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Thursday 30, Oct 2014

Armstrong Banned From Riding George Hincapie Gran Fondo

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Armstrong Banned From Riding George Hincapie Gran Fondo

According to a statement by USA Cycling, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has been barred from participating in the non-competitive Gran Fondo Hincapie as it comes under the umbrella of USA Cycling.

The Gran Fondo Hincapie, which is named after George Hincapie, is a 128 km touring trek set for this weekend around Greenville.

USA Cycling spokesman Bill Kellick said USA Cycling has informed USADA that the Hincapie Gran Fondo constitutes a cycling ‘activity’ that is ‘authorized’ by USA Cycling as those terms are used in the World Anti-Doping Code and in the Anti-Doping provisions of the UCI (International Cycling Union) Cycling Regulations and added under these provisions, an athlete’s suspension bars participation in an authorized activity such as this. Kellick added the UCI has confirmed USA Cycling’s interpretation and added that the World Anti-Doping Code vests jurisdiction in UCI and in USADA to determine whether an athlete has violated the terms of any suspension, as well as to assess any sanctions that might accompany an adverse determination. The USA Cycling spokesman said USA Cycling was asked by the US Anti-Doping Agency to look into the matter after it learned that Lance Armstrong was planning to ride and reunite with several of his teammates, including George Hincapie.

A number of current professionals competing in the race, including Larry Warbasse expressed disappointment with the statement of USA Cycling. Warbasse said he doesn’t think Armstrong is the evil guy he has been depicted to be, in all these books and movies, but he supposes that is ultimately going to be left up for people to decide for themselves. Warbasse said Lance took the brunt of the USADA investigation, much harder than anyone else and in his opinion, and he might deserve a bit of a break.

Hincapie said the Fondo is not supposed to have an intended or implied message; at least that’s not what we are shooting for. The former cyclist said it is just a celebration of cycling with friends and fans that also support what we feel are important causes. The former teammate of Armstrong said he knows he had made mistakes along with some of the other riders in attendance, but he believes in, and hope for, second chances for everyone and added he is very fortunate to count many former and current professionals as friends, and will leave it to his peers to decide how they regard me, and the event.

In 2013, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping. He was handed out a life ban from the sport and admitted that all his seven consecutive Tour de France wins were fuelled by performance-enhancing drugs. During a television interview broadcast with American talk show host Oprah Winfrey in January 2013, Armstrong admitted to using substances like Testosterone, EPO, Human growth hormone, and other drugs for dominating international cycling. The Texan also admitted that he bullied others who accused him of being a cheat and repeatedly denied he ever used banned performance enhancing drugs.

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Tuesday 28, Oct 2014

Armstrong Had Prior Authorization To Ride Fondo, Says Hincapie

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Armstrong Had Prior Authorization To Ride Fondo, Says Hincapie

George Hincapie, American retired road bicycle racer, has remarked that his former teammate Lance Armstrong had prior authorization from “the appropriate governing body” to ride in the Gran Fondo Hincapie in Greensville, South Carolina.

Lance Armstrong was to reunite with several former U.S. Postal Service teammates, including George Hincapie, Christian Vande Velde, and Kevin Livingston. He was also to reunite with other  active American professional riders including Tejay van Garderen, Brent Bookwalter, and Larry Warbasse (BMC Racing), Tom Danielson and Alex Howes (Garmin-Sharp), and Matthew Busche (Trek Factory Racing).

The planned attendance of Armstrong drew the attention of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and USA Cycling because of his lifetime ban. In a statement, USA Cycling said that the banned cyclist is prohibited from participating from any event sanctioned by the national federation according to WADA Code. The Hincapie Fondo, as a non-competitive event, was in no way required to be sanctioned through USA Cycling.

USA Cycling’s director of communications, Bill Kellick, said no one here gave him a green light to participate and said we had no prior knowledge. The Hincapie Fondo is listed by USA Cycling as a “Fun Ride or Tour” and not a competitive event. USA Cycling director of communications Bill Kellick had remarked the event is a permitted, non-competitive ride with no officials, so there is no one there to stop Armstrong from participating but he added that if he does participate, it would be up to USADA to determine what, if any, penalties would be imposed beyond the lifetime ban and then it would be up to USA Cycling to impose those penalties.

In 2012, Hincapie testified against Lance Armstrong before USADA that he and Lance made use of banned performance enhancing drugs but mentioned in his sworn affidavit that he continues to hold Lance Armstrong in “high regard.” Hincapie had remarked he continues to regard Lance Armstrong as a great cyclist, and he continues to be proud to be his friend and to have raced with him for many years. The former cyclist had remarked he does not condemn Lance for making those choices, and he does not wish to be condemned for the choices he made.

On hearing this, George Hincapie remarked issued a statement and expressed his disappointment and said Lance Armstrong had been given “the green light” to participate after someone from the Hincapie Fondo had reached out to “the appropriate governing body.” However, Hincapie did not specify which “appropriate governing body” had been contacted. In the statement, George Hincapie said Lance will not be joining us at the Fondo this year and added that more than a month ago we conferred with what we thought was the appropriate governing body regarding his participation. Hincapie said at that time we were given the green light for him to ride and our intent was never to cause a stir, but we are disappointed to learn they’ve reversed course at the eleventh hour and added we will of course comply with the ruling, and look forward to a great event.

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Sunday 26, Oct 2014

Teen Mom 2 Star Denies Steroid Use

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Teen Mom 2 Star Denies Steroid Use

Adam Alan Lind, Teen Mom 2 star, has denied steroid allegations after his ex-girlfriend Jessica Nicole shared shocking photos of him where he is seen with a hypodermic needle in his leg. The reality star and father of two claims that the roid claims of Nicole were “all lies.”

Nicole vented to her fans on Instagram about the alleged behavior of Lind. She said those are my arms after Adam thought it was cool to put his hands on me and also said Lind threatened her with saying he would tell people she was a porn star, or he caught me stripping in Omaha and also said he threatened to make up a whole bunch of stuff about her now. Jessica Nicole claims that the MTV personality had a pretty serious arrest recently where he was drinking before getting behind the wheel.

Jessica also alleged that Adam refused to return her things after their relationship broke off even though she allowed Lind to stay in the house that was leased in her name as he supposedly cannot get on his own. Jessica also said she did not make any money off of Adam at all as she was overly polite and left him with the house she rented so that he can continue to see his children. Jessica also remarked she even signed his new girlfriend onto the lease so that they can live together and added no one is jealous of anybody.

Nicole had claimed that Lind made use of anabolic steroids during their brief romantic stint in summer. Jessica Nicole also alleged that Lind had physically abused her and left bruises on her arms. In a reply, Lind remarked Nicole is mad as he left her because she has a habit of lying and he caught her doing porn. Lind also said the products photographed and labeled as Systanon 250 and another containing Trenbolone Acetate 100, both anabolic steroids and controlled substances, were not used by him. The Teen Mom 2 Star alleged that Nicole got the photo off an internet search and added he injected himself with Vitamin B-12, which is a common supplement.

Lind explained that people take it all the time, you can buy it from Wal-Mart or any local fitness or gym business and said all she is doing is adding fuel to the fire with the steroid thing and she knew it wasn’t true. Lind went on to say that the actions of Nicole, who appeared alongside him on Teen Mom 2 Season 5B, were an effort to get back in the spotlight.

The revelations by Nicole have caused quite a stir and have angered Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur, the mothers of Adam’s two daughters. The allegations have even prompted his baby mama Chelsea Houska to “reevaluate” their custody arrangement. According to a source close to Chelsea, she is very concerned about Adam’s behavior and he should clean up his acts before he should be around his daughters.

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Friday 24, Oct 2014

AOC Chief Calls For Urgent Doping Compliance

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AOC Chief Calls For Urgent Doping Compliance

John Coates, President of the Australian Olympic Committee, has urged all sporting bodies to bring their anti-drugs codes up to the world standard or face a risk of not being able to participate in major events.

A Senate committee heard evidence from Coates ahead of parliament debating and passing law for strengthening the powers of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) that can bring the anti-doping authority in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency that is all ready to introduce tougher penalties next year.

Following a near two-year consultation process, the revised WADA Code was agreed at the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg, South Africa last November. The World Anti-Doping Agency will be doubling bans from two to four years for athletes who make use of banned performance enhancing drugs, including anabolic androgenic steroids. Under the to-be-implemented WADA Code, athletes will also be banned from associating with trainers, sports scientists, and coaches who have been broken anti-doping laws in the past and the period in which investigations can start into past doping offences will be extended by two years, to 10 years.

Australia was lagging behind other sport bodies and countries and the Australian parliament should step up the pace of reform, Coates said. The AOC chief added any athlete involved in a sporting body that was not code compliant would not be accepted into the team and remarked it is critical to deal with anti-doping in a consistent and harmonized way. Coates also said doubling bans for drug cheats is a game-changer that will leave all sports identities with nowhere to hide. The AOC chief is supporting a bill that proposes to strengthen the powers of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA). In a statement, Coates said the Australian parliament needs to move on from the so-called blackest day in Australian sport referring to the Australian Crime Commission’s report into organized crime and drugs in sport. He added the proposed Bill changes didn’t breach human rights as feared by some athletes.

Coates, who is also a vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, the ASADA act is paramount to the protection of clean athletes and their fundamental right to participate in doping free sport and thus promote health, fairness and equality for athletes. The AOC head also said these amendments are critical to protecting clean athletes and ensuring the Australian Government’s continued commitment to the Code. Coates also remarked the issues here are aligning the legislation under which ASADA operates with the World Anti-Doping Code and giving ASADA the means to get on with its work without interference from any of us involved in Australian sport and added only then will the integrity of ASADA and its work be ensured.

World champion rower Kim Crow, who is also chairperson of the AOC’s Athletes’ Commission, claimed that drug cheats are stealing “the innocence of sport”.  Matthew Dun, former world champion swimmer and Commonwealth Games gold medalist and a member of the International Aquatics Federation Bureau, said he hopes as an ex-athlete that all stakeholders will be able to use the new WADA Code with maximum effect to protect all clean athletes and ensure a level playing field.

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Wednesday 22, Oct 2014

Jakob Fuglsang May Leave Astana

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Jakob Fuglsang May Leave Astana

Danish rider Jakob Fuglsang has hinted that he may leave Team Astana if the professional road bicycle racing team sponsored by the Samruk-Kazyna loses WorldTour licence over doping cases.

Fuglsang was making this comment after three of his Astana teammates were announced as having tested positive in the past five and a half weeks. The Danish rider remarked such incidents are not good for his reputation and added such events are also not good of what people think about him. Fuglsang remarked he does not want anything to do with doping, and so we must hope that everything will be under control from now on and there will be no more cases and also added that there are no more on the team, who are trying to cheat the system.

On September 10, it was confirmed by the world governing body of cycling that Team Astana’s rider Valentin Iglinskiy had undergone a doping test and the A sample had revealed traces of Erythropoietin (EPO). Valentin waived the right to have his B sample tested and was fired from the Astana team. In a statement, Team Astana remarked Valentin has admitted to using prohibited substances on his own initiative and independently, without any consultation from the Astana Pro Team staff. The team statement reads in its wish for full transparency, Astana Pro Team has refused to defend a rider who failed to respect the rules and ethics as stipulated in his contract and who has failed to behave in a manner consistent with other riders in his team and within professional cycling.

The 30-year-old is a past winner of stages in races such as the Tour of Qinghai Lake, the Tour of Bulgaria, the Presidential Tour of Turkey and the Tour du Loir et Cher, and took the overall classification in the Tour of Hainan in both 2010 and 2011.

On October 1, it was revealed by the UCI’s list of provisionally suspended riders that Valentin’s elder brother Maxim Iglinskiy had also failed an A sample test for EPO.

Recently, llya Davidenok of Team Astana returned an Adverse Analytical Finding for anabolic androgenic steroids.

After the third positive test, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) said it will ask its License Commission to undertake a full review of the management and anti-doping policies of the Astana Pro Team. The statement reads this follows the serious concerns raised by the fact that two Astana riders, Maxim and Valentin Iglinskiy recently tested positive for EPO and the notification this week that llya Davidenok has returned an Adverse Analytical Finding for anabolic androgenic steroids in a sample collected at the Tour de l’Avenir on 28th August 2014.

The UCI statement also revealed that IIya Davidenok has ridden from 1st January 2012 to date for Continental Team Astana and since 1st August 2014 has also been a stagiaire with Astana Pro Team and added that the rider has the right to request analysis of the B sample and in accordance with UCI Anti-doping Rules has been provisionally suspended until the adjudication of the matter and at this stage of the procedure, the UCI will not comment any further on this individual case.

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Monday 20, Oct 2014

Fresh Show-Cause Notices For Essendon Players

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The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) has issued fresh show-cause notices against 34 former and current Essendon players. These amended notices include 350 pages of evidence tailored for each player surrounding the alleged use of the banned peptide Thymosin beta-4.

Thymosin Beta 4 is banned under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code. It is a peptide hormone that increases laminin-5 expression in corneal epithelium and accelerates wound healing, hair growth, and angiogenesis.

A statement issued by ASADA read the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) has issued amended ‘show cause’ notices to 34 former and current Essendon football players for the use of a prohibited substance, Thymosin Beta 4, during the 2012 season. The ASADA statement reads the resumption of action against the players follows the Federal Court’s dismissal of the applications by the Essendon Football Club and James Hird on 19 September 2014 and added that ASADA has notwithstanding James Hird’s appeal of the Federal Court decision agreed to a formal request by the legal team for the bulk of the players to expedite the ‘show cause’ notice process.

The evidence covering text messages, emails, invoices, and testimony from a range of witnesses included that Thymosin beta-4 was sourced from a Shanghai factory and it was administered to Essendon players. ASADA has alleged that Thymosin beta-4 from Chinese chemical maker GL Biochem (Shanghai) Pty Ltd was administered to the current and former Essendon players during the 2012 season. However, Essendon vehemently denied use of Thymosin beta-4 and said a different and permitted type of Thymosin was used at the club.

ASADA has spoken with Shane Charter, an anti-ageing clinician and pharmacist, who was allegedly involved in the supply of the substance to Essendon. The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority also has text messages from Stephen Dank, the Bombers’ former sports scientist, in which the effects of a “Thymosin” have been described, which the Australian Football League has argued could only be attained from the banned form. Charter has alleged that Stephen Dank asked him to source Thymosin beta-4 in quantities that would be sufficient to treat a football team. Charter, who has run anti-ageing clinics, said Thymosin beta-4 was delivered to pharmacist Nima Alavi, of Como Compounding to be collected by Dank. The claims of Charter have been checked with Customs by investigators.

Nima Alavi, who initially refused to help the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority citing legal advice, provided evidence to investigators and alleged that the substance sourced by Charter arrived at his pharmacy marked simply as “Thymosin” and Stephen Dank took it from him to be tested at a Melbourne lab. Alavi also revealed that Dank told him later that the chemicals were not up to the mark and had been destroyed by Mimotopes, the lab, which reportedly has no record of receiving or destroying peptides from Dank in early 2012.

Industry insiders believe that the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority decided to pursue anti-doping charges against Essendon after the case’s independent reviews backed the move as the evidence was deemed to satisfy the standard of proof in anti-doping cases.

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Saturday 18, Oct 2014

Astana Sends Invitation To Iglinskiy Brothers To Contact CIRC

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Astana Pro Team, a professional road bicycle racing team, has expressed a statement in which it has expressed regrets over the doping positives of Valentin and Maxim Iglinskiy for Erythropoietin (EPO). The embattled Astana squad invited the Kazakhstani brothers to speak before the UCI’s Cycling Independent Reform Commission.

In a statement, the racing team sponsored by the Samruk-Kazyna said it has self-suspended its participation from the Tour of Beijing and is fully expecting a fine of up to 100,000 Swiss Francs (almost $105,000) from the UCI’s Disciplinary Commission for missing the Tour of Beijing. The Tour of Beijing is the last and one of the least highly regarded WorldTour race of the season. Astana following the protocol of the MPCC (Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible) will be fined by the world governing body of cycling for missing the Tour as it is a WorldTour race and all teams are required to attend under WorldTour regulations.

Under the rules of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC), Astana voluntarily suspended itself for eight days from racing and can therefore not take part in the Tour of Beijing.

The team, in a statement, said Astana Pro Team very much regrets that Valentin and Maxim Iglinskiy unexpectedly returned adverse analytical findings for EPO, and understands that this unfortunate event has led to concerns over the efficiency of internal measures taken to ensure that riders do not use prohibited substances or methods. It added that Astana Pro Team is conducting an internal investigation, and wishes to reassure the UCI [the International Cycling Union] and general public that preliminary findings demonstrate the events are of an isolated nature, and that no other member of Astana Pro Team knew or took part. The statement also said Astana Pro Team will investigate the events more thoroughly in the following weeks, and will request an audit of its own stringent anti-doping policy to identify whether even stronger measures would be possible and legally enforceable. It also said Astana Pro Team is deeply disappointed that these events have occurred, and reaffirms its absolute zero-tolerance policy towards all incidents of doping and unethical activity.

The Team Astana statement also said Astana Pro Team looks forward to meeting with the UCI to listen to concerns that exist and to address directly any queries that it may have. It also said Astana Pro Team’s General Manager has provided the UCI with a copy of the current version of the anti-doping policy in place within the team, and also informed the UCI of measures adopted immediately to remind all of its riders and staff of their obligations under such anti-doping policy. The statement by the professional road bicycle racing team also said as part of the effort to underline its unwavering commitment to a clean sport, Astana Pro Team has also invited Valentin and Maxim Iglinskiy to contact the CIRC (Cycling Independent Reform Commission) and will certainly implement recommendations contained in the CIRC’s report to help all teams in enforcing their own internal anti-doping rules.

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Thursday 16, Oct 2014

Armstrong Admitted Doping In 2011, Says Hushovd

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Norway’s retired world champion cyclist Thor Hushovd has revealed in his autobiography “Thor” that he knew about doping of Lance Armstrong in 2011. Hushovd said Armstrong himself told him that he made use of banned products during his career.

Thor Hushovd was friends with the American cyclist for many years and appeared critical of the doping investigation against Lance Armstrong at times. Hushovd won the World Road Race Championship in 2010 and three National Road Trial Championships (2002, 2004, and 2005).  In a 15 year professional career, Hushovd also won 10 individual stages of the Tour de France throughout his career.

Hushovd revealed he was invited by Armstrong to Hollywood after the 2011 Tour of California. A few weeks back, Armstrong’s former US Postal Service teammate Tyler Hamilton had accused Armstrong of doping and Hushovd said Armstrong spontaneously admitted it to him that we all indulge in doping.

It is however surprising to note that Hushovd was critical of Floyd Landis, who tested positive during the 2006 Tour de France. Hushovd told TV 2 Sport then that Landis is certainly free to come to a world championship city, but he has no place in an anti-doping conference. The Norwegian cyclist had remarked when you have managed to lie for so many years and spent lots of money in the system, then he has lost my confidence, and probably that of many others too and had added then it is the wrong person to get to work on anti-doping issues.

Hushovd also revealed an incident of October 2012 when he received a text message from his manager Atle KvÃ¥lsvoll that Dane Steffen Kjærgaard, head of the Norwegian Cycling Federation (Norges Cycleforbund – NCF), had admitted to using banned drugs to compete. Hushovd said he admits that he had thought about it and remarked Steffen had been riding together with Lance Armstrong in a period when there was a lot of drug taking, and in addition he had been at a time when the Danish cycling environment was quite hard for a period.

Hushovd became publicly critical of Lance Armstrong when the American cyclist admitted to using banned performance enhancing drugs and techniques such as testosterone, cortisone, and blood doping during a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey in January 2013.

Hushovd also claimed in his autobiography that he never doped himself and added he never made this clear to Armstrong. The Norwegian cyclist said he had nothing to hide and added he understands that it can be hard for people to believe that after such a long period in the sport that he was never offered any kind of doping. Hushovd insisted but it’s true that no one has ever come to him and asked if he would try.

The Cycling Independent Reform Commission is presently investigating into the doping past of cycling and specifically into claims that the previous leadership at UCI helped Lance Armstrong evade detection for many years. Hushovd remarked Armstrong was the sport’s big superstar and the golden calf and added the UCI would have lost a lot if Armstrong was revealed as a cheater. The Norwegian cyclist said he thinks the positive samples were hidden to save Armstrong and to protect the sport.

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Tuesday 14, Oct 2014

Gatlin Hits Back At Doping Accusations

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Gatlin Hits Back At Doping Accusations

Former Olympic 100m champion Justin Gatlin has hit back at those who doubt the legitimacy of his unbeaten season. The US sprinter, who served a four-year ban after testing positive for excessive testosterone in 2006, said his fast times are due to “hard work and dedication”.

Gatlin, the fastest 100m runner in the world this year, rubbishes recently-concluded research into doping that was conducted on mice. The sprinter insisted his recent performances are based on ‘hard work’. Gatlin has not lost a 100m or 200m race this season and set a personal best of 9.77sec in 100m.

It was indicated recently by a research conducted on mice by the University of Oslo that muscles retain the advantages provided by anabolic steroids long after the doping has stopped. Kristen Gunderson, Professor of Physiology at the University of Oslo, said he believes it is likely that effects could be lifelong or at least lasting decades in humans. Gunderson added if you exercise, or take anabolic steroids, you get more nuclei and you get bigger muscles and if you take away the steroids, you lose the muscle mass, but the nuclei remain inside the muscle fibers. Professor Gunderson added they are like temporarily closed factories, ready to start producing protein again when you start exercising again.

Gatlin insisted that there is no evidence that it has any effect on humans and remarked any other suggestion is “discrediting” his name. The US sprinter said for the few haters out there, seems like that’s what they want to do, discredit his name and label him with laboratory rats in Oslo. He went on to remark that a lot of athletes that tested positive, they never came back and ran times close to the times they ran when they were positive and added he thinks that proves hard work and dedication on his behalf.

Last week, Lord Sebastian Coe revealed he had “big problems” with Gatlin being shortlisted for the IAAF male athlete of the year. Fellow nominee Robert Harting asked to be withdrawn from consideration due to the inclusion of Gatlin. Gatlin responded by saying that he did not ask to get nominated and added his choice was to run and win races and be dominant for himself. The US sprinter also remarked his job is not to go out and lose and his job is to win and that’s what he is supposed to do, like everyone else nominated. The former Olympic 100m champion said he is sad to say that a lot of people out there feel that, ‘Once a doper, always a doper’ and remarked but that makes no sense as that means you don’t believe your system is working.

In another development, Travis Tygart, chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency has remarked that athletes banned for doping offences should be handed second chances. Tygart remarked Gatlin still deserves a shot at “redemption” despite serving two doping bans. Tygart told BBC Sport if somebody commits a violation, serves a ban and comes back to the sport, part of the rule is this idea of redemption and added that there is some recent science on the effect of steroids on mice, but there is no proof yet it translates to humans.

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Sunday 12, Oct 2014

Trainer Convicted Of Possessing Anabolic Steroid

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Pat Hughes, who is one of the few elite trainers to have saddled winners at both the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot, has been asked to pay €5,600 in legal costs and expenses and a fine of €2,500 by the court in County Carlow. This was after Hughes was found guilty of possessing unauthorized animal remedies including Stanozolol.

The 72-year-old Hughes saddled Time Machine to win the Wokingham Handicap at Royal Ascot in 1985, and Antarctic Bay, the winner of Cheltenham’s Sun Alliance (now RSA) Chase, also in 1985. The trainer trains at Fenniscourt Stud near Bagenalstown in County Carlow. Pat Hughes, one of the most experienced trainers in Ireland, had earned a reputation as an extremely shrewd handler. Hughes sent out Antarctic Bay in 1985 to win the RSA Chase at Cheltenham and Time Machine to win the Wokingham at Royal Ascot. The trainer is also known for landing the 2006 Irish Grand National with Point Barrow.

Pat Hughes was charged with eight counts of possessing unauthorized remedies after a raid on his stable by inspectors from Department of Agriculture of Ireland in February 2012. Three bottles containing Stanozolol were found in a Portakabin at the yard of Hughes. Other items found by the Department of Agriculture inspectors included Vetaglin (a painkiller), Jurocyl (an appetite stimulant), AMP 5 (used to dilate blood vessels), Diurex (a diuretic), L-Carnitine (an amino-acid supplement), and VAM (a vitamin and mineral booster). None of these products is authorized for use of animals in Ireland.

A spokesman for the Turf Club, which regulates horse racing in Ireland, remarked the body has no comments to make but said the ruling and its ramifications will now be “discussed” by officials of the club.

On February 1, 2012, a Department vet from the special investigations unit, Louis Riordan, said a package that was imported into Ireland from Australia was intercepted by Customs. This package contained a number of animal remedies and one of the names included on the invoice’s package as a co-signee was Pat Hughes. The trainer however claimed he had never administered or any steroid to any of his horses. The trainer pleaded not guilty to all charges at a recent hearing but Judge Eamon O’Brien found the case in favor of the state.

In October 2013, John Hughes, a former Ministry of Agriculture veterinary inspector and the brother of Pat Hughes, pleaded guilty to five counts of possessing unlicensed animal products, including anabolic steroids. His case was dismissed “on its merits” in October 2013, with Hughes agreeing to pay £10,000 to an animal charity.

The case was being brought by the Ministry of Agriculture, like the case of Philip Fenton, the trainer of Gold Cup hope Last Installment, who is facing eight charges that include the possession of anabolic steroids. Denis Egan, the chief executive of the Irish Turf Club, had remarked this year that now that we know that steroids are involved in Pat Hughes’ case it could be very serious if he is found guilty.

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