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Saturday 31, May 2008

Steroid use in law enforcement

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Police_steroidsAside from bodybuilding and other sporting field, anabolic steroids are popular in professions that require physical power and assertiveness like law enforcement.

Anabolic steroids can bulk up a user in immediate and impressive way. This is why they are being used by police officers and firefighters despite the possible legal and health risks. The legal risks involved have been recently amplified with the federal investigation on several law enforcement officers in Tennessee. To date, the probe has resulted to suspension and firing of police officers. Said investigation is still ongoing and now has expanded to involve several states across the country.

There is so much stigma attached to use of steroids in sports, and that emotion is heightened when applied to their use in law enforcement. The fact that these substances, which can cause aggressive and irrational behavior, are used by people who are supposed to uphold the law elicits stigma – and fear – among the public.

Despite the well-known fact that use of steroids can destroy one’s career, as well as the stigma that may be caused by their use, why do these individuals still avail of these drugs?

Gene Sanders, a former law enforcer and a veteran police psychologist in California, succinctly explains the motivation: “The thinking is that big is better than small, tough is better than weak.”

Unfortunately, such motivation is also what pushing criminals to use steroids. Yes, criminals, too, have tested the potentials of anabolic steroids. In countries like Norway, for instance, there are reports that criminals use substances that give them ‘feelings of invincibility’. In its capital Oslo, criminals are reportedly taking ‘torpedoes’, which are blends of steroids and amphetamines to induce psychopathic state.  However, it seems the use of ‘torpedoes’ is completely misrepresented.  It seems that drug users never even buy steroids to begin with, and the cocktails have no steroids in them – only meth and painkillers.

If this is the case, should officers be blamed or punished for using steroids that can make them more effective in carrying out their duties against criminals? Being bigger and stronger is also a safety net for these officers who are constantly faced with life-threatening situations.

Friday 30, May 2008

Ban of Steroids Use on Horses Eyed

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horse_steroidsNews of steroids use in Major League as well as in the athletic field has been recently landing on front pages of news sources. This hot topic is also bleeding over into the horse racing sports and industry.

With the recent appointment of DVM Mary Scollay as Kentucky’s first equine medical director, the use of anabolic steroids on equines may be facing stricter regulations. Her appointment came in the aftermath of the tragic end of Eight Belles, a filly who finished second in the recent Kentucky Derby held on May 3. Eight Belles has suffered injury only a quarter of a mile past the finish line and has to be euthanized several minutes later.

Anabolic steroids are widely used in the industry for bulking up young horses in sales. In race horsing, these compounds are known to enhance appearance and performance of show horses and racehorses. Use of anabolic steroids on horses is legal in the United States except for the state of Iowa. However, because of recent negative events in race tracks across the country, such practice may end soon.

There have been much publicized criticisms that say animals are exploited through the use of anabolic steroids to boost stamina and power. The Congress, for one, has questioned the practice of injecting racehorses with steroids to keep them on their feet during the weeks before high-stakes races. Also, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and other similar groups have proposed a ban on steroid use in the month prior a race to give horses time to get the drugs out of their systems. If this proposal is pushed through, it would be in effect December this year.

However, at the other side of the fence, are opponents of a blanket ban on steroids use. Steroids, they say, are necessary to aid in horses’ recovery from different conditions, which include abdominal and respiratory illnesses, and physical injuries. Further, they say there is no evidence that this group of drugs make horses run faster.

Thursday 29, May 2008

Steroids Use in Horses

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horse_steroidsThe recent incident in the Triple Crown on May 3 has spotlighted the use of anabolic steroids in horse racing once again. Champion filly Eight Belles has suffered two broken front ankles after finishing second in the Derby; and several minutes later, she has to be euthanized on the track.

In the statistics provided by Kentucky’s state veterinarian Lafe Nichols, DVM, it reported that in 2007, there were 45 fatal injuries in races conducted at the Kentucky tracks. Non-fatal-injuries were 81. Further, Nichols said that 23% of the 23,309 horses started at the same tracks have tested positive for medical violations. And of the 1,586 horses tested for the prohibited TCO2 only one was tested positive. TCO2, commonly called milkshake, is a mixture of bicarbonate and/or other alkaline substances that is fed to a horse before it competes. The mixture produces higher levels of carbon dioxide that delays the buildup of lactic acid in a horse’s muscles and is believed to increase stamina.

Why are anabolic steroids used on horses? The characteristics of Equipoise (boldenone) and Winstrol (stanozolol), two of the most commonly used steroids on horses, can explain why these compounds are popular in the equine industry.

These two steroids reportedly increase protein synthesis, a chemical process ideal for the body’s muscle-muscle building activity. Winstrol’s advertised properties are promotion of appetite, weight gain, stamina, hair/coat growth, and tissue healing. Further, it is promoted as a substance that corrects nitrogen imbalance without the undesirable effects of unmanageable behavior, aggressive tendencies, and impaired reproductive activity.

Equipoise’s advertisement, on the other hand, states that this drug is ideal for lean body weight, appetite, and general disposition of horses.

In humans, anabolic steroids (including veterinary-grade compounds such Equipoise and Winstrol) are popular among bodybuilders. They are widely used because they are believed to improve physique and performance. Their use, however, is considered to be illegal in most sports organizations, including the International Olympic Committee.

Wednesday 28, May 2008

Equine Director to Impose Stricter Guidelines and Steroid Tests

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horse_steroidsThe tragic end of champion filly Eight Belles recently has heightened the public awareness on the use of anabolic steroids on horses. It has also put pressure on horse race horsing authorities across the United States to curb this practice.

The recent hiring of Dr. Mary Scollay as Kentucky’s first equine medical director might be the response to that growing pressure. According to a release announcing the appointment, Scollay will “serve as a consultant on equine medication and health issues and make recommendations on strategies to enhance equine safety and to prevent illicit activities.”

Scollay’s duties include recommending how to prevent illicit activities in horse medication and implementing stricter review procedures for horse autopsies. Further, the Florida veterinarian ‘will help advise whether – and how – the state should impose steroid tests,’ according to Sports Illustrated article. Her appointment was announced on May 19 during a meeting of the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority (KHRA).

Scollay is a 13-year senior veterinarian at Calder Race Course and Gulfstream Park. She has been at the forefront in the national investigation concerning race horses’ welfare. She will begin her duties on July under a contract between KHRA and the University of Kentucky Research Foundation.

The incident of Eight Belles occurred at the 134th Kentucky Derby held at Churchill Downs on May 3. In said event, Eight Belles has finished second to Big Brown but has to be euthanized after she collapsed with two broken front ankles. The filly was euthanized on the track several minutes later.

The autopsy report on Eight Belles, however, showed she was negative for steroids. Same report said that she had no diseases or pre-existing bone abnormalities before her breakdown. The other 19 horses in the Derby were also tested for improper medication levels and the results came back negative.

Anabolic steroids are used on horses primarily to speed up recovery of horses suffering from illnesses, injury, or extreme stress. Anabolic steroids promote erythropoiesis (red blood cell production), protein synthesis as well as healthy appetite on horses.

Also, it seems the trainers decided to buy steroids from down south in Mexico! causing the initial investigation into steroid use.

Tuesday 27, May 2008

What are Brain Steroids?

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brain_steroidsIf athletes have their performance-enhancing drugs, the office workers and students have their brain-enhancing drugs or the so-called brain steroids.

Yes, there are now such things as brain-enhancing drugs which are used by regular white-collar employees can work harder, longer, and better. They are also used by students to perform better in their academics. These are substances normally indicated for narcolepsy and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Users of brain steroids have two informal classifications of these substances – sleep-replacement compounds and focus drugs.

Caffeine and Provigil (modafinil), a drug used to treat narcolepsy, belong to the first group. Provigil was purposely developed to promote wakefulness in patients with sleep disorders.

Ritalin (methylphenidate), Adderall and Focalin are of the second group, which reportedly improves cognitive functions such as focus and memory.

Ritalin and Adderall are particularly popular among today’s students. And because of the rampant usage of these drugs, many steroids users – anabolic steroids users, to be more precise – question how it is different than the use of AAS in the athletics.

If the federal authorities are cracking down on amateur and pro level athletes who are using anabolic steroids, why not do the same to the pill-popping student populace? Is there really a big difference between a student using drugs to get better grades and an athlete using the same (well, basically the same) to get better points?

Brain steroids users, like their counterparts in the sporting field, also adapt self-experimentation when it comes to dosage protocols. Since the Food and Drug Administration is unlikely to approve these drugs other than for their clinical applications, brain steroids users will be on that self-experimentation stage for a while.

Although anabolic steroids use is not criminalized, selling or possessing them with intent to distribute is considered a criminal act under the federal law. Violations can mean fines or imprisonment.

Monday 26, May 2008

Sprinter in Steroids Scandal Plans to Challenge Ban

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Dwain_Chambers_steroidsThose who repent will see the light. In Dwain Chamber’s case, it seems like he’s very particular with the kind of light he wants to see – the Olympic torch’s light. The repentant British sprinter also has plans to resort to legal action to challenge his lifetime Olympic ban so that he can be eligible to run again at the Beijing Olympics.

Chambers was awarded a two-year ban due to his use of performance-enhancing drugs. He was tested positive for the designer drug tetrahydrogestrinone, known also as THG or ‘The Clear’. However, in a letter written by Victor Conte, it was apparent that Chambers was not only using The Clear, but several other substances. (Chambers decided to buy steroids from BALCO at some point)
According to the letter, the sprinter was also using human growth hormone, the blood-boosting drug EPO, a testosterone/epitestosterone cream, modafinil (a drug that combats tiredness), insulin, and liothryonine, a synthetic thyroid hormone. Conte was the founder and owner of the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative or BALCO. BALCO is a California-based firm, which was reportedly the source of anabolic steroids used by numerous professional athletes. In 2003, this illegal activity was exposed resulting to what media referred as the BALCO Affair.

Conte’s letter was handed over to UK Sport’s anti-doping chief John Scott on Friday in a repentant move that Chambers hopes will help demonstrate that he’s letting everything out in the open. Further, he wants the sporting world to see that he is serious in cleaning up his act. The details of Chambers meeting with Scott have not been divulged.

Regarding the sprinter’s move to challenge the ban, his lawyer said in a statement: “We can confirm that Dwain Chambers will be taking proceedings to secure his eligibility/participation in the Olympic and National trials in Birmingham from 11-13 July.”

Chambers is just one of the several popular professional athletes who have been implicated with steroids use. Several personalities involved in said case have been in legal quagmire including sprinter Marion James and cyclist Tammy Thomas. BALCO’s now infamous organic chemist, Patrick Arnold, has already served his three-month sentence in West Virginia. Conte has also spent four months in jail for selling steroids.

Sunday 25, May 2008

Radom drug testing in schools?

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We are against drug use by anyone, and especially teens, but can drug tests truly prevent drug use in schools. Let’s face it, students will still take drugs no matter the tests or not. It’s odd to waste MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars for something that the parents should be responsible for NOT schools. If parents just took the time to educate their kids and teach them about drugs and not leave drug education to the schools and TV, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Random drug testing of Colorado Springs high school students involved in extracurricular activities is likely to begin in the next few years, experts say.

Such a move will require area school boards and administrators to grapple with testing policies. But more importantly, it will require school communities to recognize that teens do drugs and embrace stricter testing policies as a way to deter drug use.

Sunday 25, May 2008

UFC 84: BJ Penn proves himself, Wandelei Silva makes a comeback

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BJ_penn_sean_sherk ufc 84BJ Penn proved himself against Sean Sherk at UFC 84. Let’s looks at BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk UFC 84 play by play.

BJ Penn Vs. Sean Sherk

Round 1:
Sean Sherk came out in the opening seconds with a single-leg takedown, but was stuffed by BJ Penn. Sean Sherk connects with a a strong left hand which rocks BJ Penn. Sherk and Penn keep trading short jabs in the middle of the ring. Then BJ Penn rocks Sherk with a 1 / 2 combo, but Sean recovers fast. Sean Sherks eye is opened up from the trades, he’s bleeding. The rest of the round BJ Pen keeps throwing jabs.

Round 1 score: 10-9 (BJ Penn)

Round 2:
Sherk comes on strong with a low kick and both fighters start the punching exchange again. BJ Penn lands a strong uppercut, but Sean Sherk is standing and trading with Penn with fast short punches. Sherk seems very damaged from the jabs Penn keeps throwing, he seems worn out. Sean Sherk attempts a single-leg takedown and is stuff by BJ Penn, then BJ lands a left hook.

Round 2 score: 10-9 (BJ Penn)

Round 3:
Again, both fighters come out and trade jabs in the middle of the ring. However, Sherk is bleeding hard and cannot answer BJ Penns’ non stop jab and straight attacks. BJ Penn throws a few punches, then explodes into a flying knee that rocks Sean Sherk against the cage. BJ Penn jumps on him and hits him with non stop punches until the round ends.

Round 3 score: 10-8 (BJ Penn)

The fight was stopped after the 3rd round:
BJ Penn Wins by Technical Knock Out at 5:00 in the 3rd round

iSteroids Thoughts on the fight:
It seems Sean Sherk had no gameplan! what was he thinking? let’s face it, he was NEVER a great striker and BJ Penn is known for being a good striker. So, why stand up with someone who’s a better striker? why not use your wrestling to keep taking down BJ Penn and keep him down. Sean Sherk had the worst gameplan we’ve ever seen. He should have taken down BJ Penn over and over and kept him on the ground with lay and pray, blanket him for 4-5 rounds to a decision. Plus, Sherk looked slow and weak, very poorly handled fight.

Wanderlei_Silva_Keith_Jardine Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine

Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine play by play:

Round 1:
Jardine comes out with a kick and Wanderlei counters with a right hand which hurts Jardine hard. Silva’s blood instinct kicks in and he jumps on a fallen Keith Jardine and ground and pounds him with non stop right hands. Jardine is knocked out completely blank. He is not moving at all at 0:36 (36 seconds) into the 1st round. For 4 minutes past the knock out, Jardine was completely out, that’s right he was out for over 4 minutes!

Wanderlei Silva Wins by Knock Out at 0:36 in the 1st round

iSteroids Thoughts on the fight:
Wanderlei Silva is back and his killer instinct is back. Wanderlei Silva needs to do what he does best, knock people out! He proved himself well against Jardine, and Jardine beat Chuck Liddell.

wanderlei Silva Keith Jardine

Saturday 24, May 2008

Steroid bust for a football player

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football_steroidsIt seems that former high school quarterbacks are targets of government ‘serious’ investigations into steroid abuse. The problem of cocain, crack, meth, ecstacy, alcohol, smoking and obesity have already been fixed by the governments’ every so efficient system, now it’s time to concentrate on STEROIDS! It seems government officials set up a sting where some rat snitch wanted to buy steroids , so he called Jared Foster asking for steroids (entrapment?). It seems Jared Foster was induced into selling steroids via governments’ use of his friend. Using other people as bait is illegal, no matter what the courts have ruled.

A former Madison County high school quarterback has been indicted on charges of selling steroids.

Nineteen-year-old Jared Foster of Madison was released on $5,000 bond after an appearance in Madison County Circuit Court. He entered a plea of innocent and waived arraignment.

Prosecutors say the case will likely go to trial in September.

Foster was arrested in Oxford in January after allegedly selling anabolic steroids to an informant on Oct. 5, 2007. He was dismissed from the University of Mississippi football team in January.

The former Madison Central High School standout had played in 2007 at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. He had been enrolled in classes at Ole Miss and was informally working out with the team.

Friday 23, May 2008

Barry Bonds Blacklisted for Steroids

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barrybonds-steroidsIt seems Barry Bonds is now blacklisted from baseball because of steroid use. But, really, what’s the reason the BALCO grand jury went after Barry Bonds? Bonds didn’t run BALCO, he didn’t sell their products, he didn’t even really know what they produced (the complexity of it all), but he used the “clear” steroids they provided. Why exactly then did the grand jury attention turn from investigating an alleged steroid dealer into a witch hunt into steroids in baseball? Well it seems that federal attention turned when they realized they can get more attention by attacking a famous baseball player with steroid investigations. Let’s face it, home many local crack heads who bought 1 rock are gone after when a cocaine cartel boss from south america is put in investigated? NONE!

Barry Bonds was just used as an example of the over reaching government power and the waste of taxpayer dollars on constant steroid investigations. USA Taxpayers want a better economy, lower gas prices and an end to the war in Iraq, not more investigations into which baseball player injected steroids into their ass.

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