The real question for morons is if Clemens used steroids in baseball; well, I don’t care.   The man clearly told everyone he has not used steroids or human growth hormone (HGH).

Roger Clemens posted a video Sunday repeating his denials of the steroids use alleged against him in the Mitchell Report and plans to be interviewed for a future episode of “60 Minutes.” 

I don’t understand the big deal in spending media time on discussing his alleged steroid use when he clearly said he’s not using steroids, what exactly is this supposed to achieve? it seems the situation has turned from just telling people about steroid use in sports/baseball to essentially beating down any player possible with senseless accusations and ludicrous statements.  I can see how steroids and HGH might be exciting to the layman, but come now, how exactly is this important enough for discussion?  Steroids are NOT drugs, HGH is not a DRUG, I believe steroids and HGH are as much of a drug as botox!  The whole bullshit about them being harmful is ludicrous and overstated.  Why not discuss how many people per year are killed from liver failure from using tylenol?