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Friday 22, Feb 2008

Insane Doctor gets 2 years in jail for selling Steroids

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steroids-doctorThis interesting M.D. was a bit mentally off, he was admitted to an insane hospital and has been in trouble for giving a teenager viagra over the internet. And, lo and behold, he ends up selling steroids to poor bodybuilders. This same doctor was charged with extortion after demanding money for a bad chicken sandwich – he is now the idiotic pillar of the doctor prescribing steroids to people. Unfortunately, the people the DEA picks are real grade A morons who make the whole steroid community look like some freaking slack jaw yodles. Truth is far from this; bodybuilders who use steroids tend to be white collar, over 30 with a stable income and family. Just fitness guys trying to get in shape using a bit of anabolic steroids as aids for that.

A doctor who admitted to illegally selling steroids from a makeshift Capitol Hill office has been sentenced to 22 months in federal prison.

For more than 20 years, Howard J. Levine, 58, was able to retain his medical credentials despite patient complaints, state Health Department reprimands and an extortion conviction, in which he demanded cash from Jack in the Box after eating what he claimed was a spoiled chicken sandwich.

Thursday 21, Feb 2008

NFL claims no HGH (human growth hormone) used

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NFL steroidsIn one of the stupidest statements we have come up on, we just found out that the NFL denies it’s players uses HGH (human growth hormone), excuse me? maybe it’s best to face up to reality! NFL has probably the highest anabolic steroid and HGH (human growth hormone) use in all sports. Let’s be fair, NFL players need steroids and HGH to play hard and fast and to recover from the 1000s of injuries they encounter each day. But, going out there and saying there are no steroids or HGH used or it’s not a “problem,” is just drawing the wrong attention. Later you’ll have 100s of congressional hearings about steroid use in NFL and probably HGH use and people will be brought up on charges for denying the drug situation.

The use of human growth hormone is more of a problem in baseball than in football, the president of the NFL Players Association insists.

“We feel it’s not something that’s common in our space,” former defensive back Troy Vincent said Wednesday before the start of the NFL scouting combine.

Thursday 21, Feb 2008

Steroid Cycles: Winstrol + Dianabol

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As far as steroid cycles go, orals are always overlook as great tools for cutting and bulking up while on a cycle.  Winstrol, a cutting drug, and Dianabol a bulking drug, are both a great combination, which helps you lean out while you bulk up on your steroid cycle.

Steroid Cycles: Winstrol + Dianabol

Week 1-8: 40mgs Dianabol/day  + 50mgs Winstrol/day + 0.25mgs arimidex/day

Post cycle therapy (PCT):

Week 9-14: 50mgs clomid ED + 20mgs nolvadex ED

Wednesday 20, Feb 2008

Hank Aaron: “steroids don’t work”

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hank-aaron-steroidsHank Aaron, although a bit out of his league with reality, is pretty much saying steroids don’t work. From the real understanding, there is an idea that steroids help your performance, but that’s marginal. The truth is that the best steroids in the world wont make you a GREAT athlete, that comes with talent, heart, training and ambition. Hank Aaron is saying that anabolic steroids or even HGH have nothing to do with being great in the game. Psychological factors like being better might come into play, but reality always shows that anabolic steroids only help you marginally, the rest comes from your inner struggle to be the best in any sport. In any sport, whether it’s baseball, football or even golf, 90% of who you become is your training and dedication, the rest can be attributed to just about anything.

“If somebody can tell where it says if you take steroids it will help you hit a baseball, I wish they would tell me,” he said.

“I don’t think it does. I just don’t know what it does.”

Wednesday 20, Feb 2008

High School Girls on Steroids?

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steroids high school girlsIt’s kind of a shame, but just when the media was getting our positive thumbs up for reporting the truth about wasteful steroid investigations by congress, the media let us down with an idiotic story about high school girls on steroids. It seems they wanted to report about the 1-2 girls (that’s right 1-2 girls) in a school of over 1000 students that used steroids. The girls were so stupid as to just pick up anything and use it, they didn’t care to research anything. Women shouldn’t use steroids, just like men don’t use tampons! it’s just common sense. The news fail to mention the 200+ girls in the same high school that are estimated to use marijuana almost on a weekly basis, and at least 450 girls who have been caught smoking and drinking alcohol almost daily. Methamphetamine use in the school was ignore , estimated at least 50 girls in the school use it. Instead of all the real problems in this high school and high schools all over the nation, the media decided to do an article on the 1 girl who was using steroids, come on!

So, the girl said, she had to buy steroids from her football team buddies then she took them to look lean and great. Probably injecting some testosterone without even thinking for 10minutes or using her brain. She did absolutely no research about anabolic steroids, and had no brains to go to www.google.com and type in effects of steroids, let’s give her some help in researching steroid abuse:


From iAnabolicSteroids.com:


Women experience a different range of steroid side effects. The first is virilization which is the appearance of male secondary sex characteristics in females such as increased body hair, clitoral hypertrophy and a deepening of the voice. Another steroid side effect for women is a ceased or decreased menstrual cycle.

Let’s face it, this girl not only didn’t know about steroids but also had no clue about life. She didn’t bother to research anything and jumped in the water, but let’s ask, where are the parents in this? why didn’t they raise the daughter to understand how to deal with life. Anabolic steroids get blamed on a lot of nonsense, when in reality the steroids had nothing to do with the problem related.

So, she took what seemed to be an easy route to a better body: she began using anabolic steroids. “It seemed like the ultimate answer,” she said, adding that the drugs — bought, she said, through a friend on the school football team — were “ridiculously easy to find.”

can you ask her how much easier is it to find Methamphetamine or marijuana that’s rampant in her school? we rest our case!

Tuesday 19, Feb 2008

Legalize Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

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While steroids can be argued as used for performance enhancing for some athletes, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is not.  Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is mainly used by athletes to recover from injuries and hard workouts.  HGH has been a huge savior for many NFL players who suffer some of the worst injuries in the world, when it comes to athletic games.  The truth is that HGH should be immediately legalized in all sports and put under close doctor supervision so all athletes have the benefit of the magical cure so to speak.

Monday 18, Feb 2008

Baseball: Steroids timeline

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steroids in baseballThe timeline of the steroid probe by congress is very interesting indeed. It starts in 2002, right around BALCO and keeps dragging on with endless steroid investigations into 08.

Steroids timeline looks something like this:

Summer 2002: US Federal agents, DEA mainly, began investigations into the steroids in BALCO

Winter 2003 (Dec): Barry Bonds tells a grand jury that he never KNOWINGLY used steroids or HGH but rather was in the mindset that he was taking (not anabolic steroids but) flaxseed oil and some joint creams.

Start of 2004: US Justice department has decided to go after steroids in baseball and issues indictments for steroids in baseball, i.e. for the users and producers

Start of 2005: House committee on steroids in baseball decides to question Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco

End of 2005: Victor Conte the owner of BALCO, who provided Barry Bonds secret steroids, gets almost 1 year in jail for steroid distribution

Start of 2006: Former Sen. George Mitchell launches more inquiries into steroids in baseball, led by none other then congress

Summer 2006: Personal trainer of Barry Bonds, Greg Anderson is facing jail time and is locked up for refusing to testify against a long time client and friend Barry Bonds -so Barry Bonds can get put in jail for steroid use

End of 2007: Barry Bonds gets indicted on perjury charges and faces jail time for his steroid use (but more so that he lied about steroid use)

Last month of 2007 (Dec): 86 players are listed as steroid users and possible HGH users by the Mitchell Report, with Roger Clemens being the UNLUCKY scapegoat for the next 10 years of steroid probes in congress.

Monday 18, Feb 2008

Media against Steroid Hearings in Congress

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It seems even the media has been fed up with steroid hearings.  They are now against steroid hearings and probes in congress.

The Mitchell Report, conducted by former Sen. George Mitchell, was done at the request of Major League Baseball, not Congress. Whether or not Clemens is telling the truth or lying about his steroid use is a matter for Mitchell and the commissioner of baseball to fret over.

Yes, Congress does have a role in establishing the laws when it comes to drug use, but this hearing wasn’t focused on public policy. It was simply a high profile “he said, he said” confrontation involving one of the best and most popular baseball players in America.

Monday 18, Feb 2008

Steroid Cycles: Dianabol

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One of the under rated substances and underused IMO is dianabol.  Dianabol only cycles have been the core for starter bodybuilders.  Let’s take a look at this steroid cycle, Dianabol base.

Steroid cycle: Dianabol week 1-8

60mgs dianabol/day + 1mg arimidex/day

post cycle therapy (PCT):

week 9-10: 50mgs clomid/day

In the end, the average bodybuilder will see at least 10lbs. muscle gain with a good drop in bodyfat if diet is good.

Monday 18, Feb 2008

Spygate, the next congress debate after steroids

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It seems steroids in baseball is still #1 time wasting priority, but now the NFL will see the light of non-stop useless congress hearings.  The first on the list of NFL problems is NOT steroids (haha, irony) but SPYGATE!  it turns out the Patriots were taping (on video) the defensive signals of their opponents, i.e. every move and play.  Congresses inability to deal with real subjects such as economy, war in Iraq and so on, has shifted focus on steroids in baseball and now that the topic is getting stale, congress is going to investigate why some football team used some videos of a competitor? say what???????

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