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Tuesday 31, Aug 2010

Transforaminal injection of steroids better than placebo

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Transforaminal injection of steroids better than placeboTransforaminal injection of steroids is a viable alternative to surgery for lumbar radicular pain due to disc herniation, according to a recently concluded study by researchers from Australia.

It was remarked by editorial author Dr. Ray Baker that results of this study are particularly impressive while considering the stringent study design.

The complete details of this study appeared in the August issue of Pain Medicine, a journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, and the International Spine Intervention Society.

Tuesday 31, Aug 2010

New treatment insights for patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis

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New treatment insights for patients with severe alcoholic hepatitisResults from recently presented from two French studies at the International Liver CongressTM 2010 press conference will help in informing clinical practice for treating patients afflicted with severe or acute alcoholic hepatitis.

It is important to note here that patients not responding to steroids have a six-month survival of around 30 percent and most death happen within two months.  It was suggested by the results that early liver transplantation can be proposed to non-respondents, pending a very careful examination of selected patients.

The results were presented by Professor Philippe Mathurin from the Hôpital Huriez, CHRU Lille, France.

Tuesday 31, Aug 2010

JC Romero filed lawsuit against supplement makers

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JC Romero filed lawsuit against supplement makersThe Philadelphia Phillies star, JC Romero, has taken legal action against the manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements after he tested positive for steroid abuse.

It was alleged by Romero that it was not him, but the manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements who were responsible for his positive drug test.

Romero tested positive for androstenedione and was handed over a 50-game suspension but was allowed to workout in spring training session without being paid.

Monday 30, Aug 2010

Fairer sex use steroids for purposes other than athletics

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Fairer sex use steroids for purposes other than athleticsThe use of steroids by girls is not merely restricted to athletics only, according to a study published in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, a JAMA/Archives journal.

It was remarked by team of researchers from the Division of Health Promotion & Sports Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University that female teens use steroids for many unhealthy choices, including diet pills and smoking.

Diane Elliot, M.D., professor of medicine (health promotion and sports medicine), OHSU School of Medicine said further study is required for developing effective interventions for high-risk young women who have received less attention than young men in the past.

Monday 30, Aug 2010

Troy Glaus affirm not to use steroids in future

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Troy Glaus affirm not to use steroids in futureTroy Glaus of the Cardinals has vowed not to make use of anabolic steroids in the future. This was after Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak met with Glaus for discussing a newspaper report that said the third baseman made use of steroids in 2003 and 2004 to help him in recovering from shoulder injuries.

Mozeliak said after meeting with Glaus in Phoenix that he is of the view that Glaus will not be duplicating the mistake again.

Mozeliak said that he expects Glaus to committed to this program and get back to St. Louis as quickly as possible.

Monday 30, Aug 2010

Brain steroids used by youth to deal with pressure

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Brain steroids used by youth to deal with pressureThe lifestyle followed by some high school and undergraduate students has come under severe criticism in the recent times. It is a concerning fact that youngsters are abusing brain steroids or commonly referred as neuro enhancers in order to perform better at educational and sport levels.

The primary purpose of steroid abuse by youngsters is to do whatever it takes to get on top of physical, emotional, financial, and psychological demands of the mind, body, and society.

It is high time that youngsters are handled with care so that they do not end up abusing steroids and can give their best without any fears of failure.

Sunday 29, Aug 2010

Dialysis patients may find relief with anabolic steroids

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Dialysis patients may find relief with anabolic steroidsA new study has indicated that the use of anabolic steroids could increase lean body mass and reduce fatigue to a significant extent in kidney disease patients receiving dialysis.

The study team of University of California San Francisco researchers was led by Kirsten L. Johansen, M.D., UCSF assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology & biostatistics.

The results of this study were published in an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Saturday 28, Aug 2010

Anabolic steroids may prove addictive

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Anabolic steroids may prove addictiveHamsters exposed to the compounds demonstrated addictive behavior over time, according to a new study that was designed for testing whether androgenic anabolic steroids may be addictive in nature.

The study suggested that coaches and athletes need to be aware of addiction associated with steroids besides other dangers of using anabolic steroids.

The research, conducted by the University of Southern California’s Keck School of medicine was released at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology’s (ACNP) annual conference.

Saturday 28, Aug 2010

Anabolic steroids and Youth Men Population

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Anabolic steroids and Youth Men PopulationMore and more young men are today increasingly turning to anabolic steroids for improving their looks and self-confidence, according to a recent survey by a drug charity.

According to DrugScope, steroids are now becoming popular among young men between the ages of 16 and 25 and their popularity has extended beyond their use by body builders and athletes to improve their performance in the past.

DrugScope disclosed that use of crystal or powder MDMA, two forms of Ecstasy, had become more common though the predicted crystal meth epidemic had failed to materialize.

Friday 27, Aug 2010

Sore throat pain can be effectively managed with steroids

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Sore throat pain can be effectively managed with steroidsA single 10 mg dose of the steroid, dexamethasone can be useful in terms of safety, efficacy, and affordability for treating bacterial or viral pharyngitis (sore throat), as per a Mayo Clinic study published in an edition of Laryngoscope.

In a study involving 118 patients, it was revealed that patients given dexamethasone in a shot or a pill form reported pain relief four hours sooner than patients on placebo in pill or injection form.

Sixty seven percent of patients administered with steroids returned to normal activity in 12 hours and 84 percent returned to normal activity in 24 hours.

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