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Saturday 29, Dec 2007

Steroids: appearance enhancing drugs not performance enhancing drugs

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There is a lot of discussion about steroids being performance enhancing drugs, but that’s not true.  Anabolic Steroids are actually appearance enhancing drugs.  Let me explain! performance enhancing drugs would mean that everyone who uses steroids uses them to increase performance; however, that is NOT true! the fact is, 99% (yes 99%) of steroid users use them for appearance enhancing.  Thus steroids are clearly appearance enhancing drugs not performance enhancing drugs.  What you hear in the media is always performance based because how can they report on the appearance enhancing factors if they aren’t scary? I mean a guy trying to look good and lean instead of some fat ass couch potato ? how can you make that evil!

appearance enhancing  = botox, liposuction, collagen , steroids

performance enhancing drugs = meth, coke,speed , EPO and so on, and ONLY in 1 % of cases steroids

Wednesday 26, Dec 2007

Floyd Landis on Steroids

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Floyd Landis, the  cyclist  was found to have  synthetic testosterone in  his body after winning tour de France.  Whoa, is that true? well not  totally.   Landis took regular supplements  and has a  natural  high  testosterone  level  which they proped  up to be something else clearly.   French didn’t want him to  win, so they found excuses!

 cyclist Floyd Landis, was barred from his sport for two years in September after a French laboratory found traces of synthetic testosterone in a sample he provided during the 2006 Tour de France. Landis was the first rider to be stripped of the Tour title.

Monday 24, Dec 2007

steroids or cocaine?

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What’s more damaging to baseball and sports, cocaine or steroids ? what do you think? would you rather see a healthy strong muscular Barry Bonds hit a home run or a strung out Barry Bonds strike out or just walk some bases.  The truth is that steroids are NOT recreational drugs and should not even be deemed drugs since they are from the human body. Testosterone, aka steroids are what people inject; testosterone is naturally produced in the body, so which part is the drug? example, if you inject yourself with your own blood, is that like injecting drugs? or transfuse blood from someone else? of course not.  But, HGH used to be derived from cadevers and sold on the market to humans, so how is that different?

Too many stereotypes and lies are said about steroids, don’t believe into the hype for 1 second.

Sunday 23, Dec 2007

Did Clemens use steroids?

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The real question for morons is if Clemens used steroids in baseball; well, I don’t care.   The man clearly told everyone he has not used steroids or human growth hormone (HGH).

Roger Clemens posted a video Sunday repeating his denials of the steroids use alleged against him in the Mitchell Report and plans to be interviewed for a future episode of “60 Minutes.” 

I don’t understand the big deal in spending media time on discussing his alleged steroid use when he clearly said he’s not using steroids, what exactly is this supposed to achieve? it seems the situation has turned from just telling people about steroid use in sports/baseball to essentially beating down any player possible with senseless accusations and ludicrous statements.  I can see how steroids and HGH might be exciting to the layman, but come now, how exactly is this important enough for discussion?  Steroids are NOT drugs, HGH is not a DRUG, I believe steroids and HGH are as much of a drug as botox!  The whole bullshit about them being harmful is ludicrous and overstated.  Why not discuss how many people per year are killed from liver failure from using tylenol?

Saturday 22, Dec 2007

Australia raids steroid smuggling base

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Looks like australia is wasting hard earned tax dollars again by raiding some guys house over some steroids ? maybe it’s time to raid over something that matters like coke/meth and so on!

Officers seized 25 bottles of liquid, 80 grams of packaged white powder and 370 vials, all containing either anabolic steroids or growth hormones, when they raided the Alexandria unit.

They also seized cash and equipment used to produce and manufacture steroids.

So, let’s see, they seized 25 bottles of liquid (about a cycle for a bodybuilder), 80 grams of white powder = about 50 bottles of prop if you dilute it and some vials ? wow, what a sting of the century.  Maybe it’s better to use those resources to tackle australias’ other growing domestic problems, like recreational drugs (meth/coke and so on).

Friday 21, Dec 2007

Tank Abbott loses again

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Tank Abbotts’ record isn’t exactly great haha, but here is a fairly pathetic loss of his.

Tank Abbott loss

Maybe he should take steroids and/or HGH so his MMA skills get better? because he sure has hell doesn’t have any cardio shape!

Thursday 20, Dec 2007

Celebrities on Steroids: Madonna using Steroids

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So is madonna using steroids? well let’s see


madonna before steroids


madonna after steroids

Madonna claims: She does Yoga and horseriding ? LOL is she eating the damn horse for protein ? creatine in the red meat? or did she eat the horse? because you can land an airplane on her shoulders

Madonna, suggestion from IS: quit the steroids , they aint good for a woman

Thursday 20, Dec 2007

High Schools testing for steroids ?

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Well, it’s time for another idiotic gesture by the government, test all high school athletes for steroid use , say what? does anyone know how much this is going to cost the taxpayers.  But , wait , I’m all for drug testing in school , but are they going to test for alcohol , meth/coke /weed /pain killers and other recreational drugs? if not, then the wrong message is being sent to the students about what things are important and what things aren’t.  The horribly underfunded education system is in crisis with USA having on one of the worst education systems among first world countries, and they are spending BILLIONS (that’s right this is going to cost BILLIONS of US dollars to the taxpayers) countrywide to test for, what, steroids??? makes you wonder which government official was smoking crack when they came up with this idiotic idea.

It’s a common known fact that it’s very expensive to test for anabolic steroids (and nearly impossible to test for HGH). The money money spent on steroid testing should go towards more important things such as teacher salaries, updated books , computers and school facilities.    Another reality is that only about 1/4 of 1% of athletes take steroids, which is a tiny amount! I wonder how many smoke pot/weed , I bet at least 40%!
Let’s face it, the US school system is a failure and no amount of idiotic steroid testing will fix it.

Thursday 20, Dec 2007

Celebrities on Steroids: Carrot Top using Steroids

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Carrot Top, the steroid topic of the century.  Why? simple, carrot top went from a weak tiny guy to a buff muscular bodybuilder, who is clearly using some performance enhancing drugs.  Take a look at before and after steroids:

Before Steroids:

Carrot Top before Steroids Video

carrot top before steroids picture

After Steroids:

carrot top after steroids picture

so, is Carrot Top on steroids? I’d bet on it.  The veins in this shoulders the obvious fast body transformation all points to some type of steroid use.  From the looks of it, carrot top went from about 140lbs.-150lbs. to a lean 190lbs.+, obviously a 40lbs. muscle gain came from some drugs, steroids / HGH and so on.

Tuesday 18, Dec 2007

Celebrities on Steroids

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I’m thinking 1st and foremost Dr. Dre is on steroids and maybe HGH , steroids for sure, just look at this guy. Dr. Dre is huge.

Dr. Dre claims? He spent over 2 hours , 5-7 days per week for the last 4 years in the gym!

Reality: Dr. Dre cut his bodyfat from 29% to 6% in just under 1 year while spending 4 hours in the gym screaming “I want to kick a brick wall down!” According to the LA times, Dr. Dre is too ripped to be natural – in their article they imply he’s lost so much bodyfat and so on.

watch this video here:


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