Congress reluctant on intervening with NFL’s and players’ disputeAfter NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s appeal to congress to amend federal labor law to allow professional sports league to suspend players who tested positive for drug tests, the Congress issued a statement last Tuesday regarding their reluctance to intervene and even encouraged the NFL and the players union to settle their dispute.

According to the chairperson of house subcommittee for Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, Rep. Bobby Rush, they are concerned about the effects of the StarCaps case and would want to keep a vigilant watch on the procedure and the conflict. However, Rush said that congress would prefer to help both parties with coming up with a solution and resolving the issue among themselves.

Rep. Henry Waxman, the congressional representative who led investigations during the 2005 to 2008 steroids abuse in baseball supports Goodell’s appeal.

According to Rep. Waxman, steroids policies set by professional sports league to curb steroids abuse should prevail. If these policies will be considered null and void, it could lead to an invitation of steroids abuse not only in professional sports but as well as in high school and college football fields and baseball diamonds.