Are Steroids as harmful as they are been seen or highlighted?In the world of sports, a long debate is always there when the topic of discussion was steroids. While some advocate the usage of steroids to deliver consistently high performances on the field, some think that steroids are harmful. While the former group is right, the latter group is not completely right; this is because steroids are harmful but only when they are abused.

Let us read excerpts from a conversation between Rick Collins, J.D. –RC – and Norman Fost, M.D. – NF – to find if steroids are really harmful for its users and society.

It can be easily concluded from the above studies that steroids, as such, do not bring any side effects to their users but a high sense of carefulness and diligence are very much required while using steroids. One can stay away from dangers of steroids just like one can stay away from road accidents by walking or driving carefully on the road. The point is very clear – there is nothing safe in this world, but you can ensure it remains safe by following the established rules.