Well it looks like Barry Bons might be out of the woods on his steroid investigation, check it out.  It is my understanding that he is a lot more standoffish towards these athlete for drug free america hearings.  He might be out of the woodworks on the legal side about his steroid use but never in the public eye I am guessing.

CONCERN over a possible perjury indictment will keep Barry Bonds from co-operating with Major League Baseball’s steroids investigation, the star’s lawyer told the San Francisco Chronicle today (AEDT).

The newspaper reports that George Mitchell, the former US Senator leading a probe into steroids in baseball, has sent letters urging players linked to the BALCO steroid scandal to co-operate.

Bonds, Detroit’s Gary Sheffield and others who co-operated with a BALCO grand jury, were asked to answer questions from Mitchell’s inquiry and to submit their medical records to the panel looking into performance-enhancing drug use.

But Michael Rains, Bonds’ lawyer, told the Chronicle that the San Francisco Giants outfielder cannot co-operate as long as he faces possible indictment. A grand jury is looking into perjury and tax charges against Bonds.


It does seem like Bons will keep denying he KNEW he took any steroids.

Bonds, 43 in July, has denied knowingly taking any steroids but his trainer, Greg Anderson, was among five men convicted in the BALCO scandal. Anderson has been imprisoned for more than three months for not co-operating.

I guess the reality is somewhere in the middle, we all know he KNEW he took steroids, just too much BS for my tastebuds!