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Tuesday 30, Sep 2014

Scottish Swimmer And Northern Irish Fencer Awarded

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Fraser Kane, from Irvine, and Brian Murray, from Londonderry, were recently crowned 100% me Spirit of the Games winners. The Scottish swimmer and Northern Irish fencer received the award for demonstrating the 100% me values to the highest level at the Sainsbury’s 2014 School Games and were selected from 1,600 athletes competing at the four-day multi-sport event.

Fraser and Brian were selected by a panel of judges from UK Anti-Doping, the event’s athlete mentors, and the Youth Sport Trust. Both received a signed certificate and an array of 100% me goodies, in addition to a £50 Nike voucher.

Fraser, who is visually impaired, was nominated for the way he conducted himself after he received the news he had missed out on third place in the Men’s MC 100m Breaststroke, despite originally being informed he had come third. Fraser’s response was described as “brilliant” by one nominee, with Fraser congratulating the competitor who bagged the bronze medal. The entry also demonstrated the commitment of Fraser towards sportsmanship and the many ways by which he assisted other members of the Scotland swimming team during the event.

Fraser, speaking from the Manchester Aquatics Centre, said his initial reaction to not winning the medal was disappointment, but he had to look forward to his other event. Fraser added he had been injured quite a lot last year so keeping the motivation, determination and courage has been really important to get back in the pool and keep working hard. The Scottish swimmer, commenting on the importance of clean sport and UKAD’s presence at the Games, added he attended a workshop and think it is really important and he actually wrote an essay on anti-doping for my English exam. He also remarked clean sport makes it fairer and better for the spectators and the athletes themselves. The athlete has ambitions to compete in the Paralympic Games and IPC World Championships in the near future.

The other award went to School Games veteran Brian Murray, who received multiple nominations for the level of support he provided to younger members of the team.

John Steele, Chief Executive at the Youth Sport Trust, congratulated Fraser and Brian for winning Spirit of the Games Awards and remarked both athletes clearly demonstrated respect and commitment to their sports and fellow athletes, which are essential skills to have if they want to compete at the highest level in sport. Judge and UKAD Next Generation Education Officer Matthew Perry added Fraser and Brian really epitomized the 100% me values and are both worthy winners of the award.

The Sainsbury’s School Games took place from September 4-7 in Manchester. The Games are supported by National Lottery funding from Sport England and delivered by national charity the Youth Sport Trust. The School Games aim to recreate the Olympic and Paralympic Games‘ experiences and has a strong track record of providing a platform for athletes who go on to compete at an international level.

100% me supports athletes to reach their potential through the values of hard work, determination, passion, respect and integrity and is UK Anti-Doping’s (UKAD) athlete education program.

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Sunday 28, Sep 2014

Record Number Of Doping Tests At Incheon 2014 Asian Games

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The South Korean Organizing Committee has revealed that there will be 1,920 doping tests at this month’s Incheon 2014 Asian Games, which will be a record number for the continental multisport event.

It was disclosed by the Committee that 1,621 of the total will be in-competition tests and 299 will be random, out-of-competition tests and it was added that all record breakers and medalists will also be subjected to tests. These figures surpass the count of tests at previous editions of the Asian Games, with Guangzhou 2010 holding the previous record of 1,500 tests. Park Joo-hee, head of the Incheon 2014 doping control team, said most of the tests will be done on medalists and added but even those who get knocked out of their events early won’t be able to let their guard down.

The Incheon 2014 Asian Games will also see a “no needle” policy that was first enforced by the International Olympic Committee at London 2012 Olympics. This policy bars athletes from possessing syringes that could be used for doping. A total of 582 drug testers would be present at the 45 sports venues and two Athletes’ Villages in Incheon and Chungju and all samples would be analyzed within 24 hours of reaching the doping control centre at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology. Officials from the World Anti-Doping Agency are also expected to pay a visit to the event for promoting anti-doping policies.

Michael Hwang of Singapore was recently appointed as President of the ad hoc division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) created for the Asian Games in Incheon. A graduate of Oxford University, Hwang is presently practicing as an arbitrator and barrister. Six Court of Arbitration for Sport arbitrators (South Korean Dong Su, Australian Bruce Collins, Catherine Davani from Papua New Guinea, China’s Chi Liu, Vietnam’s Thi My Dung Nguyen, and Vinayak Pradhan from Malaysia) have also been selected form the tribunal. The office in Incheon will be headed by the Lausanne-based CAS secretary general, Matthieu Reeb. It will be based at the Oakwood Premier Hotel. A panel composed of either one or three arbitrators will be appointed by Hwang if it has to hear any disputes and a hearing will be rapidly convened. The ad hoc division would hear disputes including selection issues, drugs cases, and judging controversies it is expected to announce its decisions within 24 hours.

At the Incheon 2014 Asian Games, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has granted special approval to allow 14 athletes (Jamie Atkinson, Waqas Barkat, Aizaz Khan, Roy Lamsam, Mariko Aota Hill and Ishitaa Gidwani, and four rugby players: Anthony Haynes, Keith Robertson, Lindsay Varty, and captain Jamie Hood along with cyclists Meng Zhaojuan and Diao Xiaojuan, dressage rider Aram Gregory and footballer Xu Deshuai) from Hong Kong who didn’t had valid Special Administrative Region passports. A total of 13,000 athletes and officials are expected to take part in the Games. The Incheon 2014 Asian Games will take place from September 19 to October 4.

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Friday 26, Sep 2014

UCI Leads World Sports In Anti-Doping

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The UCI president Brian Cookson has remarked cycling is leading the way in which global sports are fighting against doping. Cookson made this remark as he reflected on his first year as head of the world governing body of cycling.

Cookson has managed to bring back a significant portion of cycling’s respect after revelations by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong who claimed the controversial Pat McQuaid overlooked doping practices. Cookson remarked he believes cycling has made a lot of progress already after it lost the confidence of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) after the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. The UCI President added one of the first things we have done is to establish a very good relationship with WADA and added we have gone out of our way to rebuild relations with them, and to reshape our anti-doping practices in accordance with their rules.

Brian Cookson added we have had an independent audit on our anti-doping program, which has put forward recommendations we are in the process of fulfilling. He remarked we have completed the process of making the Cycling Anti-doping Foundation operational without any of the UCI Management Committee involved and also said so we have been working very hard towards the things we set out to do. The UCI chief as far as the fight against doping goes and he believes the key phrase is ‘eternal vigilance’. Cookson said we are now the leading sport in terms of anti-doping and added he does not know of any other sport that has thrown itself open to this amount of external scrutiny.

Cookson also remarked that keeping doping out of cycling is a critical part of keeping cycling alive. The UCI chief said it is always his intention to make clear the moral and ethical case against doping and added while we are talking about that, there is also an economic driver here. He also said media, sponsors, fans and the public don’t want to be involved in a sport where doping is a big problem and remarked we saw a clear example of this in 2008 when the German media pulled out of covering cycling at professional level and remarked at one time there were three top pro teams in Germany – at the moment there are none.

Doping scandals have engulfed other sports in the last few months. Late last year, Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray criticized Serbia’s Viktor Troicki and Croatian player Marin Cilic and termed their doping offences as “unprofessional.” It was claimed by Troicki that he was feeling unwell and the doping control officer said to him that he would be able to provide the blood sample the following day that was denied by the official concerned. Cilic blamed his positive test on glucose tablets purchased by his mother at a pharmacy in Monte Carlo.  Troicki received a suspension of 12 months for failing to provide a blood sample while Cilic was banned for nine months after he tested positive for the banned supplement, Nikethamide. The ban imposed on Cilic was reduced to four months and he went on to win the recently-concluded US Open.

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Wednesday 24, Sep 2014

NFL May Be Stripped Of Its Tax-Exempt Status

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Several U.S. senators have proposed that the NFL should be stripped of its tax-exempt status. Last week, lawmakers introduced bills that threaten to revoke the tax exempt status of the league.

Legislation was unveiled by Sen. Cory Booker, a New Jersey Democrat, to boost funding for domestic violence prevention programs by revoking the NFL’s tax exemption status, which is technically a non-profit organization, and nine other professional sports leagues.

A few days later, Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington, Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada and Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota — all Democrats — introduced a measure for eliminating the tax protection status of the league if it continues to support the Washington team name, “Redskins.” Reid remarked it is not right that the National Football League continues to denigrate an entire population, while referring to Native Americans generally and the 27 tribes in his state. The Senate majority leader added he wish Roger Goodell and the NFL’s leadership team would take a stand. In a statement, Redskins said our position remains consistent with more than 80 percent of Americans who do not want to change the Washington Redskins name.

The bill came as the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goodell are making efforts for repairing image of the league following the indefinite suspension imposed on former Ravens’ running back Ray Rice for knocking his then-fiancée unconscious in February in an Atlantic City casino elevator. The NFL is also fighting hard to control domestic or child abuse allegations against other players.

Congress has coerced sports leagues for years into action with the threat of removing tax or legal protections. Major League Baseball increased penalties more than fivefold for a first steroid offense in 2006 after being chastised and embarrassed at public hearings. The MLB also introduced a lifetime ban for a third violation.

University of Richmond law professor Carl Tobias said it is so difficult to have Congress agree on anything. Tobias added threats can still be effective in moving those who are the targets to taking some action. And the NFL, like many others, does not want the adverse publicity. Sports economist Andrew Zimbalist of Smith College remarked it was not the threat of legislation that accelerated steroids reforms. Zimbalist added he does not believe the NFL will be influenced by threats to alter its tax status.

In recent weeks, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has created a new position for overseeing the social responsibility of the league. Goodell named consultants, all women, for studying domestic violence policies for the league. Rep. Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat who played a vital role in pushing baseball to enact stricter steroids penalties, said he is glad to see the NFL’s recent commitment to support organizations fighting domestic violence across the country. Cummings added we must continue to represent the interests of our constituents by holding the NFL’s feet to the fire on domestic violence and also remarked given the NFL’s popularity in American culture and the fact that one in four women have been victims of domestic violence, Congress can and should help ensure that the NFL appropriately addresses these incidents.

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Monday 22, Sep 2014

Use Of Steroids Among Teens In NZ On Rise

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The weak anti-doping laws of New Zealand may encourage more and more teenagers to use anabolic androgenic steroids, according to the world’s leading anti-doping watchdog.

The use of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) in New Zealand has now extended its reach beyond bodybuilding circles as more and more recreational gym-goers are seeking a quick fix. Anti-doping advocates and officials have raised concerns that people could be unaware of the potential health risks that are associated with abuse of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs such as anabolic androgenic steroids that may be sometimes manufactured in unsanitary, unregulated backyard labs.

Fairfax Media reported that anti-doping advocates and officials fear that the use of PIEDs by some gym-goers may see young talent in the world of sports go astray. It reported that some of the top schoolboy rugby teams of New Zealand have been canvassed on the issue. It is believed that some gangs have recognized lucrative supply and sale opportunities in a low-stakes market.

David Howman, World Anti-Doping Agency director general, remarked the availability of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs in New Zealand and other countries was a ‘‘major concern’’. Howman added those who are buying PIEDs range from teenagers who want to look good to older people who want access to the fountain of youth. Howman expressed fears that the increased availability of drugs at a recreational level may result in more doping in sport, especially among young athletes who want to secure rewarding contracts. The World Anti-Doping Agency director general added this is an increasing problem for the health of our kids.

Officials remark regulation of gyms and tougher penalties for import and supply of PIEDs are required. According to Global Intelligence, organized criminal links to the trafficking of PIEDs have been revealed and there was stack loads of money to be made.

Graeme Steel, Drug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive, remarked he received reports on regular intervals that suggested the use of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs was growing within the recreational arena. He added some of the leading gymnasiums in the country were at the core of the problems and added gyms are certainly the meeting point for it and some gyms, and he is not saying all of them, are just like the wild west out there – it’s just anything goes. The Drug Free Sport New Zealand chief executive also said athletes need to be making pretty good choices about which gyms they use and urged gym owners to clean up their act and take some responsibility. He went on to remark that the conundrum for some of them is a significant part of their clientele may be involved in drug use and commercially it may not be a good thing for them to stop it.

Police were monitoring gang links to the PIED market, said outgoing Organized and Financial Crime Agency New Zealand deputy director Detective Superintendent Ray van Beynen. Beynen added we have had reports of the outlaw motorcycle gangs dealing with these substances and to the gangs they represent higher profit, lower risk than some of the Class A, B, C drugs.

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Saturday 20, Sep 2014

Italy To Use ADAMS For Anti-Doping Operations

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The Italian Anti-Doping Department of Comitato Olympico Nazionale Italiano (CONI) has received approval from the Italian Data Protection Authority to start using Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) of WADA unrestrictedly, according to an announcement by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

CONI has become the 225th Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) to pledge to use ADAMS, which is a platform that is widely considered the most efficient and streamlined anti-doping operations system available to the anti-doping community. The pledge of Italy to start managing all its anti-doping operations through this anti-doping operations system further highlights the commitment of the country to protect the rights of its clean athletes at a crucial time for the anti-doping movement with the revised World Anti-Doping Code about to be introduced. The decision of CONI will allay concerns held by some European Union nations regarding the compatibility of ADAMS with EU data protection laws.

The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System of WADA simplifies the daily activities of athletes and organizations that are required to handle their anti-doping activities. The functionalities of ADAMS include the submission and management of Athlete Whereabouts data that can now easily be managed by athletes using a free Whereabouts Application, the management and reporting of test results, the management of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), and the planning, coordination and ordering of tests.

The use of ADAMS within the anti-doping community is growing rapidly with more than 264,000 athlete profiles held securely in the system, and nearly 50,000 athletes actively using it for their whereabouts. The decision of CONI follows an announcement by WADA that ADAMS will be further enhanced with the arrival of the next version of the platform, ADAMS 2016. The new version promises to provide more functionalities and flexibility the anti-doping community, including a progressive intelligence collection process, investigative collaboration, superior administrative capabilities, comprehensive research analysis and the ability to work alongside other approved anti-doping systems of WADA.

CONI President, Giovanni Malagò, said he is pleased that the Italian Data Protection Authority has provided the authorization for CONI to begin using ADAMS. Malagò added they have recognized the strong public interest element from allowing CONI to further advance its efforts in the fight against doping in sport, and for that he is thankful. The CONI President also remarked it has been recognized that ADAMS offers a secure system for anti-doping organizations to conduct their anti-doping activities and ADAMS will provide CONI with a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of all our anti-doping operations in the future.

WADA Director General, David Howman, remarked WADA welcomes the news that CONI will begin using ADAMS and added this is a decision that will enhance the country’s anti-doping operations significantly. Howman added the ADAMS team of WADA has begun putting in place the necessary protocols with CONI and will provide CONI staff with ADAMS training in the coming months. The WADA Director General also said Italy will now be able to reap the benefits of ADAMS, and their decision to use the platform will help strengthen the administration and coordination of practices that help foster clean sport and he hopes Italy’s decision will also encourage other countries to start using ADAMS for their operations.

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Thursday 18, Sep 2014

WADA Continuing Drive To Educate About Doping

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WADA Continuing Drive To Educate About Doping

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will be educating young athletes about the possible dangers of doping after 15-year-old Russian twins Olga and Yelena Paushkina received doping bans of two years.

Olga and Yelena, who won the 1500 meters gold medal at the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival in Utrecht in a swift time of 4 minutes and 25.98 seconds, tested positive on April 24 for unspecified “prohibited substances” and the bans were confirmed by the Anti-Doping Commission of the All-Russian Athletics Federation.

Recently, 16-year-old weightlifter Chika Amalaha from Nigeria tested positive for banned substances and was stripped of her 53 kilogram gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow earlier this summer. The gold was later awarded to Dika Toua of Papua New Guinea. This was after both samples of Amalaha confirmed the adverse analytical findings of Amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide, which are both prohibited as masking agents and diuretics under class S5 of the World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List.

Amiloride and Hydrochlorothiazide are used to lose body weight. Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive Mike Hooper had remarked Amalaha was suspended from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Amalaha did not contest the findings at her hearing, according to a statement by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). The silver medal was awarded to Santoshi Matsa of India, while compatriot Swati Singh was upgraded to bronze.

Ben Nichols, WADA’s senior manager of media relations and communications, remarked that WADA has taken different measures for educating young athletes about the dangers of banned drugs, either inadvertently or deliberately. Nichols remarked we are aware of the suspensions issued to the two athletes, but we must wait to receive the full case file before we can review the reasons for the decision and added that WADA generally speaking has long been concerned about the need to educate young and aspiring athletes about the dangers of doping.

Nichols added WADA through its Play True Generation program has put in place successful preventative measures which have educated the youth on the consequences of doping, and have helped promote fair play, values-based messages to not just aspiring athletes but to their coaches and support personnel, too and athlete-to-youth interaction is an excellent way of getting the clean sport message across through the WADA Athlete Committee. He went on to remark that the Outreach program of WADA at last month’s Youth Olympic Games provided an excellent example of how the athletes’ message can cut through and reach the young in an easy-to-understand, engaging way. He also remarked tools to educate the young on anti-doping are now well established importantly and are available for anti-doping organizations to roll out across their own programs worldwide.

Two more Russian middle distance runners, 25-year-old Vyacheslav Shalamov and 24-year-old Polina Dontsov along with 22-year-old steeplechaser Damir Saurbayev received similar bans.

In the recent times, many top athletes have been accused or found guilty of doping. In July, Vladimir Dyatchin, the two-time world open water champion, was provisionally suspended after he failed an anti-doping test. Breaststroke world record holder Yulia Efimova and European champion and world record holder Vitali Melnikov are presently serving doping suspensions.

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Tuesday 16, Sep 2014

Former Figure Skating World Champion Summoned

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Former Figure Skating World Champion Summoned

Carolina Kostner will appear before Italian Olympic Committee officials who are investigating whether she was complicit in doping by Alex Schwazer, her former boyfriend and Olympic race walking champion.

In a brief statement on Monday, CONI says it has summoned the former figure skating world champion Carolina Kostner to a hearing on Friday. This was after media reports about evidence Kostner gave to Bolzano prosecutors investigating the case. Kostner, the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, will be asked to provide details on Schwazer’s doping and allegations of complicity in the breach of doping regulations.

Schwazer was excluded from the 2012 London Olympics after he tested positive for Erythropoietin (EPO) before the games. Prosecutors believe that coaches and doctors knew that Schwazer, who won the 50-kilometer walk at the 2008 Beijing Games, was doping long before he tested positive. Schwazer was banned by CONI for 3 ½ years in April 2013.

Schwazer, the Italian race walker, retired during the London 2012 Olympics after he was disqualified for doping offences. Schwazer admitted to buying EPO and said he lied to his fiancée as he stored EPO in their fridge. While admitting EPO use, Schwazer said in a press conference in Bolzano, in northern Italy that he lived three very difficult years as an athlete and there was too much pressure on him. The Italian walker said he acted alone and remarked he did not want to compromise anyone, especially his coach.

Schwazer said he went to Turkey in September and bought EPO from a chemist. He added that it is easier to buy EPO in Turkey than in Italy where you can get it with 1500 euros and added that he brought back EPO with him to Italy. Schwazer revealed he took the last injection on July 29, 2013 and anti-doping controllers visited him on July 30. The walker said he could have avoided the anti-doping test but decided he did not have strength to lie any more. Schwazer issued an apology to Carolina and it was not easy for him to lie to her and he told Carolina the medicines in the fridge were vitamin B12.

Alex Schwazer won the bronze medal in the 50 km race at the 2005 World Championships and was the runner-up at the 2008 IAAF World Race Walking Cup. Schwazer and went on to win gold at the 50 km walk at the 2008 Summer Olympics where he set a new Olympic record with his time of 3:37:09.

Carolina, the Italian figure skater, is a five-time European champion, the 2011 Grand Prix Final champion, the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, and the 2012 World champion. Carolina Kostner is also a medalist at five other World Championships, three other Grand Prix Finals, four other European Championships, a seven-time Italian national champion, and the 2003 World Junior bronze medalist. She is the cousin of Isolde Kostner, a silver medalist in alpine skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Carolina is best known for her speed across the ice and can land triple-triple combinations, including the double axel-triple toe loop combination, triple flip – triple toe loop – double loop combination, and the triple flip – triple toe loop.

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Sunday 14, Sep 2014

Astana Fires Valentin Iglinsky Over Positive Test

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Astana Fires Valentin Iglinsky Over Positive Test

Valentin Iglinsky, a Kazakh road racing cyclist who rides for UCI ProTour team Astana, has been fired with immediate effect from the team. Iglinsky has been provisionally suspended until the adjudication of the affair in accordance with UCI Anti-Doping Rules and the cyclist has the right to request and attend the analysis of the B sample.

This was after the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world governing body of cycling, announced that it has notified Kazakh rider Valentin Iglinsky for an Adverse Analytical Finding of EPO in a sample collected in the scope of the 2014 Eneco Tour on 11 August 2014. In a statement released shortly afterwards, the Astana team said Iglinsky has confessed to doping and has been sacked with immediate effect. The statement on Team Astana read management at Astana Pro Team have taken direct and immediate action to release the rider from his contract following the announcement by the Union Cycliste Internationale of a positive anti-doping test result for Valentin Iglinsky during the recent Eneco Tour.

It was added by Astana statement that Valentin has admitted to using prohibited substances on his own initiative and independently, without any consultation from the Astana Pro Team staff. The statement also added Astana Pro Team in its wish for full transparency has refused to defend a rider who failed to respect the rules and ethics as stipulated in his contract and who has failed to behave in a manner consistent with other riders in his team and within professional cycling.

The 30-year-old Kazakh rider finished the Eneco Tour in 96th place. He returned a positive sample on the opening stage of the race and raced twice more before his positive sample came to light. Valentin finished 106th at the Vattenfall Cyclassics and 49th at the Brussels Cycling Classic. Valentin took the overall classification in the Tour of Hainan in both 2010 and 2011 and is a part winner of stages in races like the Tour of Qinghai Lake, the Tour of Bulgaria, the Presidential Tour of Turkey, and the Tour du Loir et Cher. Valentin Iglinsky, a professional since 2009, is the younger brother of Astana’s Maxim Iglinsky, who won Liège-Bastogne-Liège in 2012.

Team Astana is a member of the Movement For Credible Cycling, formed in July 2007.

The history of Team Astana has been marked by a series of doping cases. Current general manager Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive for blood doping as a rider on the squad at the 2007 Tour de France. Alberto Contador was stripped of his 2010 Tour de France title following a positive test for Clenbuterol.

In another development, Vuelta a Espana leader Alberto Contador has remarked the World Championships course in Ponferrada does not suit him. The Spaniard of team Tinkoff-Saxo said there are other riders who he thinks can help the Spanish team more and should go and he will rather give his place to them. Many in the cycling world believe this year’s 254-kilometre race (14 laps of 18.2km) will suit riders like Tom Boonen (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) and John Degenkolb (Giant-Shimano).

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Friday 12, Sep 2014

Turkish Government Donation Shows Zero Tolerance Approach To Doping

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Turkish Government Donation Shows Zero Tolerance Approach To Doping

 A $250,000 (£153,000/€193,000) donation by the Turkish Government to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is proof of the strong “zero tolerance” policy regarding doping in the country, said Turkish Olympic Committee President UÄŸur Erdener.

Turkey’s move was praised by WADA President Sir Craig Reedie who remarked Turkey has firmly nailed its colours to the anti-doping mast by donating such a significant amount of money to innovative research. The WADA chief added this is a positive contribution to the clean sport movement, and sends the right message to clean athletes, right across the world and also remarked this signal sent by the Turkish Government is a further boost to Governments’ aim to match the IOC’s $10 million (£6 million/€8 million).

     Sir Reedie also said research is crucial to all that the anti-doping community does, and his personal thanks go to Akif ÇaÄŸatay Kılıç, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Turkey, and to Professor Dr UÄŸur Erdener, for their country’s commitment. Reedie also said he looks forward to further engaging Governments over the coming weeks so that we can continue to advance the anti-doping cause.

In the recent years, Turkey has been struggling to win the fight against doping with 31 of its athletes receiving suspensions by the Turkish Athletics Federation in the summer of 2013 alone. Country’s top athletes including Asli Cakir Alptekin and Nevin Yanit were suspended for doping violations though Alptekin was later cleared. Abnormal blood values were found in the biological profile of the athlete. One of Turkey’s most decorated athletes, Alptekin was later cleared of doping violations by the Turkish Athletics Federation.

International Association of Athletics Federations President Lamine Diack had remarked that Turkey needs to “clean their house”, while the issue an issue in defeat of Istanbul to Tokyo in the race to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Erdener, also the President of World Archery, now says the announcement underlines the huge progress that has been made. He remarked his Minister immediately arranged an important money transfer, directly to WADA, showing our strong support for a zero tolerance policy and added now the National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth and Sport has a strong zero-tolerance policy in Turkey. Speaking ahead of the final day of the Archery World Cup Finals here on the shores of Lake Geneva, Erdener said we as a result of this have had very strong improvements in our anti-doping policies, particularly in the last two years, and now we have very limited cases in Turkey. Erdener went on to add that our Government immediately contributed important money for the new anti-doping fund, for supporting anti-doping projects, and this is a further important signal.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach called on international governments last December to match the pledge of IOC to invest $10 million (£6 million/€8 million) to fund innovative, athlete-centered anti-doping research, including new techniques to detect banned substances.

Recently, China announced a contribution of $1 million (£610,000/€770,000) while it was indicated by the United States that it will make $6 million (£3.5 million/€4.5 million) available over the next three years, via the Partnership for Clean Competition.

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