Cranfield University trying to minimize sporting injuriesAccording to the Centre for Sports Surfaces, Cranfield University and the University of Exeter’s Sports Science Department, investigations have been initiated to enhance the engineering of sporting surfaces besides increasing the surface quality and longevity to reduce the possibilities of injuries.

The project, which is to be funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, is looking to develop a new model for predicting the behavior of sporting surfaces with an aim to reduce the number of sporting injuries. This project will be responsible for investigating the integration between soil mechanics and human biomechanics to reduce the possible risks.

Dr Iain James, the project’s Principal Investigator, said that he is delighted that the project is being funded because findings of this project may prove to be beneficial in making sizeable advances in the improvement of natural sports pitches.

David Winn, Training and Education Manager at the Institute of Groundmanship, added that this kind of a project will add to the professionalism of the groundsmen who are looking to create safer and consistent sporting surfaces.