspension.

However, the NFL does randomly test 10 players each week from all of its 32 teams during the regular season and continues with spot checks in the off-season to produce a total collection of 12,000 urine samples a year. UFC fighters aren’t tested at any other point before fight night, which has led to suspicion that some competitors are timing steroid use to heal injuries or generate muscle gain so their systems are clean once they step into the Octagon.
Sean Sherk punches Hermes Franca (Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)

Since the California State Athletic Commission installed drug-testing in March 2006, nine of the 82 positive results through early August were for steroid violations. Two of those competitors — Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca — fought in a lightweight title match on last month’s UFC 73 pay-per-view show in Sacramento.

White said Thursday that Sherk would be stripped of his crown if his appeal of the suspension is denied.

“I’ve said this a million times: Sean Sherk is a good guy,” said White, who booked Sherk on the first card he and UFC owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta held in 2001 after buying the promotion. “I’ve known him for a long time. I don’t think he’s a liar.

“You could look at him and the guy looks like a bodybuilder. But this is a kid who won’t walk through the casino because he doesn’t want to inhale smoke. He tells me he didn’t take steroids. I believe him. That (appeal decision) is not up to me. That’s up to the California State Athletic Commission.”

White and UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture also blamed the media for, as the former put it, “going crazy” with reports connecting MMA fighting and steroids.

“Any time there are large purses and celebrity and all those things involved (with fighting), guys are willing to risk it to cut corners,” said Couture, who will defend his title against Gabriel Gonzaga in the UFC 74 main event. “It’s not just our sport. It’s society-wide and sports-wide from Olympics to every other professional sport.

“I think we’re an easy target because people don’t understand us as fighters and guys who get in a cage and brawl and all that stuff anyway. Now, they want to tag us with steroids and abuse there, too. I don’t think that’s really the case.”

Still, White and Couture have to remember that the UFC invited the same kind of scrutiny given organizations like the NFL when lobbying for mainstream news coverage and acceptance as a legitimate sporting endeavor rather than “human cockfighting” as it was labeled by Arizona Senator John McCain in the 1990s.
To his credit, White has taken steroid eradication into his own hands by implementing a testing plan for cards held in states and international sites that don’t have their own programs. White also said he continues to stress to UFC performers to avoid taking shortcuts and seems sincerely frustrated that some still do.

“Yes, I tell these guys, ‘You can’t use steroids,’ ” White said. “They know. These are all bright guys. Most of these guys went to college. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know you can’t take steroids. Guys still do it.

“It’s just, you know … What do you want me to do? Start beating them with a stick? Drag them out to the middle of town and have all the villagers stone them to death? I mean, they lose the ability to make a living for a year (for testing positive). That’s pretty harsh.”

So is ripping others before UFC’s own steroid troubles are corrected

Monday 20, Aug 2007

Alcohol vs. Steroids = what drug?

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So interestingly I saw a study today on drunk driving…alcohol as DIRECTLY (with proof) KILLED over 17,000 (proven with drug blood tests)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data showing there were 13,470 deaths in 2006 involving drivers and motorcycle operators with blood alcohol levels of .08 or higher, which is the legal limit for adults throughout the country. The number was down slightly from 2005, when 13,582 people died in crashes involving legally drunk drivers.

The overall number of deaths involving drivers and motorcycle operators with any amount of alcohol in their blood was 17,602 last year. That was up from 17,590 in 2005, according to spokeswoman Heather Ann Hopkins. 


Overall deaths proven from STEROID USE (so far) 0! people can claim a few wrestlers died from steroids, but it’s false.  JUst check their speed, pain killer and coke stash and you’ll know that steroids had nothing to do with it.

So the official count:

Alcohol Deaths: 17,602
Steroid Deaths: 0

WINNER: Alcohol
that has “legally” killed more people in one year then some cities have as a whole populous!

Wednesday 15, Aug 2007

Tren and Joints….

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I ripped this from anthony roberts blog because it’s good info:


Although it goes against common “wisdom”, it stands to reason that Tren does, in fact, stimulate collagen synthesis, thereby helping your joints.

You see, tren increases IGF-1 to a great degree, which ought to stimulate the growth of tendons, as we all know.

Endocrinology. 1989 May;124(5):2110-7.

Trenbolone alters the responsiveness of skeletal muscle satellite cells to fibroblast growth factor and insulin-like growth factor I.

Thompson SH, Boxhorn LK, Kong WY, Allen RE.

Department of Animal Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson 85721.

The potential role of satellite cells in mediating the effect of trenbolone [17 beta-hydroxyestra-4,9-11-trien-3-one (TBOH)] on skeletal muscle hypertrophy was examined. Young female Sprague-Dawley rats received TBOH injections daily for 2 weeks; growth, body composition, and the composition of selected muscles were assessed. Treated rats grew more rapidly and deposited less body lipid and more protein. The semimembranosus muscle from treated rats was larger and had approximately 60% more DNA per muscle than muscles from control rats. The addition of trenbolone directly to the medium of cultured satellite cells did not stimulate cell proliferation, nor did it augment the stimulatory response of these cells to fibroblast growth factor (FGF) or insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). In contrast, satellite cells cultured from TBOH-treated rats exhibited greater proliferative responses to FGF and IGF-I than satellite cells from control rats. In addition, serum from TBOH-treated rats stimulated greater cell proliferation in satellite cell cultures than serum from control rats. These experiments suggest that one possible mechanism responsible for the ability of TBOH to stimulate skeletal muscle hypertrophy may be through enhanced proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells as a result of the increased sensitivity of these cells to IGF-I and FGF.

PMID: 2707149 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

You will also note that Tren treated satellite cells showed an increased response to FGF (fibroblast growth factor). Again, as we know, (basic)FGF stimulates collagen synthesis:

Sports Med. 2003;33(5):381-94.

The roles of growth factors in tendon and ligament healing.

Molloy T, Wang Y, Murrell G.

Orthopaedic Research Institute, St George Hospital Campus, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Tendon healing is a complex and highly-regulated process that is initiated, sustained and eventually terminated by a large number and variety of molecules. Growth factors represent one of the most important of the molecular families involved in healing, and a considerable number of studies have been undertaken in an effort to elucidate their many functions. This review covers some of the recent investigations into the roles of five growth factors whose activities have been best characterised during tendon healing: insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), and basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). All five are markedly up-regulated following tendon injury and are active at multiple stages of the healing process. IGF-I has been shown to be highly expressed during the early inflammatory phase in a number of animal tendon healing models, and appears to aid in the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts and to subsequently increase collagen production. TGFbeta is also active during inflammation, and has a variety of effects including the regulation of cellular migration and proliferation, and fibronectin binding interactions. VEGF is produced at its highest levels only after the inflammatory phase, at which time it is a powerful stimulator of angiogenesis. PDGF is produced shortly after tendon damage and helps to stimulate the production of other growth factors, including IGF-I, and has roles in tissue remodelling.In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that bFGF is both a powerful stimulator of angiogenesis and a regulator of cellular migration and proliferation. This review also covers some of the most recent studies into the use of these molecules as therapeutic agents to increase the efficacy and efficiency of tendon and ligament healing. Studies into the effects of the exogenous application of TGFbeta, IGF-I, PDGF and bFGF into the wound site singly and in combination have shown promise, significantly decreasing a number of parameters used to define the functional deficit of a healing tendon. Application of IGF-I has been shown to increase in the Achilles Functional Index and the breaking energy of injured rat tendon. TGFbeta and PDGF have been shown separately to increase the breaking energy of healing tendon. Finally, application of bFGF has been shown to promote cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis in vivo.

Therefore, Trenbolone, by stimulating (b)FGF as well as IGF-1 – certainly would stimulate collagen synthesis. I don’t know of anyone who claims tren healed any injuries…but the evidence is here to suggest it.

Tuesday 14, Aug 2007

Big muscles prompt drug test for steroids – the future of steroid use is here!

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I believe this is the future of steroid use in the world.  Steroid users will be prosecuted, pulled over forced to take a pee test or worse arrested for not wanting to take one.  Imagine, a cop pulls you over and just because you’re “big” makes you take a drug test for steroids ? Don’t be surprised if that’s the future.  With all the talk about steroid abuse in the media, anabolic steroids have become a “deadly habbit” WITHOUT proof they actually harm anyone! How ironic… don’t test meth heads or close crack houses , let’s test the guy who works out and eats right!

It’s interesting how this is happening in Sweden, it means it’s going to start happening in the USA very soon!  Don’t worry, get ready for it…


A Stockholm, Sweden, police officer forced a muscular man to take a drug test, claiming his “abnormal” muscle mass implied steroid use.

Tomislav Boduljak said he and a friend were speaking to a female police officer and her initially friendly demeanor changed when he mentioned his workout habits, The Local reported Monday.

“I asked if she didn’t think it possible that I work out a lot and eat well. She said that if someone looks like me, she assumes they have taken drugs,” he said.

The officer said in her report that Boduljak had “unusually large muscles, particularly large arm muscles, which are a sign of steroid use.”

She forced Boduljak to accompany her to the police station and take a urine test. The results came back negative and Boduljak filed a complaint about the officer, but prosecutors declined to press charges.

Thursday 09, Aug 2007

GENXXL guys busted for selling steroids

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GENXXL guys busted for selling steroids (big bust too)

 this was Brian, one of their head hanchos, BUSTED!

I wrote about it here


and here


Jail term for man who sold steroids illegally worldwide

By Jason O’Brien
Saturday July 21 2007

A MAN who illegally sold bodybuilding steroids world-wide from an Irish address has been sentenced to two years in jail with all but four months suspended.

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) welcomed the ruling last night, stating the illegal sale of anabolic steroids was a serious health concern.

Brian Wainstein (42) – a South African national with an address at Bank Lodge, Knockraheen, Roundwood in Co Wicklow – received the orders for the banned drugs by e-mail from customers all over the world, including the USA.

He used the name ‘Barry Benjamin’ on his email messages.

He pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to nine charges arising out of the unlawful possession sale and distribution of the illicit substances at Croswaithe Park South, Dun Laoghaire in 2003.

Judge Martin Nolan said he had been “leaning towards” jailing Wainstein for 12 months because of the seriousness of his supply of steroids on a world-wide scale.

But the submission by defence counsel Mr Bernard Condon BL helped change his mind.

Judge Nolan noted Mr Condon’s submission that Wainstein had pleaded guilty and so avoided what might have been a long, complicated trial and other matters put forward on his behalf, but added that Wainstein “cannot avoid custody generally”.

“I have decided to impose a two-year sentence but to suspend all but four months of it which he must serve so that he will have a taste of prison,” Judge Nolan said.

Detective Sergeant John McGing of the Garda drugs unit had told the court that illicit substances valued at €15,000 were recovered at the Dun Laoghaire premises on September 16, 2003. He said the authorities were alerted to the offence as a result of problems with the delivery through international distributors. The substances recovered were analysed by Dr Hugo Bonnar and found to be illegal steroids.

The IMB said last night that its compliance department had been involved in the case.

Mr Pat O’Mahony, chief executive of the IMB, said that the illegal sale and supply of such products was a threat to public health as anabolic steroids taken without medical care can cause serious damage to health and used on a continued basis shorten life expectancy.

Judge Nolan agreed with a request by Mr Condon to defer the start of the sentence to July 30.

- Jason O’Brien

Tuesday 07, Aug 2007

Spotlight on steroids should be on chewing tobacco – tobacco vs. steroids –> Steroids < Smoking/Alcohol

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So what’s the truth here? steroid abuse or steroids in baseball ? or chewing tobacco.  Ironically, I believe smoking (my view) kills about 400,000 people per year, while steroids have only been DIRECTLY attributed to 0 deaths.  That’s right, I’m not a steroid nuthugger but figure this, what kills more people? alcohol and smoking ? or steroids? LOL

and alcohol and smoking is LEGAL!!!!!! while other drugs the pharmaceutical companies sell kill and injure millions aka vioxx, the concentration is on goofy steroids – it’s idiotic! 

Formula: Steroids < Alcohol , Steroids < Smoking , Steroids < Prescription drugs that kill millions

Alcohol = Smoking on death in short term

Prescription drugs < Smoking > Alcohol

====anabolic steroids are NOT dangerous

the media is though! same with the government.

Reality is that, we all know steroids are around on a very small scale; get over it, it’s just steroids.  Concentrate on the 100,000s that die yearly from smoking and alcohol, then look at the prescription drug users.  Then you can come back and blame steroids.


First of all, I want to stress that I’m totally against steroids and support any approach or programs that keep them out of college (not easily done) and, more importantly, high school and youth athletics.
But this obsession with steroids at the professional level, currently focused on baseball – with Barry Bonds at the center of the controversy – is getting way overblown, especially when football has, and still is, a major steroid sport (and let’s not overlook cycling, track and field, basketball, tennis, golf and other pro sports).

We must remember that drugs and alchohol have been part of professional sports forever – which means the beloved baseball era of Aaron, Mays (my idol) and Mantle. And it is a fact that these issues are not just confined to athletics, because dependency is both an inherited and often crippling aspect of humanity.

What really is irritating about this problem is how the government has gotten involved, fueled by our righteous and out-of-control administration which needs another hopeful distraction from the current real life and death issues, topped by the Iraq War.
There are so many high-priority problems in this country and throughout the world that can desperately use the valuable time and resources of our governing body than the “steroids in baseball” problem.

Also, pro athletes are professional entertainers and you don’t see drug-testing and banishments (unless it becomes a realistic crime and not a political ploy) in the world of theater, film, TV, music, art, etc. If professional athletes/entertainers want to screw themselves up and put their health in danger with steroids, that’s their choice.

What major league baseball and our government continue to overlook is the more dangerous problem of chewing tobacco, which can lead to cancer.

Locally, a top-notch and respected Petaluma high school baseball coach got mouth cancer from chewing tobacco – which he was turned on to in high school – and ended up dying not too long ago as a young man with a wife and children.
Though there was a campaign against chewing tobacco at the pro baseball level, it has been made mostly invisible by the steroid obsession.

Sonoma held its 10th annual “Relay for Life” – which raised valuable funds to help the American Cancer Society in cancer research, education and patient services – over the weekend. If you were there, you would experience the total importance of keeping our youth from getting addicted to tobacco-related products.

What it all comes down to is the education and real priorities in our society that must be addressed, especially pertaining to our children, before going after professional entertainers, who we say are role models for our youth, which makes them scapegoats for parents and other adults who need to be the true role models.

Monday 06, Aug 2007

HOw to be a steroid message forum moron 101

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lol, Anthony Roberts comes out with yet another hilarious parody of steroid message forums.


Ok…after you register, you need to personalize your account. Here’s how you do it…

Avatar: This is where you put a picture of a girl you think is really attractive, but who you have no chance of ever meeting, much less dating. Alternately, you can use a photo of two girls kissing (again, remember, these MUST be 2 girls you will never have any kind of chance with, ever).

Location: Put something witty here. I like “Location: Location, Location” and thing like “Under a Squat bar”, “Training” or “With your mother/sister/dog” …anything clever like that is perfect. Just don’t put your actual location. That would be lame.

Country: We pretty much know you’re from an English speaking country, but just to show how clever you are, pick some obscure country that doesn’t even speak the language you use in your posts. That’s really witty.

Signature: This is where you really show us who you are. And how could you possibly better show us who you are than by putting a quote from someone else in your sig?! Put something really witty here, from someone famous. It’ll let us all know how clever you are! Hey…you didn’t say it, but you can repeat it, right?!?

(Bonus Points: If you are staff on some shitbag message board other than the one that you’re setting up your account on, put every staff position you have in your sig. Also, even though there is a Personal Message system on every site on the ‘net, use your sig to put your e-mail address on display. It will show us all how important you are!)

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