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Of course, this bust was part of Operation Raw Deal, and was called “Operation Powder Keg” (as they targeted powders again, UG’s in general, and this time it was all done in Canada). So, it looks like Canadian UGs are next to go down.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
Toronto man charged by Mounties for alleged international steroid sales
Canadian Press

TORONTO – The RCMP have charged a Toronto man in an alleged international steroid distribution operation.

Authorities seized a small amount of steroids, a large amount of steroid packaging and distribution-related material, and more than $100,000 in cash when executing search warrants last Thursday in Toronto.

Vladimir Zaretski, 29, is charged with exporting a controlled substance and possession of a prohibited weapon, and will appear in court Oct. 15.

The Mounties say the investigation was conducted with the help of U.S. drug enforcement officers and probed the underground trade of steroids over the Internet.

Police say online message boards and chat rooms were used to sell the drugs.

Internet Steroid Distribution Operation Dismantled
TORONTO, Oct. 9 /CNW/ – On October 4, 2007 RCMP executed search warrants
in Toronto in connection to an international steroid distribution operation.
Police seized a small amount of steroids, a large amount of steroid
paraphernalia used in packaging and distribution, and over $100,000 cash.
Charged with Exporting a Controlled substance and Possession of
Prohibited Weapon is Vladimir ZARETSKI, 29 years old, of North York.
The case was initiated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in
2006 under the name Operation Raw Deal. It targeted the global underground
trade of anabolic steroids over the internet. The RCMP and DEA entered into a
co-operative investigation named Operation Powder Keg which investigated
targets in Canada. The investigation revealed that steroid Internet message
boards and chat rooms were utilized to sell the steroids. Efforts were made to
keep business transactions anonymous to avoid detection. The danger in
purchasing steroids from Internet chat rooms is there is no regard for product
safety and mislabeling is common. The RCMP continues to investigate further
leads in Canada. Superintendent Ron Allen, Officer in Charge of GTA Drugs
states the use of the internet to commit drug offences is a trend that
authorities in both countries are aware of and are working in conjunction to
address.” The accused next court date is October 15 at Old City Hall.