So it’s interesting how he’s a huge gangster and the main thing the article talks about is his steroids ??? so strange, or is steroids moving towards organized crime? where you will need to face 10-20 guys with AK-47s before you can raid a place (like the gov. does with crack dealers and coke cartels)
An alleged mobster from Cherry Hill was indicted Friday on charges that he ran a gambling Web site and had a stash of illegal steroids and weapons.

Vincent Filipelli, 53, is accused of offenses that include promoting gambling, money laundering and possession of steroids, state officials said.

The state charges resulted from an undercover probe by New Jersey State Police and the FBI that began in August 2005.

Filipelli pleaded guilty in April to a federal racketeering charge that grew out of the same investigation. At that time, he admitted threatening to hospitalize a bettor, who was actually an undercover detective, over an unpaid gambling debt.

“This defendant must also face justice in state court,” Gregory Paw, the state’s Criminal Justice Director, said Friday.

Authorities contend Filipelli is a member of the South Jersey-Philadelphia mob. They said a raid of his home in October 2006 uncovered steroids, hypodermic needles, a dagger, two stun guns and two billy clubs.

Filipelli faces up to 20 years in prison on the federal charge.

The maximum potential sentence for any state charge would be five years in prison and a $75,000 fine if Filipelli is convicted of money laundering.

A second man, William Motto, 52, of Cherry Hill, pleaded guilty in September to a state charge of promoting gambling for his role in the Web site.

Under the plea agreement, Motto faces a sentence of probation conditioned on him serving six months in jail and paying a $5,000 fine.