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Wednesday 31, Oct 2007

Officer cleared in steroids probe – what?

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ok so because he’s on the Police force, he’s cleared of steroids use ? LOL! why not just test the damn guy. I don’t see how that’s fair; police is going to buy steroids to keep people safe , but they get off scott free??? Doesn’t seem fair, he clearly got the SAME Prescription for steroid use as everyone else, but his is LEGAL???!!

So can someone explain what the difference here is???

A veteran city narcotics detective implicated in a nationwide steroids probe has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Detective Richard Gould, 42, was legally exonerated following an investigation by a special prosecutor assigned to the case.

Monday 29, Oct 2007

Who Takes Steroids? 30 Year-Old White Guys — THE TRUTH

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the real people who take steroids or buy steroids are simple people , 30 year old white males with a good job purchase these drugs! NOT 18 year old ghetto crackheads!  Anabolic steroids aren’t a joke, and these people are well educated about steroid abuse and steroid information.

A new study on anabolic steroid usage has pinpointed Wired’s demographic as the primary users of the substances.

Contrary to the steroid-user image epitomized by pro athletes like Barry Bonds, the survey of over 2,000 male steroid users found that the typical user was “30 years old, well-educated, and earning an above average income in a white collar occupation.”

On the other hand, perhaps Wired’s readers are like its writers, in which case the other attributes of steroid users — driven as well as dedicated to gym attendance and diet — are qualities that we can only wish for.

The study, which appears today in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, pinpointed the desire for more muscle mass, strength, and physical attractiveness as the primary drivers of usage, not increases in athletic performance. Other “significant” factors driving men to take steroids were “increased confidence, decreased fat, improved mood, and attraction of sexual partners.” Curiously, side effects like shrunken testicles, baldness, and back acne were left off the list.

The desire for muscle mass for muscle mass’ sake appears to be a relatively new phenomenon that some researchers link to changes in marketing around male body image. Just as Barbie’s waist line has shrunk while her chest has grown, GI Joe’s biceps (scaled to human size) grew from 12.2 inches in 1973 to 26.8 inches in 1998.

The study’s authors questioned whether you could shoehorn steroid usage patterns into the traditional substance abuse paradigm. The steroid users planned their steroid use to maximize its benefits within their otherwise healthy lifestyles.

“This is simply not a style or pattern of use we typically see when we examine substance abuse” said Jack Darkes, Ph.D, a co-author.

The study also could help drive changes in public health efforts to stop anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) use. Most outreach has focused on the Varsity Blues demographic, not the Office Space demographic.

“The focus on ‘cheating’ athletes and at risk youth has led to irrelevant policy as it relates to the predominant group of non-medical AAS users,” said Rick Collins, another author of the study. “The vast majority of AAS users are not athletes.”

Though accurate numbers for drug abuse are hard to produce, a National Institute on Drug Abuse study found that about 1 million Americans had used anabolic steroids.

Monday 29, Oct 2007

Innovative-Research (IBE) Contacted by Feds in regards to Raw Deal….

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From an e-mail they sent out. I think it’s actually kind of funny that they are under the impression that the “goverment” is not under the correct impression regarding the nature of peptides, and that they’re going to work “dilegently” to elucidate matters.

As if the Feds would knock on someone’s door if they didn’t think they had a case, or didn’t understand what a particular type of drug is. Anyway, here’s the e-mail IBE/Innovative-Research has sent out to their customers:

Dear Innovative Research Customer,

We wanted to update all Innovative Research customers about our current End of Summer Sale shipping delays. We had a very large response to our End of Summer Sale and were experiencing some shipping delays. Unfortunately, we have also now been effected by the recent “Operation Raw Deal” enforcement efforts. There is nothing to be alarmed about as the only reason Innovative Research has been contacted in this enforcement is due to the IGF and peptides we currently sell. It seems as though the goverment has an incorrect impression of the nature of IGF and the peptides we and other similar companies are selling. We are working dilegently to resolve this matter and want to assure eveyone not to have any worries about receiving their orders.
We ask for all customers to be patient because everyone will receive the orders they have paid for. Anyone of our customers who were with us during Hurricane Katrina know that we honored every order and did not stop until every order was accounted for and with this National Disaster we will do the same.

Thank you for your patience,
Innovative Research Admin

Wednesday 24, Oct 2007

probation for selling steroids?

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interesting, I wonder who he rolled on????

A Colleyville man who sold steroids to an undercover police officer last year has been sentenced to four years’ probation, authorities said.

But he still went to jail.

Bryan Pomeroy, 22, was taken into custody Monday afternoon after being sentenced to 30 days because he was on probation when he was arrested in the drug case.

In the steroids case, Pomeroy pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance. He was sentenced to four years’ probation with deferred adjudication for each charge.

Deferred adjudication means the felony conviction would be dropped if he completes probation, but the arrest will remain on his record.

Pomeroy was also fined $400 on each charge, and he must allow his probation officer to search his home for alcohol and drugs after he’s released from jail, according to Tarrant County criminal court records.

Pomeroy was arrested in July 2006 when authorities raided his home in the 4100 block of Beckley Court in Colleyville. Just days before the raid, Pomeroy sold testosterone to an undercover officer. He was released after posting $22,500 bail.

Authorities said at the time of the raid there were at least five types of steroids in the home.

Pomeroy was on probation on two misdemeanor assault charges when he was arrested, a prosecutor said Monday.

Tuesday 23, Oct 2007

Steroids save lives!

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Steroids save people’s lives !!! read

Older men with low levels of the hormone testosterone may die sooner than other men their age with normal testosterone levels, a study suggests.

Researchers found that among 794 generally healthy older men, those with the lowest testosterone levels were 40 percent more likely to die within the 1985-2004 study period.

The findings do not mean, however, that older men should start taking testosterone supplements to achieve a longer life, the study authors are quick to point out.

The study shows only an association between low testosterone and earlier death — not a cause-and-effect relationship, lead author Dr. Gail A. Laughlin told Reuters Health. What’s more, there was no evidence that having above-average testosterone levels gave men any longevity advantage.

“We cannot recommend that any man take testosterone based on these results,” Laughlin stressed.

She and her colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, report their findings in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

In theory, low testosterone could affect older men’s longevity through metabolic effects. Some past studies have found that low testosterone can precede the development of abdominal obesity and the metabolic syndrome — a collection of risk factors for diabetes and heart disease that includes obesity, high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

In their study, Laughlin and her colleagues found that low testosterone was associated with abdominal obesity and aspects of the metabolic syndrome, but when these factors were excluded, low testosterone remained independently linked to earlier death.

The study included 794 men between 50 and 91 year old (average age 73.6 years) who were followed for an average of 11.6 years. Overall, the one quarter with the lowest testosterone levels at study entry were 40 percent more likely to die over the course of the study than men with higher levels of the hormone.

There is some disagreement among experts on how to define overt testosterone deficiency, with some saying it should be diagnosed when levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) and others advocating lower cutoffs.

There was no evidence in this study that raising older men’s testosterone above 300 ng/dL might boost survival, according to Laughlin’s team.

This finding offers “no support for widespread testosterone therapy for aging men,” the researchers write.

Indeed, it’s unclear whether raising testosterone in men with a clear deficiency can safely prolong life. Only clinical trials that test hormonal supplementation against a placebo can answer this question, Laughlin said.

SOURCE: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, October 2007.

Sunday 21, Oct 2007


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Anderson Silva def. Rich Franklin by TKO (Strikes) at 1:07, R2
Tim Sylvia def. Brandon Vera by Unanimous Decision, R3
Alvin Robinson def. Jorge Gurgel by Unanimous Decision, R3
Stephan Bonnar def. Eric Schafer by TKO (Strikes) at 2:47, R2
Alan Belcher def. Kalib Starnes by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 1:39, R2
Yushin Okami def. Jason MacDonald by Unanimous Decision, R3
Demian Maia def. Ryan Jensen by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:40, R1
Josh Burkman def. Forrest Petz by Split Decision, R3
Matt Grice def. Jason Black by Split Decision, R3


Anderson Silva, the No. 1 middleweight fighter in the world, put an exclamation point on that fact – yes fact – on Saturday night as the Ultimate Fighting Championship landed in Cincinnati, once again dominating Rich Franklin.

The fight was much more competitive than their first go around, but the result was much the same, with Franklin crumpled to the ground following some devastating knees.

While Franklin was aggressive with his striking throughout the first round, Silva never seemed shaken, more or less appearing to bide his time. In the second stanza, it was all Silva, who dropped Franklin with a right hook before backing him against the fence for the final onslaught of knees.

Friday 19, Oct 2007

She denies charges and says the company is linked to illegal steroid dealings

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Get pinz is suing? LOL!!!

Some Web sites get hacked. But a Clearwater company’s site was bludgeoned last year, and the motive may have been partly financial.

In a lawsuit filed in Pinellas County, GPZ Services Inc. says that a hacker not only defaced its Web site, but also deleted orders, tried to “lure away” clients, sent offensive e-mails under the company’s name, changed key passwords and, in a rare crossover from digital to physical crime, allegedly burglarized GPZ’s storage facility at 1650 N Hercules Ave.

GPZ says the hacker was Stefanie Van Riper, 23, of Palm Harbor. Van Riper’s Internet account allegedly corresponded with a digital footprint the hacker left behind. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office acknowledges that its deputies met with her as part of an investigation into the burglary.

But Van Riper says that both the police and GPZ owners Clayton and Manivanh Paschal are merely using her to catch their true suspect, an ex-boyfriend who runs a competing Web site. “It’s insane that I’m being singled out, a 23-year-old girl without any link to this other than an Internet Protocol address,” Van Riper says.

Van Riper also accuses the Web sites of breaking the law. GPZservices.com, for example, indicates that its syringes, hypodermic needles and other supplies are “for medical, industrial, experimental or veterinary use only!” But Van Riper says it and similar sites are aimed at bodybuilders, some of whom use such equipment to convert raw drugs into injectable liquid steroids.

A review of message boards on bodybuilding sites like elitefitness.com suggests steroid users dopurchase equipment from such sites; GPZservices.com, for example, is mentioned multiple times, as are several other Tampa Bay area Web sites. “It’s not a smart idea to buy the raw ingredients from China and then mix it up yourself in the kitchen, but these are some of the things you would use,” said elitefitness.com founder George Spellwin, an advocate of legalizing steroids for cosmetic use.

Though all of the items sold on GPZservices.com are technically legal, federal drug paraphernalia laws prohibit their sale to buyers who clearly intend to use them with certain types of drugs, including controlled substances like anabolic steroids. “All packages are sent discreetly,” says the shipping page on GPZservices.com.

GPZ’s owners and their attorney declined to be interviewed.

Police records indicate Van Riper was arrested three times in 2002, for possession of Valium without a prescription, domestic violence and driving with a suspended license. She says a lawyer could get the GPZ lawsuit quickly dismissed, if she could afford one.

Thursday 18, Oct 2007

Police officers under investigation for alleged steroid use

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so cops use steroids ? how many other government agency employees use steroids? probably a lot

these guys did it LEGALLY! they got a prescription!

Two city cops are under investigation for allegedly buying illegal steroids through Florida doctors, claiming they needed to boost their sexual performance, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

Both cops claimed they got blood tests from legitimate New York doctors and sent those results to Florida doctors advertising treatment on the Internet for low sex drive, the sources said.

One of the cops bought $2,000 worth of steroid injections from Dr. Robert Carlson, a heart surgeon in Sarasota, Fla., indicted in July as part of a nationwide steroids probe linked to Major League Baseball players and other pro athletes.

Prosecutors charge Carlson, an employee of Palm Beach Rejuvenation, signed off on thousands of prescriptions for patients he never examined, a violation of New York law.

Both cops have been suspended pending a review by NYPD brass, sources said.

Six more city cops are under investigation by the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau for allegedly buying steroids from an illegal ring operating out of a Brooklyn pharmacy, police officials said.

Lowen’s Compounding Pharmacy in Bay Ridge was raided Monday as part of the same probe that snared Carlson. About $8 million worth of illicit steroids and human growth hormone were confiscated from Lowen’s, investigators said.

None of the cops are expected to face criminal charges. But they are being tested for drugs and face departmental charges, including possible termination.

Rank-and-file union members were furious the six cops – two sergeants, a detective and three officers – face scrutiny when a one-star chief will not.

Chief Michael Marino was on an initial list of 27 cops suspected of using steroids obtained from Lowen’s, but was cleared of wrongdoing when investigators determined he bought a topical cream with a prescription, sources said.

Marino will voluntarily appear before the Internal Affairs Bureau today to answer any questions investigators have, another source said.

Sunday 14, Oct 2007

Great suppliers

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Since there is mass panic about everything lately, here are some trusted steroid suppliers:



Saturday 13, Oct 2007

Canadian bust associated with Raw Deal

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taken from AR’s blog

Of course, this bust was part of Operation Raw Deal, and was called “Operation Powder Keg” (as they targeted powders again, UG’s in general, and this time it was all done in Canada). So, it looks like Canadian UGs are next to go down.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
Toronto man charged by Mounties for alleged international steroid sales
Canadian Press

TORONTO – The RCMP have charged a Toronto man in an alleged international steroid distribution operation.

Authorities seized a small amount of steroids, a large amount of steroid packaging and distribution-related material, and more than $100,000 in cash when executing search warrants last Thursday in Toronto.

Vladimir Zaretski, 29, is charged with exporting a controlled substance and possession of a prohibited weapon, and will appear in court Oct. 15.

The Mounties say the investigation was conducted with the help of U.S. drug enforcement officers and probed the underground trade of steroids over the Internet.

Police say online message boards and chat rooms were used to sell the drugs.

Internet Steroid Distribution Operation Dismantled
TORONTO, Oct. 9 /CNW/ – On October 4, 2007 RCMP executed search warrants
in Toronto in connection to an international steroid distribution operation.
Police seized a small amount of steroids, a large amount of steroid
paraphernalia used in packaging and distribution, and over $100,000 cash.
Charged with Exporting a Controlled substance and Possession of
Prohibited Weapon is Vladimir ZARETSKI, 29 years old, of North York.
The case was initiated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in
2006 under the name Operation Raw Deal. It targeted the global underground
trade of anabolic steroids over the internet. The RCMP and DEA entered into a
co-operative investigation named Operation Powder Keg which investigated
targets in Canada. The investigation revealed that steroid Internet message
boards and chat rooms were utilized to sell the steroids. Efforts were made to
keep business transactions anonymous to avoid detection. The danger in
purchasing steroids from Internet chat rooms is there is no regard for product
safety and mislabeling is common. The RCMP continues to investigate further
leads in Canada. Superintendent Ron Allen, Officer in Charge of GTA Drugs
states the use of the internet to commit drug offences is a trend that
authorities in both countries are aware of and are working in conjunction to
address.” The accused next court date is October 15 at Old City Hall.

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