Clopidogrel-related allergic reaction symptoms alleviated by steroids and antihistaminesAccording to doctors from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, clopidogrel-related allergic reaction symptoms can be alleviated when a combination therapy of steroids and antihistamines is followed.

It was revealed by Primary Investigator Michael P. Savage, M.D., director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Kimberly L. Campbell, M.D., cardiology fellow and lead author, who presented their findings at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session on March 30 2009 that reaction symptoms after use of clopidogrel, also known by the pharmaceutical name Plavix, can be treated with a combination of steroids and antihistamines.

John R. Cohn, M.D., chief of Adult Allergy at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals and a key contributor to the study noted that most patients tend to become tolerant to Plavix or desensitized to the drug after being administered with low doses of steroids and antihistamines while continuing the drug.