Anavar, which is generally known as Oxandrolone, is a medication consistently recommended by doctors for the treatment of patients experiencing alcoholic hepatitis, anemia, AIDS, muscle wasting, and Turner syndrome. Since use of this medication has been associated with loss of body fat and bodyweight, some athletes have started using it as a pre-contest medication for reducing bodyweight and gain a slender overall look. However, such use is never suggested as steroids like Anavar are risky medication that can cause to adverse reactions.

It is also beneficial to observe that misuse of any medication (and Anavar is no exception) is bad for wellness and therefore it is suggested that Oxandrolone should only be used after a doctor has suggested its use after assessing all medical reports. Once recommended, it should be bought from a legal drug store and should be used as per healthcare wellness guidance. Under no conditions, Anavar should be over-dosed or used simultaneously. Abuse of this medication can cause Anavar abuse and side effects such as abdomen ache, testicular atrophy, diarrhea, and moodiness.

 The list of Oxandrolone abuse and side effects may even include depressive disorder, sexual interest changes, queasiness, nausea, acne, depression, libido changes, vomiting, liver failure, liver cysts, menstrual irregularities, and liver tumors Moreover, Anavar is one of those medications that are best avoided by children and expecting or nursing women and those experiencing wellness issues such as liver problems, disease of the arteries of the heart, heart failure, low HDL cholesterol, enlarged prostate, kidney disease, neoplasm of liver, or visible water retention.

To prevent these and many more side effects of Anavar, one should always use this medication after healthcare suggestions. Furthermore, no two doses of Anavar should be taken together or at brief durations even if one of the amounts was skipped unintentionally. In addition to that, use of Anavar should be ceased and healthcare wellness guidance should be desired on an immediate basis if symptoms of Oxandrolone abuse like chronic abdomen pain, darkish urine, yellow eyes, or yellow skin are observed as they may indicate liver problems.