barrybonds-steroidsIt seems Barry Bonds is now blacklisted from baseball because of steroid use. But, really, what’s the reason the BALCO grand jury went after Barry Bonds? Bonds didn’t run BALCO, he didn’t sell their products, he didn’t even really know what they produced (the complexity of it all), but he used the “clear” steroids they provided. Why exactly then did the grand jury attention turn from investigating an alleged steroid dealer into a witch hunt into steroids in baseball? Well it seems that federal attention turned when they realized they can get more attention by attacking a famous baseball player with steroid investigations. Let’s face it, home many local crack heads who bought 1 rock are gone after when a cocaine cartel boss from south america is put in investigated? NONE!

Barry Bonds was just used as an example of the over reaching government power and the waste of taxpayer dollars on constant steroid investigations. USA Taxpayers want a better economy, lower gas prices and an end to the war in Iraq, not more investigations into which baseball player injected steroids into their ass.