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Saturday 31, Oct 2009

Fitness club members jailed for steroid import

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Fitness club members jailed for steroid importDavid Newcombe, Kevin Lewis, and David Fletcher have been jailed due to importation of steroids and growth hormones in the Far East.

The three have been reportedly recruited to wire money to China and Thailand to purchase the drugs.

Teesside Crown Court heard that the trio were paid £50 every transaction and received a bottle of whisky for money transferring money, usually amounting to £3,000 to £4,000.

Newcombe was involved for three years and was able to transfer a total of £122,000, Fletcher made 60 transactions totaling to £191,000 while Lewis made 19 transfers totaling to £56,000.

Under UK law, import and purchase of steroids and other performance enhancement drugs is legal but the selling and distribution in the UK is illegal.

The three pleaded guilty before Judge George Moorhouse, to transfer of criminal property, knowing that the money came from sales of the products by plot leaders.

The three men seemed were recruited individually by others connected to the Darlington gym. They seemed not to know each other.

Fletcher received three years imprisonment, Newcombe received 18 months imprisonment and Lewis received nine months. Of the three Lewis played a minor role while Fletcher was found to possess 10 boxes of growth hormones in his home.

Saturday 31, Oct 2009

More effective drug discovered for steroid-induced bone loss

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More effective drug discovered for steroid-induced bone lossAlendronate used to be the drug of choice in patients with steroids-induced osteoporosis. Recently, however, researchers discovered that the drug teriparatide can help increase bone density better and is better at reducing incidence of vertebral fractures in osteoporotic patients.

Steroid induced osteoporosis is common among patients taking maintenance drugs like prednisone, prednisolone, dexamethasone and cortisone. These types of steroids are called glucocorticoids. They are hormones that are also produced naturally by the body. It helps reduce inflammation among patients with autoimmune disease. Patients with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and asthma usually take these types of medicines.

In a study conducted, 428 patients with confirmed osteoporosis were divided into two groups. The first group was given 5 mg of prednisone a day for three consecutive months or more. The second group received 10 mg of alendronate a day with an additional placebo injection. All participants received 1,000mg of calcium everyday and 800 International Units of Vitamin D a day.

Results showed patients who received teriparatide had an 11% increase in bone mineral density while patients who received alendronate and placebo showed a 5.3% increase in their bone mineral density.

Researchers concluded that teriparatide is a more effective and safe treatment for steroid induced osteoporosis

Friday 30, Oct 2009

Are Steroids as harmful as they are been seen or highlighted?

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Are Steroids as harmful as they are been seen or highlighted?In the world of sports, a long debate is always there when the topic of discussion was steroids. While some advocate the usage of steroids to deliver consistently high performances on the field, some think that steroids are harmful. While the former group is right, the latter group is not completely right; this is because steroids are harmful but only when they are abused.

Let us read excerpts from a conversation between Rick Collins, J.D. –RC – and Norman Fost, M.D. – NF – to find if steroids are really harmful for its users and society.

It can be easily concluded from the above studies that steroids, as such, do not bring any side effects to their users but a high sense of carefulness and diligence are very much required while using steroids. One can stay away from dangers of steroids just like one can stay away from road accidents by walking or driving carefully on the road. The point is very clear – there is nothing safe in this world, but you can ensure it remains safe by following the established rules.

Friday 30, Oct 2009

Former trooper lessens penalty after pleading guilty to steroid possession

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Former trooper lessens penalty after pleading guilty to steroid possession Adam Longo, 28, a former state trooper admitted to court last Tuesday to possessing anabolic steroids. A judge asked Longo what his plead was, and he replied that he was guilty of the charges.

He will be sentenced in Natrona County for the next week or so for the felony. His maximum penalty could have been five years of imprisonment, but since his legal counsel bargained a deal with the prosecutors, he only has to face five years probation.

Longo’s name was linked to former Wyoming state trooper, Franklin Ryle Jr.’s case who was accused of kidnapping a Wal-mart truck driver.  According to police investigations, anabolic steroids were discovered inside Ryle’s desk.

Longo admitted to head of Wyoming Highway Patrol, Col. Sam Powell that he had used steroids during the last 18 months and that had given some to Ryle. Longo further added that he obtained the steroids from a local Casper gym.

Since Longo had no criminal record, and the anabolic steroid he possessed was initially for personal use, prosecutors easily agreed to the plea agreement. One prosecutor even said Longo’s cooperation was extraordinary.

He was represented last Tuesday by his lawyer, Michael Krampner.

Friday 30, Oct 2009

An epidemic happening in this NHL season

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An epidemic happening in this NHL seasonThere seems to be an epidemic happening at the NHL this season. More than a handful of NHL stars are taking a break due to broken bones.

This week, Atlanta’s Ilya Kovalchuk broke his bone in his right foot. He will be missing  on the next three to five weeks this season.

Two of Boston Bruins top forwards, Marc Savard and Milan Lucic will miss four to six weeks. Savard suffered a broken foot while Lucic had his finger broken.

Joining the list are Carolina forward Erik Cole with a broken leg, Vancouver winger Daniel Sedin with a broken foot, New Jersey defenseman Paul Martin with a broken arm and Pittsburgh blueliner Sergei Gonchar with a broken wrist.

With the rampant use of steroids use in the world of sports, it would be impossible not to suspect steroids as the main culprit for all these bones breaking. Many people, especially those in the medical field know that steroids can lead to brittle bones, which can increase chances of broken bones.

One thing good about NHL is that the league always subjects their players to drug testing before competing in international games such as the Olympics. Bryan Berard was previously caught positive forPEDs use by this particular NHL system before the Torino Games.

Friday 30, Oct 2009

Teriparatide effective than Alendronate for steroid-induced osteoporosis

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Teriparatide effective than Alendronate for steroid-induced osteoporosisInjectable teriparatide (foreto) increases BMD (bone mineral density) by as much as two percent when compared to oral alendronate (fosamax) in a head-to-head comparison, according to a recent study.

It was remarked by Kenneth Saag, M.D., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and his colleagues, that teriparatide was found in a relationship with enhanced improvements in the level of bone mineral density at the spine and hip.

Philip N. Sambrook, M.D., of the University of Sydney, said that teriparatide can prove to be a breakthrough option as a potential first-line therapy for steroid-Induced Osteoporosis as per the findings of Saag and his colleagues.

For informational purposes, teriparatide is currently approved for men and postmenopausal women with osteoporosis suffering from the high risk of fractures.

Thursday 29, Oct 2009

Steroids being masked to stay protected

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Steroids being masked to stay protectedNow that doping officials have formulated improved plans to catch hold of steroid users in sports, the use of substances such as diuretics is on a rampant high as they almost eliminate the presence of steroids in urine samples.

In this regard, sportsmen have been making use of compounds such as plasma expanders, secretion inhibitors, and epitestosterone. These diuretics have been in much demand since steroid-taking sportsmen have felt the urge to stay away from suspicious eyes.

Let us find out some important things about steroid masking.

Doping officials and medical scientists have been trying hard to inhibit the sale and popularity of diuretics but until this eventful day comes, steroids will be used by sportsmen of all ages.

Thursday 29, Oct 2009

Famous players to have been involved in steroids scandals

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Famous players to have been involved in steroids scandalsAccording to Andre Agassi’s autobiography, he used crystal meth while still playing professional tennis. Agassi was not the only famous world-class player to have been involved with steroids.

Some of the most famous players were Diego Maradona, one of Argentina’s greatest football player who tested positive for ephedrine in the 1994 World Cup series.

Baseball’s highest paid player, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. However, no penalties were imposed for a positive test until 2003.

Sports Illustrated broke the story about A-Rod’s use of steroids after they found that the Yankees slugger was among the list of 104 players that tested positive in a confidential testing.

Other athletes to have failed anti-doping tests were Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Michael Phelps, who was photographed to have been smoking pot at a student party in 2009.

Richard Gasquet, the French tennis star and a former Wimbledon semi-finalist, tested positive for cocaine use. However, he claimed that he got the residue from kissing a girl in a bar. He was later cleared of all charges.

Martina Hingis, one of the famous players in the tennis scene opted to retire early than undergo further tests for testing positive for cocaine use.

So far, these are the brightest stars in the sports arena to have also graced the news pages because of positive anti-doping tests.

Thursday 29, Oct 2009

Congress to scrutinize Minnesota Vikings’ case next week

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Congress to scrutinize Minnesota Vikings’ case next weekThe House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection will conduct investigations regarding Minnesota Viking players Kevin and Pat Williams on November 3, 2009. That is according to subcommittee representative Karen Lightfoot.

Congress will have to examine closely a controversial Minnesota law that lead to the two Pro Bowl tackles to fight off their suspension and oppose any disciplinary moves by NFL authorities.

The executives from the league and some members of the NFL players association will be called to testify. It is not yet certain of the two Minnesota Vikings will be called as witnesses.

In 2008, the Williamses were suspended after testing positive for the diuretic bumetanide, which was hidden in the weight loss supplement, StarCaps.

However, the Williamses sued the league, accusing them of violating a Minnesota law by suspending them for testing positive for bumetanide.

They sued NFL in Hennepin County and won a US Court of appeals ruling in September 11, 2009.

The NFL players tried appealing to congress to consider a federal law regarding Minnesota’s drug-testing laws, which were considered a loophole protecting players in professional sports drug testing.

The court’s ruling on the Viking’s case also allowed New Orleans Saints players to play even after being suspended due to testing positive for StarCaps.

Thursday 29, Oct 2009

Don Hooton believes McGwire is the best man to speak about steroids use

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Don Hooton believes McGwire is the best man to speak about steroids useMark McGwire may have kept a very private life ever since his retirement from Major League Baseball, but he promised to spread to word against the use of steroids and its ill effects to children. He promised to charge his foundation with the same message.

A few months after the congressional hearings, Don Hooton, father of Taylor Hooton, the high school baseball player who committed suicide, received an envelope containing a check addressed to the Taylor Hooton Foundation. The check was from Mark McGwire’s foundation.

For the past three years, the Taylor Hooton Foundation has been receiving donations from McGwire’s foundation. However, McGwire’s representative requested that the amount of donations must be kept private.

According to Hooton, McGwire’s personality and popularity, especially with the kids would be advantageous for him to spread the message. Since his back in the spotlight, it would be a great opportunity for him to start to speak and get the message relayed across.

Hooton would want to see McGwire use his voice and influence to spread the word about this topic. He would like McGwire to tell the kids the price he paid for getting involved.

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