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Wednesday 30, Apr 2008

The Good Sides of Steroids

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steroid-side-effectsLots have been said about the negative sides of synthetic steroids, and only a few positive feedbacks are making it to the mainstream media. Roid rage, aggression, infertility, liver damage, hirsutism – are just a few terms associated with steroid use.

The term ‘anabolic-androgenic steroids’ conjures up images of cheating athletes, of normal people being transformed into angry, beefed up monsters. But is this perception correct?

Anabolic-androgenic steroids do have legitimate medical uses foremost of which are treatment of chronic wasting conditions in individuals suffering from HIV and AIDS, as well as decreased levels of hormones on the aged that can result to low energy, depression, sexual dysfunction, and attention deficit.

Many medical practitioners, such as sports orthopaedics expert Kevin Plancher, believe that synthetic steroids could offer a lot of medical benefits. On steroids positive effects on chronic wasting diseases, Plancher says: “Anabolic steroids have a very limited scope of legal use here in the United States. But they can be helpful in a number of critical situations, and there is research underway to study their effects in still other problematic areas where current protocols are not yielding optimal results.”

He further discusses the steroids role in particular condition like chronic wasting diseases whereby patients suffer considerable and drastic weight loss and the inability of the body to gain it back – no matter how much they eat. “Anecdotally, we hear of patients who take Anabolic Androgenic Steroids to regain lean muscle after being diagnosed with Chronic Wasting Disease, and the evidence is positive,” Dr. Plancher notes.

Likewise, several medical researches have been continually exploring the potential of anabolic-androgenic steroids in the medical therapy of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.

Plancher, however, stresses that there is a need for the patient who is taking steroids to be closely monitored by a physician.

“Doctors whose patients are taking steroids, whether for arthritis, asthma, rehabilitation, or as an experimental treatment for a serious medical condition, should be watchful for a number of serious potential side effects,” he says. “Yet, all of these symptoms are far less likely to occur if a doctor is managing the quality, duration and dosage of the steroid therapy,” Dr. Plancher assures. “The key to successfully using these or any other drugs is to use the smallest dose of the best medication available to treat the exact duration of any given medical condition.”

Tuesday 29, Apr 2008

Australian Athlete’s View of Steroid Use

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Australia-steroidsA 2007 doping study on Australian world-class athletes came up with staggering fact – about 30% of athletes believe they could get away with the use of performance-enhancing drugs (anabolic steroids use). The results of this survey by Curtin University, in association with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), were released on March this year.

“It is perhaps of some concern that a substantial proportion (30 percent) of ‘Olympic/world’ athletes consider that they are unlikely to be caught if using doping out of competition, and even 7 per cent consider that they are unlikely to be caught if using doping during competition,” an ASADA report on the research said.

This reflects that Australian athletes lack faith in the ability of the country’s anti-doping agencies to catch wayward athletes who use steroids (or buy steroids) to boost their performance.

Other interesting facts gathered through the study are the following.

The proportion of athlete who might consider using steroids dropped from 16% to 8% in three years:

• More than 90% of athletes across all levels considered the use of steroids as morally and ethically wrong
• Among Olympic and world championship-level athletes, 44% said that using performance-enhancing drugs  and technologies was unnecessary
• Among the world-class athletes surveyed, 72% advocated tough penalties for doping for first offenders, and a lifetime ban for second-time offenders

The challenge now for Australia’s anti-doping agencies is to adapt new initiatives and new measures to respond to the growing problem of steroid use.

“The message that’s coming from ASADA is, ‘if we don’t get you now, we’ll get you later’,” Australian Olympic Committee chairman John Coates said. “Once there’s a realization of that, those percentages that you’ve referred to might come down.”

When kangaroos start hopping a bit higher and farther than the usual, then Australian anti-doping agencies would know they are doing a lousy job.

Monday 28, Apr 2008

Steroids’ Winner Effect

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university-steroidsAccording to the university of Cambridge research, testosterone levels (steroids) play significantly in profit-making ventures of individuals particularly those working at the London trading floor. It is reported that when City traders have high morning testosterone levels they make more than average profits for the rest of that day.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone which has great effect on social and sexual behavior of individuals. Countless studies conducted by scientists reported that testosterone increases confidence and penchant for risks. In the case of traders, this translates to a positive expected return.  This would also be the same with the daily use of anabolic steroids like testosterone enanthate (aka buy steroids first then use them to be a better trader).

Professor Joe Herbert, Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair, states: “Market traders, like some other occupations (such as air traffic controllers), work under extreme pressure and the consequences of the rapid decisions they have to make can have profound consequences for them, and for the market as a whole. Our work suggests that these decisions may be biased by emotional and hormonal factors that have not so far been considered in any detail.”

In sports, this steroid benefits many athletes. It has been observed that testosterone levels increase in competitive encounters and exhibits further increase when positive result is experienced by an athlete, i.e. winning. A decrease is noticeable in a losing athlete. A ‘winner effect’ is thus produced; meaning, the athlete experiences further increase in his testosterone level, improving his confidence and risk taking and thus improving his chances of winning yet again.

However, the above study cautioned that if there occurred a chronic elevated testosterone level, it would cause negative backlash. That instead of propelling traders to profitable ventures and decisions via increased risk taking, it can lead to irrational decision-making.

The same can be said with the use of anabolic steroids by athletes. An ideal therapy practice can yield rewarding feedbacks. Malpractice and abuse, in contrast, can create problematic situations such as physiological and psychological issues.

Sunday 27, Apr 2008

Hollywood and Steroids

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Sylvester Stallone steroidsYou know how Hollywood takes on anything to achieve and maintain stellar status. Let’s face it – we are still in the era of superficiality where good looks almost supersede everything else. Thus, celebrities are trying to fit into the current parameters of beauty and bankability, i.e. a well-toned and age-defying body. And they would do – and use – anything to stay on the glaring spotlight of Hollywood, including steroids. (yes celebrities do buy steroids!)

Hollywood celebrities’ techniques in keeping fat-free are myriad. The General Surgeon surely would not be happy with the chain smoking technique to keep slim; Katherine Heigl is rumored to be a practitioner of this. There is, of course, the infamous staple for slimming like cocaine and heroin and other illicit and hard-core drugs. You must have heard of Kate Moss taking in coke (and we’re not referring here to a soda brand).

Most of these stars would say their gorgeous figures are due to visits to gyms and veggie diets. Speaking of diets Beyoncè’s got an interesting recipe to stay booty – water mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. She called it the lemonade diet. That one could really make your ears turn red. Then Stallone has stolen the limelight with his with the human growth hormone.

But the thing now is diet pills and anabolic steroids. These secret ‘weapons’ can be handy – steroids and diet pills are easy to use and easy to hide. When caught using them, celebs could usually act their way out and deliver the line “I have a prescription”, with such conviction that a star-struck agent could easily believe it.

Steroids, in the world of celluloid, could be quite indispensable props. Call them tricks of the trade because steroids indeed could transform actresses into desirable sirens and actors to some mouth-watering specimens.

Edward Norton easily comes to mind when you think of phenomenal physical metamorphosis. In most of his movies, you see him as a pale, reedy guy; then you see him with bulging biceps in American History X. He reportedly packed on 30 pounds with his role as a reformed neo-Nazi in this film. If you’re so interested with his training regimen, forget about searching it online because it’s too top secret you won’t find it online or anywhere else.

Thus, it invites several questions. Could his transformation due only to intense training and workouts? Or steroids can be partly credited? Many can’t wait to see him as the physicist Bruce Banner in The Hulk due this June to see how many pounds he has packed on this time around.

P.S. obviously anabolic steroids and human growth hormone played a huge role in  Bruce Banner – The Hulk – transformation.

Saturday 26, Apr 2008

Josh Barnett vs. Jeff Monson @ Sengoku II

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jeff-monson-josh-barnettJosh Barnett will fight his long time friend Jeff Monson at Sengoku II in Japan. World Victory Road (WVR) is suggesting the fight will happen on May 18, 2008. Barnett is going to fight the guy who he was training with for years, Monson, because WVR couldn’t set up a match with him and another top heavyweight.

Sengoku II will also see Kevin Randleman take on Ryo Kawamura (confirmed match), while Roger Gracie is only said to be a valid fighter on the card with no opponent announced.

Josh Barnett – Jeff Monson and Steroids:

Josh Barnett tested positive for steroids before, so has Jeff Monson. In fact, one of the reasons Josh Barnett stopped fighting in the USA is because of his failure to pass drug tests, mainly for anabolic steroids. We don’t need to discuss Jeff Monson further then he’s a career time steroid user, who’s better off fighting in Japan where there are no drug tests.

Friday 25, Apr 2008

Myths and Facts of Steroids

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steroid-mythsAnabolic steroids have been around for decades, and since almost at their inception these compounds have been hounded by controversies. Why are they classified as controlled substances? Why the ridicule when someone is found out that he or she is using them? And why the high punishment (heavy fines, prison term) when you’re caught possessing or using them? This is because that although steroids have been with us for so long, they are still misinformation and misconceptions about these drugs. Let’s get to the bottom of this, and try to separate truths from fallacies about anabolic steroids.

What are steroids? Steroids, or anabolic-androgenic steroids to be precise, are synthetic copy testosterone. Testosterone is also known as the premier male sex hormone. These drugs are primarily associated with strength/power athletes because they provide three significant things: muscle mass, strength, and stamina. These three factors play significant roles in strength/power sports.

Now let’s debunk the number three myths about steroids.

Myth #1: Steroids are exclusively used by athletes. Not so, say several surveys which have been carried out purposely to determine the demographics of steroid users. Steroids are not mainly used in the field of athletics. Most steroid users are not athletes, but regular people who just want to look and feel good.

Myth #2: Steroids are dangerous drugs. There is this widespread belief that taking steroids can result eventually to psychological concerns, health issues, and even death. Any type of drug – be it aspirin or antibiotics, a pill or an injectable – has its inherent dangers for the users. Steroids are not exemption to the rule. If you look at steroid-related health cases, they share two common denominators – steroids are either misused or abused.

Myth #3: Steroids are miracle pills. True, steroids can significantly enhance your physique and performance, but anabolic steroids alone would not result to desirable physical attributes. Neither would they make an MVP out of every user. Dedicated training, strict dieting, sound lifestyle, and many other factors are requisites for a champion body and performance.

Friday 25, Apr 2008

British Dragon Steroid Bust

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steroid-bustJust recently everyone was up in arms about the british dragon steroid bust. After almost 10 years in business, the producers and sellers of anabolic steroids – british dragon, were finally busted. But, there in lies the problem. The steroid bust raised a ton of speculation as to why and how British Dragon was busted. From snitches to local stings, everyone had ideas. We even raised our suspicions about why british dragon steroid lab was busted. However, the bust seems to be very clearly a multi part job. Let’s explain the details:

1) A package is sent by British Dragon carelessly, at least 500 vials, some broke and were intercepted by USA customs. If it was a large enough package, 1000 vials plus, a real shipping company could have been used with ties back to BD anabolics.  You don’t buy steroids in bulk under 1000 vials it would seem, let’s face it – 1 bodybuilder can use 10 vials in 1 cycle!  Steroids should be counted in 10 vials not 1 vial, 10 pills not 1 pill because of low dosage production.

2) Once the steroid package was seized, a sting operation was set up on the receiver; once the guy got the huge package, they arrested him and put the heat on him. When he was dealing with british dragon, he was probably dealing in the 1000s of vials, means that minimum payment to British Dragon steroids was at least $25,000 US Dollars, an amount probably sent by wire transfer.

3) Using the payment information, the companies in the names of the British Dragon owners were traced back to the company owners, and a sting operation was set up. They contacted local authorities and set up a sting to bust british dragon.  Obviously they had to put pressure for local authorities to help with anabolic steroids because local authorities where British Dragon was know steroids are LEGAL there!

4) On top of this, a recently released steroid convict (who was arrested on steroid distribution charges before) was probably the person to snitch out british dragon, confirming who they are from previous money trails.

Take a look at this steroid bust from Texas, should show you how things work:

But it was a different kind of recklessness that eventually brought Mr. Jacobs down.

A bad packing job, actually.

On March 19, 2007, the United Parcel Service intercepted a soggy package sent from Mr. Jacobs’ Plano home, bound for Wichita, Kan. When officials opened the box, they found a broken glass vial of what turned out to be steroids.

Authorities arrested the man in Kansas who had ordered steroids from Mr. Jacobs, court documents say. Jamie Mongeau, an amateur bodybuilder, told investigators that Mr. Jacobs was his supplier.

Thursday 24, Apr 2008

Steroids – Your Chance for a Second Adolescence

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maryjblige-steroidsNow, don’t you like the sound and the possibility of that – a second stab at one of the thrilling stages of your life. It’s possible according to Charles Yesalis, Penn State professor of exercise and sports science.

“Essentially, anabolic steroids induce a second adolescence,” says Yesalis. “Many of the same things happen as would in puberty. As testosterone levels elevate, the user experiences increased strength and muscle mass.”

He further explains: “Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of the natural hormone testosterone, which drives the development of secondary male sex characteristics. When boys hit puberty, testosterone levels shoot up, causing hair to grow, sex organs to mature, muscles to enlarge and the voice to deepen. The process continues until testosterone levels begin to drop off at age 40.”

Note that anabolic steroids are not exclusively used by athletes who want to boost their performance. Popular models and Hollywood celebrities are reportedly using (not en masse, but many of them) steroids to improve their marketability. As one online survey has concluded, the bulk of recreational steroid users are motivated in improving their physical appearance and not their performance in athletic sports.

This positive aspect of these controlled substances (improving looks, defying age) is the reason why Mary J. Blige and other RnB artists figured in a doping incident recently. Some steroids are considered as fast fat burners and most are known to improve the general physique. Thus, those who want some a little help in getting a well-toned body resort to steroids.

And it looks like Hollywood is not the only stars haven ‘benefiting’ from steroids. Its Indian counterpart, Bollywood, is also gaining different kind of publicity because of steroids. Salman Khan is one of Bollywood’s most controversial cases of steroid use.

Yesalis warns though that steroids can be harmful to users. Acne breakout, baldness, infertility and virilization symptoms (excessive hair growth, deepening of voice) on women are just a few of the possible side effects of steroid use.

Wednesday 23, Apr 2008

Steroids and Self-Improvement

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steroidsLet’s face it – we are now in the steroid-era. Doping scandals are all over the news. Famous athletes from various sports disciplines have been implicated in steroid investigations and sting operations. It’s a known fact that steroids indeed improve athlete’s performance in the playing field as they increase strength and double the players’ intensity in playing the game. But do you know that non-medical steroid use of US males is not mainly for performance enhancement but for self-improvement?

This is according to a web-based survey. From the almost 2000 US males surveyed, the following facts were gathered:

• The typical recreational steroid user is aged around 30 years old, well-educated, and earns an above-average income in a white-collar occupation.
• Majority did not take steroids during adolescence.
• Majority are not motivated by athletic competition or sports performance.
• Their motivation is improvement of their physical appearance (increase muscle mass and strength, and lose fat). Other reasons for using steroids are to increase confidence, to improve mood, and to attract sexual partners.

This may improve the way others view steroids and steroid users. The study proves that not all users are ‘cheaters’ (i.e. athletes who use them as performance-enhancing drugs) or risk-taking teens (kids with raging naturally-occurring hormones who usually jump off of a cliff before thinking).

One of the authors of the survey was quite optimistic about the changes this may bring on government policy on steroids. “The users we surveyed consider that they are using directed drug technology as one part of a strategy for physical self-improvement within a health-centered lifestyle,” said Rick Collins. “Effective public policy should begin by accurately identifying who’s using steroids and why. We hope our research – the largest adult survey of non-medical AAS use we know of – is a significant step forward in that direction.”

The study was conducted almost two years ago; obviously, nothing has changed in the way the federal government perceives steroids and their adherents. They are still considered controlled substances; and, if you’re unlucky to get caught with them without a valid prescription, you get fined or get jailed.

Tuesday 22, Apr 2008

Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III

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Chuck Liddell Ice Man-Quinton Rampage JacksonObviously Dana White, President of UFC, has announced that Chuck Liddell will face Quinton Jackson in their 3rd match, if he beats Rashad Evans at UFC 85, and obviously Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will destroy Forrest Griffin at UFC 86. It’s likely that both Lidell and Jackson will get about 3 months to prepare for the fight. Expect Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III around UFC 90.

Predictions for Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III:

Quinton Rampage Jackson beating Chuck Liddell by KO (TKO) within 2 rounds – 50%
Quinton Rampage Jackson beating Chuck Liddell by decision – 30%
Chuck Liddell beating Quinton Rampage Jackson by decision or KO – 20%

It’s not likely that after 2 brutal loses to Quinton Rampage Jackson that Chuck Liddell will get better and beat him. Liddell’s last loss to Jackson was a BRUTAL KO in the 1st few SECONDS of the 1st round, it was pathetic.  Is it fair for Chuck to fight for the UFC light heavyweight title again after he lost 2 fights in a row, 1 to Jackson and 1 to Jardine? absolutely not!  This is bad news for UFC fighters like Jardine and Machida who are way better then Chuck; Jardine did just beat Chuck!

Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Rampage Jackson III and Steroids:

It’s likely that both Chuck Liddell and Quinton Rampage Jackson are using human growth hormone (HGH), but their steroid use is not as clear. Quinton Rampage Jackson probably can use more short acting steroids like anavar, winstrol and dianabol because he didn’t fight for almost a year. Chuck Liddell is probably just using HGH since he only fought 3 months ago.

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