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Wednesday 27, Aug 2008

Incidents of steroid and PEDS use at 12-year low in 2008 Olympics

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Beijing Olympics SteroidsThe number of athletes who tested positive for steroids and other banned substances had hit 12-year low in the recently concluded Beijing Olympics and yet more and more athletes are being doubted for winning through legitimate means.

Take a look at the case of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and American swimming sensation Michael Phelps.

Bolt, who now currently holds both the Olympic and world records for the 100 meters, elicits some suspicion on his superb performance at the Bird’s Nest Stadium as he broke three world records in Beijing, way too easy in the opinions of fans and sports observers alike. This despite the fact that Bolt underwent rigorous and multiple drug screenings and passed them all.

Phelps, on the other hand, raked in eight gold medals in swimming and is now the proud holder of seven world records in swimming. And some opine the latest Spedoo LZR RACER swimwear might not be the only help the 23-year-old swimmer is getting when he hits the water.

The cynical view of many stems from the stark reality that former record holders and seemingly invincible Olympians have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs later on in their careers. Marion Jones and Ben Johnson are just two of the many who had once basked in Olympic glory then retreated in disgrace because of steroid use.

American sprinter Michael Johnson acknowledges this problem.

“It’s unfortunate what has happened to the sport and it has to be addressed and it is being addressed,” Johnson said. “But if someone wants to believe the only way (Bolt) can do what he’s doing is through doping, that is their prerogative.” Johnson’s world record in the 200-meter dash was broken by Bolt in Beijing.

There is also the concern of new class of PEDs, called designer drugs, and newfangled doping techniques constantly emerging from some rudimentary lab in some obscure places across the United States and elsewhere. Gene doping is at the forefront of these new doping technologies and anti-doping officials scramble as they find new ways to detect them.

Remember the case of Marion Jones, et al? Jones, who is currently serving her 6-month prison term due to lying to investigators who questioned her about her use of steroids, breezed through screenings while using the latest designer steroid at that time THG, or tetrahydrogestrinone. Jones, with her apparent use of THG, conquered the track to win five medals in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  Jones and the other athletes might have continued with such illegal practice had it not been for the whistleblower in their coop, her track coach Trevor Graham.

Only six athletes of the nearly 11,000 participants in Beijing fell to the dragnet of the IOC and the question hangs if how many of these athletes were able to outsmart officials and got away with the gold loot.

The IOC also launched its first coordinated pre-games testing program, which caught 39 athletes and barred them from participating before the Aug. 8 opening ceremony. Such tests, for example, led to the entire Bulgarian weightlifting team to drop out before the Olympics.
While more positive drug test results could still turn up, especially for substances such as the blood booster erythropoietin, or EPOs, that take longer to detect, IOC officials were celebrating what they said was a victory for athletic fair play.

“We feel the deterrent effect played a part in what we see,” said IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies. “The athletes know that at this event the IOC, which is the organization running the doping programs, means business in not having those who cheat as a part of these events.”

Wednesday 27, Aug 2008

Anavar (oxandrolone) Video

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Wednesday 27, Aug 2008

Barry Bonds seeks steroid charges thrown out

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barry bonds steroidsIt seems the Barry Bonds defense team has finally come up with an answer to close this ongoing steroid case.  The questions posed to Barry Bonds weren’t clear or realistic.  In fact, many of the questions such as: “did you take any steroid LIKE substacned,” were plain misleading.  Example would be perfectly legal anabolic diet or insulin, both of which you can LEGALLY do but claim each has an anabolic effect, i.e. STEROID LIKE effect! is it true? possible but it’s not realistic.  Did Barry Bonds use steroids? YES! Did he break any rules? NO!  When Barry Bonds was using anabolic steroids, steroids were NOT banned by MLB or any other baseball organization.  After the Barry Bonds fiaso, doping became a key to baseball.

However, let’s face it, baseball was a dying sport before steroids – baseball NEEDS steroids to survive and get those ticket sales.  Just look at what steroids and HGH do for the NLF, the highest value sport on the planet – bar none!  Steroid use in Baseball is a good thing, as anabolic steroids and HGH have really made the sport interesting.  It’s not the lame old sport of waiting for 3 hours for 1 home run.  People flock the stadiums to see Barry Bonds, the home run king, hit one out of the park.  Yea maybe steroids did help Barry Bonds, but how many regular folks can you load up with steroids and send them on the field and have them him 90mph ball? none.  Barry Bonds had talent, steroids just help his stamina and strenght.

Barry Bonds asked a federal judge Monday to toss out most of the government’s case against him that charges the slugger lied to a federal grand jury about his alleged steroids use.

In a filing made in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, lawyers for baseball’s home run king argue that many of the charges stem from ambiguous answers to ambiguous questions posed by prosecutors.

Wednesday 27, Aug 2008

Georges St. Pierre- B.J. Penn rematch on the works

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gsp-bj-pennAnother explosive battle between welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn might take place next year, according to St. Pierre’s manager Shari Spencer.

In a recent radio interview, Spencer confirmed that a repeat encounter could happen on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

“That’s my understanding,” said Spencer. “I know [UFC President] Dana [White] has been announcing it publicly. We haven’t officially signed a bout agreement, but everything is pointing toward January 31 in Vegas against B.J. Penn.”

In March 2006 at UFC 58 USA Versus Canada, St. Pierre won via a split decision over Penn.  The 29-year-old Penn currently holds UFC’s lightweight championship belt and fans want to see these two fighters deliver classic octagon action.

Spencer confirmed news of the planned 170-pound title bout on the heels of intensive renegotiations with Zuffa LLC, parent company to the UFC, to retain St. Pierre’s services.

“We’ve been in long discussions with the UFC for several months,” said Spencer. “I am not at liberty to say anything right now. But there should be some news coming out regarding that very shortly.”

St. Pierre’s recent bout earned him a unanimous decision over Jon Fitch at UFC 87 Seek and Destroy last August 9. After that match, the Canadian fighter had one fight remaining on his contract with UFC. And there had been rumors the “Rush” might end up with opposing promotion, particularly Affliction Entertainment. Now that St. Pierre’s services had been retained by UFC the rumors have been dispelled.

BJ Penn is coming off a win over Sean Sherk, who was suspended from the UFC and lost the UFC lightweight title due to testing positive for anabolic steroids.  He denied using steroids and stuck to his story.  The anti-steroid BJ Penn slammed Sean Sherk for steroid use, but couldn’t go further.  He defeated Sean Sherk but didn’t defeat the rumor about Sherks’ steroid use.  Of course in MMA/UFC and every other sport, HGH is widely used because there is no test for it – and judging by BJ Penns’ big forehead, he’s a HGH lover!

Tuesday 26, Aug 2008

Ukrainian heptathlete blames husband-coach for positive steroid test

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ukraine-steroids‘Tis the season of fingerpointing once again in the doping world. This fingerpointing incident, however, might interest many as matrimonial bliss is now at stake in this latest steroid-related scandal.

Lyudmila Blonska, one of the unfortunate few who got caught by the anti-doping officials in Beijing, points toward her husband (we bet you with her ring finger) Sergei Blonsky. Poor Blonsky, he did not utter a protest or else he would face cold nights on the floor.

Blonska was stripped of her silver medal on Friday because she tested positive for the steroid methyltestosterone. The test was conducted at 2am following her second-place victory in the heptathlon last Saturday. Fellow Ukrainian Nataliia Dobrynska won the gold.
The International Olympic Committee has reportedly asked Blonska to hand back the silver medal after her failed doping test.

According to an AP report, Blonska was temporarily suspended by the IOC on Thursday and her medal was officially removed Friday by the IOC executive board.  The IOC has also asked the International Association of Athletics Federation to adjust the event’s results and deliberate further on Blonska’s case. Blonska could receive additional sanctions which could likely include a lifetime ban from the sport. This is strike two for Blonska as she tested positive for another banned compound stanozolol five years ago. She was suspended for two years for that first offense. (It seems to Blonska steroid use is such a hard habit to break).

Blonska was also dropped from Friday’s long jump final after finishing third in the qualifying that took place earlier in the week. Nigeria’s Blessing Okagbare competed in her lieu and won the bronze medal in the final event.

Reports say that Blonska expressed “shock” at the doping results saying she could not understand how the steroid wound up in her system. Blonska said she offered apologies to anti-doping officials and felt ashamed. She then blamed her husband for the failed doping test. Blonsky has been her coach for five years.

“She expressed that she trusted him to take care of her training and diet,” the IOC said. “She indicated that they had expressly agreed that she would not take any prohibited substances. However, her relationship with her husband was currently conflictual.” (We think “conflictual” is the euphemism for matrimonial bloodbath).

The Ukrainian team officials are likewise understandably unhappy with the positive test results. Blonska’s B sample came back positive on Thursday. The officials apologized for the positive results and described the incident as an “extraordinary case” because of her husband’s role. As such, the Ukrainian officials scheduled a meeting next Friday to hear out the case according to the IOC.

There is, however, the happy lot who welcomed Blonska’s disgraceful exit from the Olympics. One of whom was Carolina Kluft, the 2004 Olympic heptathlon champion who finished ninth in the long jump Friday.

“She doesn’t deserve my thought,” the Swede said. “I am just happy she got caught and is out of the sport forever.”

Britain’s elite long jumper Kelly Sotherton, who moved up to fourth in the heptathlon results due to Blonka’s, had continuously complained that Blonska should be disqualified from the Olympics because of her previous doping record.

“It’s great news, even if it’s quite negative,” she said. “It’s great news for my event and the other girls, especially as there was a medal on the line and hopefully that’s the last of her. I won’t have to talk about her again or compete against her again.”

Tuesday 26, Aug 2008

Robbie Lawler- Joey Villasenor possible rematch on EliteXC’s November card

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Robbie Lawler (16-4) might not go ahead with his plan to take a personal time off from the cage for the remainder of the year. Following his win over Scott Smith in July, he  said he intended to take a break but now MMA fans will likely see “Ruthless” in action again as soon as November.

There have been reports that Lawler will face off again with Joey Villasenor (26-6) for EliteXC event slated for November 8. Same reports say the bout is “pretty much a done deal.” The card will broadcast on Showtime cable network.

EliteXC Vice-President Jared Shaw’s has hinted of the possible rematch with his recent interview.

“Joe [Villasenor] will definitely be appearing sometime in the fall,” Shaw said. “And he’s definitely in line for a world title shot.”

Villasenor is currently riding on a three-win streak but he still has to get his revenge on Lawler. Villasenor was knocked out by Lawler via a flying knee at PRIDE 32 Real Deal on October 2006. The 6-foot Albuquerque native says he’s looking forward for the chance to fight it out again with Lawler.

“[Lawler] caught me with his first right, he dazed me, and the rest is history,” Villasenor said. “Ever since that night I think about it and him all the time. … I would really like the opportunity to compete against him again.”

The opportunity to fight in his hometown has been lost when EliteXC’s card was cancelled. Said card was supposed to take place on Sept. 20 in New Mexico. But it looks like it’s a scenario of opportunity lost and opportunity gained for Villasenor as he has now the chance to grapple the title from Lawler.

The bout will be Lawler’s third title defense in less than six months. Lawler, currently WAMMA’s fifth-ranked middleweight, is holding on to the title with tenacity as this bout will be Lawler’s third title defense in less than six months. Lawler’s record now shows a five-bout winning streak.

Also a note, a lot of EliteXC athletes have tested positive for anabolic steroids, so don’t be suprised to see the november even full of steroid accusations.   MMA’s Antonio Silva disproves steroid use

Monday 25, Aug 2008

Marion Jones on prison relay because of steroids

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Marion Jones steroidsThis could be a calculated move on the part of federal authorities. As the 2008 Olympics was preparing to wrap up in Beijing former American track superstar Marion Jones is being relayed from one cage to another.

Remember that on July this year, the disgraced athlete has appealed to President George Bush to commute her six-month prison sentence for lying to prosecutors about her steroid use. Apparently, she did not get her wish granted.

The Belizean-born Jones shone in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 easily dominating the track and winning five medals there. She has been since disqualified and stripped of the medals, three of which were gold. She has also been disqualified at the IAAF World Cup in Athletics that took place in Madrid, Spain in 2002. The competition’s results were annulled where Jones participated in the 100m and the 4 x 100m relay, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively.

AP reports:

Former U.S. track star Marion Jones has been moved from a federal prison in Fort Worth and will serve the remainder of her sentence in San Antonio.

The disgraced Olympic star was sentenced to six months in prison in January for lying to federal agents about her use of performance-enhancing drugs and a check-fraud scam.
Jones also was ordered to do 400 hours of community service in each of the two years following her release.

Federal Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman Traci Billingsley says Jones was transferred to a community corrections center in San Antonio on Tuesday.

The Dallas Morning News reported Friday the transfer is part of the process toward the Sept. 5 scheduled release of Jones. She entered prison in early March.
President Bush has not acted on requests, on behalf of Jones, to commute her sentence.

For years, Jones denied using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. However, in October 2007, she pleaded guilty to two charges of perjury and was subsequently sentenced in January by a federal court in New York.

She admitted she had lied to investigators in 2003 when she denied knowing that she took the banned compound tetrahydrogestrinone (THG), known as “the clear,” before participating at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Monday 25, Aug 2008

Brazilian athlete wins gold despite failed steroid test

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Maurren Higa Maggi SteroidsBrazilian long jumper Maurren Higa Maggi won the gold in Beijing with 7.04m from her first attempt. The distance should have elicited congratulatory backslaps from those in attendance at the Bird’s Nest Stadium instead her triumph earned some black comments. The reason? The 32-year-old Maggi had tested positive for the anabolic steroid Clostebol five years ago.

One of Maggi’s most vocal detractors was Jade Johnson, Britain’s No.1 long jumper. Johnson was quite disappointed with her performance in the long jump final event – she finished sixth – but it was clear that she was more disappointed that Maggi took home the gold.

“The more annoying thing for me was that she came back and won the Olympic Games,” said Johnson. “That is the most annoying thing for me – ever.

Maggi was cleared by the Brazilian Athletic Federation of any doping violations in 2003. She had denied any wrongdoing saying the banned substance was in her hair-removal cream. The International Association of Athletics Federations made an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to overcome BAF’s acquittal but the Brazilian long jumper did not attend the hearing and served the two-year suspension.

To Johnson, it seemed, Maggi should have been disqualified from the Olympics – with or without the hair-removal cream.

“I don’t think anyone should be allowed back, regardless. I still would only have come sixth but the girls a few down the line would have got a medal. I was hoping anyone would beat her.

“People should be banned for life if they take drugs. Simple as that. Two years is not long enough. I am sure you must still have it in your system and you must still have benefits.

“It’s really frustrating when you train really hard. I didn’t give my best today but if I was the girl in fourth place I would be really angry right now. You train really hard, you put everything in, you make sacrifices in everything.”

Maggi, who is married to race car driver Antônio Pizzonia, downplayed the steroid incident.

“You know what, doping happens,” Maggi said. “It was a bad accident for me. I knew I still have things to do. Today I came with gold, it is unbelievable.”

Sunday 24, Aug 2008

Now, it’s Ukrainian steroid spectacle in Beijing Olympics

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ukraine-steroidsOn the heels of Lyudmila Blonska’s steroid scandal at the Beijing Olympics is another steroid-related case with another Ukrainian athlete. This time around it’s weightlifter Igor Razoronov who has been kicked out of the Beijing Olympics because he tested positive for the anabolic steroid nandrolone.

Razonov became the number 6 athlete to be ejected from the Games due to doping. Many doubt the integrity of the current Summer Games because so far only six athletes have been caught with doping infringements. If you’re to compare it to the last Olympics in Athens four years ago, that’s a paltry figure. Twenty-four athletes were thrown out for doping violations during the Athens Games, wherein three athletes were stripped of their gold medals. The Athens doping statistics is the highest ever in the history of the Olympics.

Currently, the International Olympic Committee has initiated 4,600 doping tests in Beijing and the number is expected to reach more than 5,000 up to the Games’ closing ceremony on Sunday.

The 38-year-old Razonov tested positive for the banned compound after competing in the 105kg-division Monday. He finished sixth in said event. According to the IOC, the weightlifter’s sample was more then a four times over the permitted threshold for the nandrolone. Razoronov did not ask testing for his B sample.

Ukrainian team officials, meanwhile, ‘apologized’ saying the positive result may be due to medication Razonorov was taking. They said Razonorov recently underwent elbow and knee surgery due to injuries.  This claim, however, was disproved by IOC medical director Patrich Schamasch. Schamasch said it was unlikely that such medical treatment would result to the presence of nandrolone in the sample. Further, Razonorov did not make any request for an exemption for use of medications.

The IOC has instructed the International Weightlifting Committee to make adjustments to the competition results and to further deliberate the case for any additional sanctions. Razoronov could face a two-year ban from his sport.

Razoronov’s compatriot heptathlete Blonska has tested positive for the steroid methyltestosterone. Blonska was stripped of her silver medal she won on Saturday.

Saturday 23, Aug 2008

You win some and you lose some on steroid use

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Lyudmila Blonska steroidsA grim fate may await Ukraine’s heptathlon silver medalist Lyudmila Blonska. The hepathlete A sample has tested positive for a banned compound anabolic steroid methyltestosterone and could likely bite the dust should the quagmire she’s in turns for the worse.

The test was carried out at 2 a.m. in the morning after her competition. In the stepped-up anti-doping procedure adopted by the International Olympic Committee in conjunction with the World Anti-Doping Committee, all top five finishers in the Beijing Olympics will be tested for banned compounds like anabolic steroids.

According to the International Association Athletics Federation, the world governing body for athletics, Blonska’s B sample will be tested later on Wednesday. If her second sample yields the same result, Blonska’s could face a lifetime ban since this, if proven guilty, would make her second infringement.

Under the WADA’s rules an athlete could face a lifetime ban if guilty of violating anti-doping rules for the second time. The 30-year-old Ukrainian had just returned to competition in 2005 after she was exposed and banned for using stanozolol in 2003. The lifetime ban could also mean the loss of the silver medal she recently won in Beijing.

A meeting of IOC chiefs will decide on Blonska’s case.

“This athlete has tested positive. Her B sample will be opened later…. and there will be a hearing…,” IAAF President Lamine Diack told reporters.

“We live in a society where people cheat, doping is never in the past. We can’t lower our guard,” Diack said.

When interviewed after her second-place finish on Saturday, Blonska’s shrugged off comments relating to athletes being banned from the Olympics if they have tainted doping records.
“That is all in the past… I made a mistake, but I returned,” Blonska said on Saturday. “Those who say I should be banned should look in the mirror.”

One of her detractors is British athlete Kelly Sotherton who competed against Blonska and finished fifth. “I’m pleased her teammate beat her,” Sotherton said last Saturday. “That makes it bittersweet. I’d have been really upset if she’d won gold. The penalty you should pay if you take drugs is not to compete at the Olympics.”

Blonska’s fellow Ukrainian Nataliaa Dobrysnska took the gold while American Hyleas Fountain won the bronze. Russia’s Tatiana Chernova finished fourth and, if Blonska is disqualified, Chernova would move up from fourth to the bronze.

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