Baseball Players Outraged At Doping Scandal

Baseball players, protective no more, are demanding harsher suspensions for those caught cheating. This was as soon as Ryan Braun accepted a season-ending 65-game suspension rather than fight Major League Baseball over evidence that he made use of performance enhancing drugs.

With this silent admission, Braun has lost a great deal of his credibility as well as more than one-third of a season. The worst thing that came up was Braun still considers himself to be above the rest as there are no details about all the performance-enhancing drugs the league knew he had used and there have been no straightforward admissions of guilt. The 29-year-old outfielder has never registered less than 25 home runs and 97 RBI in a full season, and he also sports a .312 career batting average and won the 2011 NL MVP award. His 2013 season was riddled by injuries, but he still managed to hit .298 with nine homers and 38 RBI through 61 contests.

Braun lost his deal with a chain of convenience stores as soon as he was suspended. Gary Gonczy, director of marketing and advertising for Kwik Trip, Inc., was quick to remark that his company will no longer use Braun as a spokesman.

Los Angeles Angels pitcher CJ Wilson said drug cheaters are lying to their fans, teammates, GMs, and owners and will get caught. Skip Schumaker of the Los Angeles Dodgers remarked that he is let down by Braun and said watching him talk right now makes me sick. He went on to add that he has autographed Braun jersey in his baseball room that he’ll be taking down and said he doesn’t want his son identifying what h he have worked so hard to get to and work so hard to have – he don’t want him comparing Braun to him. Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who finished second to Braun in the 2011 MVP vote, remarked Braun should be stripped of the honor and said he doesn’t think anybody likes to be lied to, and he feels like a lot of people have felt betrayed. New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi said the 2011 MVP Braun was guilty as one doesn’t accept a deal unless he is guilty.

The Major League Baseball’s recent investigation into the closed anti-aging clinic Biogenesis brought suspicious eyes to more than a dozen players, including three-time AL MVP Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees, Melky Cabrera, now with the Toronto Blue Jays, Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli, and Seattle catcher Jesus Montero. Many believe that A-Rod can expect a much harsher penalty than the one Braun agreed to while his team expect Rodriguez could be accused of using PEDs over multiple seasons and of recruiting other athletes for the clinic. Alex Rodriguez may also be accused of attempting to obstruct the investigation of MLB and of not being truthful in the past with MLB when he discussed his relationship with Dr Anthony Galea, who pleaded guilty two years ago to a US federal charge of bringing unapproved drugs from Canada into the United States.

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