Brain tumor progression in recurrent disease can be delayed by AvastinAccording to a retrospective study of 22 patients conducted by a researcher at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the use of Avastin alone can prove to be an effective treatment option when it comes to curing a subgroup of recurrent Grade 3 brain tumors in terms of delaying tumor progression.

Avastin, known generically as bevacizumab, is the first-ever approved therapy that has been designed for inhibiting angiogenesis that is a process by which new blood vessels develop and transport important nutrients to a tumor.

Marc Chamberlain, M.D., author of the study published in the April 15 edition of the journal Cancer and director of the Neuro-oncology Program at the SCCA and a professor of neurology and neurological surgery at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine, said that bevacizumab has the unique potential of being the best palliative treatment.