Anabolic Steroids offer Competitive Edge to Power Lifters years after end of DopingAs per a recently concluded study, power lifters who used steroids in the past but no longer remain on steroids benefit from advantages even years later. It was revealed that changes made to their shoulders and quadriceps gave them a competitive edge over others while the drugs were no longer traceable.

The research conducted by Anders Eriksson and Lars-Eric Thornell, Department of Integrative Medical Biology Section, brought out the fact that there is a great possibility that a high number of nuclei in the muscle found by them in previously doped power lifters lead to increased muscle mass in the quadriceps and shoulder regions.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that previously doped power lifters have an advantage over non-doping or present-day doping athletes indulging into high intensity strength-training due to a high number of nuclei per fiber.