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Monday 17, Dec 2007

Steroids in Sports not the most pressing issue!

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Why are people (government especially) giving some much attention to steroid abuse in baseball and other professional sports?  After all, this is NOT “news,” as we ALL know professional athletes use steroids.  There are a TON of pressing issue congress can discuss at this point (and attack!).  How about the war in Iraq? the MILLIONS of uninsured US residence? the failing economy? the weakening dollar? The real estate collapse? the millions who can’t heat their homes this winter? and the list goes on.

I think before wasting time attacking steroids for the media coverage, it’s best to look at internal issues.  After all, it’s the people’s will the government works for, and the people stopped caring – so it’s time to take up some real issues.  Maybe solve the meth problem or the crack problem first??? that’s a good start.

Steroids and HGH will ALWAYS be in sports, no matter what anyone does.  Athletes from Olympics to football have been using steroids for over 50 years, and it’s not going to stop now.

Monday 17, Dec 2007

Steroids Legal?

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Should steroids be made legal? well I think everyone over 25 years of age should be able to go to the doctor and get a prescription for steroids and proper cycling techniques.  Why? It will help people get into better shape, better health and so on, it’s not like you’re prescribing meth to people!

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is one of the best fields for men to research, especially men over 40.  In the USA alone, it’s proven that much of depression and sexual problems are cause by LOW testosterone levels, what’s the cure? it’s NOT proxac, it’s weekly testosterone cypionate injections, which were even prescribed to JFK.   That’s right, John F. Kennedy took steroids!

Don’t believe me?

Dallek believes steroid treatment of Kennedy’s colitis began in 1937 

#  Dallek, Robert. An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy 1917-1963. Boston: Little, Brown, 2003. ISBN 0-316-17238-3 @ Amazon   [a] p. 61 [b] p. 60 [c] p. 42 [d] p. 49 [e] p. 54 [f] pp. 54-59 [g] pp. 48, 67 [h] p. 68 [i] p. 83 [j] p. 90 [k] p. 95 [l] p. 33 [m] p. 34 [n] p. 86 [o] p. 35 [p] p. 73 [q] p. 77 [r] pp. 42, 78 [s] p. 79 [t] p. 80 [u] p. 81 [v] p. 101 [w] pp. 101-102 [x] p. 103 [y] p. 104 [z] p. 105 [a1] p. 195 [b1] p. 196 [c1] p.  [d1] p. 212 [e1] p. 27 [f1] p. 28 [g1] p. 71 – this practice was recommended by a prominent pediatrician of the day [h1] p. 102 [i1] p. 123 [j1] pp. 195, 212 [k1] p. 46 – worried about fathering a child [l1] p. 150 [m1] p. 99-100 [n1] p. 299 [o1] pp. 299-300 [p1] p. 320 [q1] pp. 105 [r1] p. 300 [s1] p. 322 [t1] p. 37 [u1] p. 367 [v1] p. 366 [w1] p. 153 [x1] p. 370 [y1] p. 372 [z1] pp. 22, 71 [a2] p. 72 [b2] p. 11

Sunday 16, Dec 2007

HGH (human growth hormone) use for 2 days?

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Pettitte, a “famous” baseball player, used HGH for 2 days in short intervals to help him heal from injuries.  Now, please tell me how is that illegal? and how is what he’s doing to IMPROVE HIS HEALTH a bad thing???

 According to the report, Brian McNamee, Pettitte’s former trainer, told Mitchell that he injected Pettitte with human growth hormone on “two to four occasions” in 2002 while Pettitte was recovering from an elbow injury.

Just to be fair, nothing these baseball players did was illegal.  After all steroids and HGH were legal in baseball until 2005, just 2 years ago!

From Pettitte:

 “I have the utmost respect for baseball and have always tried to live my life in a way that would be honorable. I wasn’t looking for an edge; I was looking to heal.”

Why are we punishing a man for trying to improve his health?  I mean the guy didn’t want life threatening injuries or career ending ones, so what’s the problem? he used HGH to heal his body, NOT crack to dope out!

Saturday 15, Dec 2007

Steroids in Baseball part 2

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I read a wonderful article today about steroids in baseball.  It is the best thing to ever happen to the steroid industry, what is it? well, simply put, people are tired of the steroids in baseball discussion and they no longer CARE about it.  This means the media will cover it less and less (much like crack/coke/meth has been beat to death and no one covers it in the news) and people will care less and less.

 He wasn’t alone. From coast to coast, in cities home to both major leagues and bar leagues, the public’s reaction to the Mitchell Report was largely a shrug of indifference.

People are tired of reading these stories about baseball players using steroids – well, DUH! all professional athletes are using something, steroids, HGH, pain killers and so on.  So why push the steroids issue to death?  Steroids in baseball will never go away, it’s not the drugs, it’s the reality that people come for entertainment NOT the game.

On the Los Angeles Times’ Web site, one reader wrote, “I could care less about fair play as long as these overpaid athletes entertain me.” On The Commercial Appeal in Memphis’ Web site, someone said, “No one cares about this story,” while another wrote, “All these guys are cheaters.”

The truth is steroids are not harmful and cause no damage to people.  Try talking about alcohol and cigarettes and how many people these things kill yearly! Now compare to 0 (zero) killed by steroids and you got your answer.

“In a way, we’re a nation of addicts. How many of us are on Prozac or taking our caffeine in the morning?” Starn added. “It’s just a part of society that’s come to find solutions through drugs. In that way, baseball players are no different than the rest of us.” 

Everyone is addicted to something in the USA, how about Prozac, you think that’s good for you? of course not, there are many bad drugs in society (USA especially) today but the only ones picked on are steroids because of the media coverage.

Reality is, whether anabolic steroids are there or not, steroids in baseball will continue to be alive and well and never stop, why? because fans just don’t care.  MORE steroid use reports = MORE fans remembering about baseball and going to see a good baseball game.

Baseball has been dogged by whispers and rumors about steroids for almost two decades now, with suspicions of performance-enhancing drug use rising right along with the number of home runs. Most assumed Bonds was doping long before he was indicted for lying to a federal grand jury about his steroid use, and any player who bulks up or puts up career numbers is automatically suspect.

Yet fans continue to flock to the ballparks in droves. Major League Baseball set a total attendance record for the fourth straight season this year, drawing 79.5 million people. Eight clubs set season records.

Saturday 15, Dec 2007

Randy “The Natural” Couture vs. Fedor Emilianenko

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So it seems   Randy “The Natural” Couture will eventually be destroyed by Fedor Emilianenko , expect fedor  to rip thru the steroid /HGH using Couture within minutes.  FYI, Randy DOES use human growth hormone (HGH) and steroids , albeit doctor prescribed.

From MMA Weekly PBP hd Net Fights Ecent: (Following the match the broadcast team spoke with current UFC heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture. Couture said he is not retired and plans to fight Fedor Emilianenko as soon as his UFC contract expires.)

Saturday 15, Dec 2007

Steroids in baseball?

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In one of our past articles, I discussed steroid use and demographics of such use.  I can understand the current hysteria over steroids (overblown of course), but, again, it’s not a surprise.


In the above post I quote obvious details about the REAL steroid users, who are majority (99%) not athletes.

 The study found that on average, steroid users were 31 years old [white male], and three-quarters were college graduates. Most of the men had “white collar” jobs and relatively high incomes. When asked about their motivation for using steroids, the majority said that they wanted to increase their muscle mass, strength, and physical attractiveness.

The truth is, there are baseball players who use steroids and HGH, of course that’s obvious.  However, this does not mean the industry itself is bad or tainted (steroid industry).  Many steroids users are your common white collar worker, who has NOTHING to do with steroids.  Let’s correlate this; in basketball many of the players have been caught using cocaine/crack/meth/speed, meth/speed/coke being the top used drugs.  I don’t understand why the targets aren’t basketball players using these terrible recreational drugs.

You can never call steroids a true drug, since they are not.  How many doctors can prescribe coke for health? NONE! however steroids are used in MANY cases for anti-aging, helping AIDS patients, helping cancer patients and much more.  Steroids are very helpful to the human race, it’s the hysteria brought on by the media that causes such overblown claims about steroids.

Friday 14, Dec 2007

Steroid myths and lies

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Read this thread on iSteroids.com forums, I was a bit interested in the discussion:


Here is a “so called” list of side effects of steroids

•    high blood pressure
•    increased total cholesterol levels
•    increased acne
•    hair loss and baldness
•    prostate cancer
•    gynecomastia (gyno)
•    excessive hair growth
•    liver damage (often caused by high doses of oral administration)
•    excessive growth of oral gums

Let’s review the list 1 by 1, with TRUE/FALSE and explanations

1) high blood pressure: TRUE, but only from water retention.  Simple usage of an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex and drinking water, will solve this.

2)  increased total cholesterol levels: TRUE, but only in small  amount and nothing  DAILY flaxseed oil intake can’t help with.  CYCLING steroids  for short period of time is the key.  i.e. not abusing your body.

3)  increased acne: TRUE, but only for some people.  Daily anti-bacterial/anti-acne  face wash and body  was along with moisturizers  take care of this problem.

4) hair loss and baldness: TRUE, but only for some people.  Has a simple fix, stay away from DHT related steroids, and stick to simple testosterone only cycles with finastride or dutastride always. (proscar etc.)

5) prostate cancer:  FALSE, NO steroid  except anadrol has ever had ANY links to cancer.  Anadrol ONLY had INdirect links to liver  toxicity! (which CAN cause cancer)

6) gynecomastia (gyno): TRUE, but easily fixed with usage of an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex for estrogenic gynecomastia and  prolactin gyno can be fixed with dostinex/bromocriptine.

7) excessive hair growth: TRUE, but only for some.  Solution = use a razor.

8)  liver damage (often caused by high doses of oral administration): TRUE, if you abuse orals such as  anadrol  and dianabol, but CYCLE your steroids and only stay on orals  for short period of time, and you’ll be fine.

9)  excessive growth of oral gums: FALSE,  no two ways about it, this is false.

Thursday 13, Dec 2007

MMA NEWS: Emelianenko Fedor will fight Hong Man Choi on New Years in Japan (K-1 event)

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Mixed Martial Arts (Pride) undefeated heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko will face Hong Man Choi on New Years Even in Japan.  This is surely to be another freakshow fight.  I suspect a KO by Fedor in the 1st round by brutal ground and pound (GnP).  The rumor was that Choi had a benign tumor on his pituitary gland, what does that mean? it means he has a TON of human growth hormone (HGH) flooding his body.  It’s like the guy is on steroids + HGH year round 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and his whole life!

From Sherdog:

Hong-Man Choi, who was pulled off the Los Angeles FEG USA-promoted card on June 2 due to the discovery of a benign tumor on his pituitary gland 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel that fighting a man who is essentially does HGH and steroids 24 hours per day is not that “fair,” but we all know Fedor will destroy Hong Man Choi.

Prediction: Brutal KO in 1st round

Wednesday 12, Dec 2007

Steroid friends who are too slick to Anadrol us?

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Most of you know that Anadrol is considered widely the most toxic steroid on the market.  Out of all the steroids out there, Anadrol is by far the most liver toxic and harmful to your body – and as of 2007, it is the ONLY steroid to have been linked INdirectly to any kind of cancer.

It seems people in the steroid industry (forums and such) have become anadrol to others around them; others who are by far the milk thistle to their toxicity in the past, but no more.  Steroids and life correlate in a sense, but I guess the grasp on that is never , o so clear.  The steroid industry “fame” is nothing more but a farce made up by lunatics.  Most people in the industry are in for profit or for fun, the guys in the middle are just plain goofy.

So people…LEARN…be Primobolan to your friends not Anadrol!

Tuesday 11, Dec 2007

PaperBolics (RediCat) Paper steroids , no longer safe to AU / NZ (Australia etc.)

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Just today a new story came out about steroid buyers in AU having to deal with local Nazi customs.  AU customs is now opening all “paper” packages to check for paper steroids, how can they tell?  They are claiming all anabolic steroids coming into the country are “easy” to spot.

The site said: “With countless envelopes having been posted we can report a 99 per cent success rate through customs to date”.

“Furthermore, a good number of those sent have been received in countries usually considered a real challenge to get into, eg: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, to name but a few.”

Customs’ Western Australia director Tom Ramsay challenged the website’s claims of assured delivery.

“This most recent seizure should indicate this is clearly not the case,” Mr Ramsay said.

“It is also an indication our border controls are working and that suppliers are constantly being forced into new methods of importation in an effort to beat those controls.” 

Well from the news story it seems that the AU customs people are checking the forums, BBpro was checking and I’m sure the late SSB was frequented.  The problem with AU customs is too much time on their hands…so what if people are trying to look better via anabolic steroid use? I’d like to see 1 person (hard evidence) who has died as a direct usage of steroids , anyone? I thought so.  The issue is that many health organizations and countries alike are literally raping the medical literature to prove steroids are bad for you.  While that may be on the abuse level; with regular use, NO ONE died from steroid use ever.  Rather concentrate efforts on real drugs like crack/cocaine and so on!

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