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Monday 31, Oct 2011

Hardy begins jail sentence

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According to a report on TMZ, Jeff Hardy checked into jail in his native North Carolina on Monday, October 3 to serve his 10-day sentence.

The sentence stemmed from Hardy being sentenced on September 8 for a court case stemming all the way back to September 2009.

Hardy faces five felonies, a misdemeanor charge, and a conspiracy charge.

Monday 31, Oct 2011

Bethel drug dealer reaches plea deal with prosecutors

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In what has been termed as a large-scale drug ring by law enforcement officials, a Bethel man facing federal charges has reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

According to court records, Mark Mansa, 46, who was arrested in February on federal drug charges, is scheduled to appear before U.S. Judge Vanessa L. Bryant on Nov. 16 to enter a new plea in the case.

The investigation into the drug ring, which started in 2005, included Danbury Police Department detectives and personnel from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

Sunday 30, Oct 2011

Colts guard suspended for four games

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The NFL has suspended Colts guard Jaimie Thomas for four games after the league found him violating the substance policy.

The tainted player violated the anabolic steroids and related substances policy.

Thomas was placed on IR on August 19 this year with a back injury.

Saturday 29, Oct 2011

Homobrassinolide may increase appetite and muscle mass

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Rats fed homobrassinolide, found in the mustard plant, produced an anabolic effect, and increased appetite and muscle mass, as well as the number and size of muscle fibers, according to a new research in The FASEB Journal.

A specific plant steroid when given orally to rats triggered a response similar to anabolic steroids, with minimal side effects, according to the research.

It was also revealed that the stimulatory effect of homobrassinolide on protein synthesis in muscle cells led to increases in lean body mass, muscle mass, and physical performance.

Saturday 29, Oct 2011

Indian Kabaddi players test positive in dope test

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At least 13 of the 29 Kabaddi players have tested positive during tests conducted by officials of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) in Punjab state, in a major embarrassment to the Indian sports.

“On 20th march, we tested 29 samples of kabaddi players out of which 16 were found negative and remaining 13 were found positive on the basis of anabolic steroids and stimulants, and the anti-doping tribunal has provisionally suspended the 13 players,” said Dr. Manmohan Singh, chairman of Anti-Doping committee.

Thirteen players have been served notices and declared provisionally suspended from taking part in any sport or event till the final adjudication following the test results.

Friday 28, Oct 2011

Guardia Civil seize 12,000 packets

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The Guardia Civil have seized 12,000 packages of medicines that were being sold illegally.

The Guardia Civil also searched sex-shops, smart-shops, and dietary shops where the products were being sold without authorization.

The seized contained medicines such as Pollenin and Omeprazol, hormones, anabolic steroids, and other products that are yet to be identified as they had no labels or were in Chinese.

Friday 28, Oct 2011

World Kabaddi Cup started with anabolic steroids issue

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The World Kabaddi Cup made headlines in sports magazines for reports that 13 of its players tested positive for anabolic steroids and stimulants.

The test conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was part of the pre-tournament drug testing of the players.

Indian Sports Director Pragati Singh expressed some concern on the result of the tests. “Definitely it’s a matter of concern. Even as a player it’s a matter of concern. We want the medal with respect. We don’t want medal like this,” he said.

Thursday 27, Oct 2011

Growing use of anabolic steroids to be tackled by seizures

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Border officials would be able to seize imports of anabolic steroids as part of initiatives for cutting the growing misuse of the drugs among young people.

The new legislation on anabolic steroids is being introduced in response to warnings about the increasing popularity and easy availability of anabolic steroids online.

‘It is encouraging that the government have accepted almost all the ACMD’s recommendations and haven’t chosen to criminalise and marginalise anabolic steroid users directly,’ Dr Lawson said. ‘There is a real need for reliable, credible and consistent health information for steroid users.’

Wednesday 26, Oct 2011

Matt Hardy arrested on drug charges

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Former professional wrestler, Matt Hardy, will be facing drug charges after deputies searched a residence on Boys Camp Road in Cameron and seized drugs, including anabolic steroids.

This announcement was made by a release from the sheriff’s office.

The first court appearance of Hardy is set for Sept. 29.

Tuesday 25, Oct 2011

Students hear about risks of steroids

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According to a recent guest speaker at Logan-Rogersville High School, the face of performance enhancing drug and appearance enhancing drug use among teenagers is not necessarily who you think.

“The fastest growing group of high school steroid users are freshman girls,” said Don Hooton Jr., director of business development for the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

“Not the kind of kid you think of doing something like this,” he told the students. Overachievers, though, are at high risk of being susceptible to performance- and appearance-enhancing drugs. “They think they are doing something healthy, getting their body in better shape.”

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