a-look-at-the-past-and-the-future-of-the-e2809cwilliams-walle2809dIn December of 2008, a surprising news hit the world of the National Football League as well as several fans of the Minnesota Vikings. Two of its best defense linemen had failed the drug test done. Pat and Kevin Williams were tested positive for a diuretic. Diuretics are banned from football mainly because they can mask the effect of steroids. Although the two have not been proven to have used anabolic steroids, they were given a four-game suspension. Pat and Kevin Williams addressed the issue by suing the NFL. According to the athletes, they didn’t know that the supplement Starcaps which they were taking had a diuretic component and that component was not even listed in on the bottle. Starcaps is not banned from the NFL. The two will be facing trial this coming June 2009.

The pair is known as the “Williams Wall” of the Minnesota Vikings. They are not blood related but they can set up one great defense— probably the best rush defense the NFL has ever seen. In fact, other athletes have a hard time getting past these two and their absence in games will be a thorn in the Vikings’ foot.